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I do like the look of the Zeta Gundam despite not following it in the anime (though for some reason, women often sing the theme in karaoke). Being a variation of the Zeta the HGUC Z II was a High Grade I had on my wanna-check-it-out list. So how does it check out?

Overall Look: 8/10

Bulky. That’s what I think when I look at the ZII. Looking at the torso you would think this is just like little Zeta but after that the backpack seems huge and the legs almost out of proportion. I do enjoy the details in the legs but with all those angles jutting out it doesn’t seem balanced when viewing it. Kits like the Zeta, Delta Plus, etc seem streamlined like a jet would be. This is more a B-52. And it’s armed like one.

I do think it looks pretty sweet when transformed, though.

And I found this HG was no exception when it came to the rounded, meaning dull, antennae blades.

That is easily remedied.

Colours: 7/10

There’s a lot of blue here. It almost washes out every other colour that is there trying to break up that expanse of blue. Being an HG a lot of the colours used come in the form of stickers.

Most look okay when placed correctly.

But this one, yuck.

You couldn’t have given me a small yellow piece for this end, Bandai?

While we’re on the subject of stickers, this may be the first HG kit that has a sticker for each eye.

Weapons: 10/10

I wouldn’t really say there are a lot of weapons with this kit, but what is there is big. Bigger than big. So big that when in MS form it’s difficult for ZII to wield that huge rifle.

You get these bazookas that will more than likely spent all their time mounted on its back.

They just drop onto into a little spot in the found in the backpack.

Just be careful. The little hook that holds it on can break easily.

I don’t even remember this happening. Now he looks droopy.

Articulation: 7/10

I suppose we can’t expect much in the articulation department if this kit is designed to transform (the legs anyway) and so it’s no surprise when the ZII is limited in the stances it can take. I was surprised at the limited movement in the knee joint.

But the arm/shoulders move fine.

Though I doubt you’ll get the other arm raised this high with that monster weapon in its hand.

Oh, and the head can’t move at all, really.

Build Design: 7/10

As an HG this kit won’t fully transform on its own but instead is a parts-swapper. The main portion of its flight form is this large assembly.

Notice how those fins move?

Interesting that they included the fins on this base rather than use the ones on the MS.

Start by taking that kit you just built back apart.

The arms fit underneath the base.

Add the chest plate to the front and the rear center block on the back.

Then start bending those legs, just like we always do.

But wait! It’s different. This time you actually remove the leg at the knee.

Fold all the moveable part down.

Then clip the legs onto a peg on the bottom of the base.

Pull the backpack apart even more.

Plug these onto the ball joint on the side.

Add the main section of the backpack.

Side skirts then go on the bottom.

It doesn’t sit level, however.

You then add the monster rifle. First pull of the large handle.

Then add a smaller one.

Plug that onto the bottom of the transformed ZII.

The connection is a little loose and if you were to turn it over that rifle likely will come off but Bandai gives us a special part/adaptor that can hold it securely in place.

So now you have the flight mode.

And the sad remains of the MS.

“It’s just a flesh wound.”

The only thing that looks MS-ish on the flight form are the hands.

It only takes a few minutes to swap these parts and finish the transformation. Then you can mount it on a base and make it fly.

Fun Factor: 7/10

It’s not a bad build, though the stickering can slow it down. If sticker work doesn’t bother you then you’ll have no problem enjoying the ZII. While similar to other transforming (wink, wink) High Grade kits there are notable differences that will keep your interest.

Extras: 6/10

Those are pretty much all you’ve got in terms of extras with the ZII. Being a transforming kit with quite a few big weapons we can forgive the lack of extras.

High Grade kits are great for killing an afternoon and giving you a quick Gunpla fix and the ZII does its job very well. Perhaps less stickers and more plastic would have made the build more fun for me but I am glad I have something very fun to play with upon completion. Monster Weapons, ftw!

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  1. Hi there, all the time i sed to check website posts here iin the early hours in the daylight, since i like too learn more and more.

  2. Matt B says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of the ZII. It had a very exotic design for its time– very “1980’s mecha avant garde”, if you will.

    It’s a shame ZII didn’t get the MG treatment– the things that didn’t seem to work so well for it in HG would likely be easy improvements as an MG (or even RG). That said, I imagine there’s probably not enough perceived interest to justify such a niche suit in a more expensive, higher engineered grade.

    Maybe we will see it pop up in the RE/100 line down the road; in the meantime, this will have to do!

  3. Max says:

    As a big fan of exotic designs this one is definitely up there. It can do some nice aerial poses and the weapons make for a lot of play options. I also really like the proportions a lot now that I have it. I sprayed the grey pieces white the way they should be and it looks great, but It’s going to be a pain in the ass to paint all those other little details.

  4. 박성빈 says:

    Gundams are great!!!

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