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I’ve built the MG Victory Gundam Ver.Ka and found it a very enjoyable experience, despite several days in decal hell, but never did pick up the V Core Booster Ver. Ka when it was released a little later alongside the MG V Dash Gundam Ver. Ka. At that time I had moved on to work on something else but the V Dash eventually ended up in my backlog and there it sat for four years. That’s a long time. With some (not a lot) free time to myself the past month or so I decided to dig it out and build it when I found myself otherwise unoccupied.

I thought I would just get the Core Booster but it turns out the Booster came with two more Core Fighters meaning I have enough to build both versions in two different modes.

That is pretty cool and a great way to start the review.

Overall Look: 10/10

I really like the look of the V Gundam Ver Ka and, yes, I do like the V Dash as well but with that large contraption on its back I don’t feel the same kind of attraction to it as I do when it is not sporting the Booster (and therefore not really the V Dash.)

If this kit were designed with the Core Booster attached and not able to be removed I would probably give this a lesser score but one of the great things about this kit is that I can leave off the Core Booster if I like and just enjoy the V Gundam goodness. And if the Core Booster is off I can transform it into its flying form and enjoy it that way.

Or you could enjoy it like this.

But that’s kind of creepy. Actually this last pic should be saved for the Build Design portion of this review where there is so much stuff to talk about. I will say the only thing that bugs me about the look of the kit is that it uses those round red stickers throughout.

Of course we wish this was designed using plastic parts but given that this guy is meant to do so much when it comes to changing shape this can be forgiven. Love the legs!

Colours: 10/10

People looking at that score might think I made a mistake. A 10 for the red, white, and blue? In the case of the V Dash I think the colours are perfect. Maybe because it’s a smaller suit? I can’t answer why I feel so strongly about it but I do, similar to how I can’t explain why orange is my favourite colour or rainy days are my favourite kind of weather. Looking at it makes me happy. Isn’t that enough?

Weapons: 10/10

A ridiculous amount of stuff here. Sure most of it comes with the Core Booster which does make sense, but looking into the box of the V Dash you are met with just so many different types of weapons. The V Gundam Ver Ka came with the shield and rifle but V Dash goes overkill. This is awesome. Except when it’s not.

Here’s a summary of the weaponry with the V Dash Ver Ka.
*Beam Smartgun
*Gatling Gun
*Beam Cannon x 2
*Missile Pod x 2
*Disposable Bazooka
*Beam Rifle x 2
*Beam Javelin
*Beam Sabers x 2

This thing is loaded! There is just so much stuff. Trying to use it all at one time can lead to some frustration.

Articulation: 4/10

The score is lower in this category but I don’t think it can be deemed a failure on Bandai’s part. Bandai’s goal with this kit was to give you Katoki’s vision in a transforming/shape-changing model. Yes, they have done it but the sacrifice had to be made in articulation. It simply can’t do much, especially in the lower half of the suit where the large ankle armour would have prevented much range of motion regardless of whether it was meant to transform or not.

Be careful of the skirt frame. It is meant to come undone when transforming the lower half of the kit but it can easily open up when you’re simply trying to stand your V Gundam.

If playing with this kit meant posing it in a variety of ways then this kit disappoints but playing in the case of the V Gundam means taking it apart and transforming it into a variety of different forms and here it excels.

Build Design: 10/10

Not only is this thing meant to come apart but each section is meant to change into something else. The upper half becomes the Top Fighter. It’s cool to see how the parts that make up the arm move.

You can swap hands and have it hold the rifles while in this form.

The lower half transforms into the Bottom Rim.

You use an adaptor, supplied of course, to attach the Core Fighter.

So you want to make a V Dash Gundam…

First step is to transform the Core Fighter.

With almost no effort at all you can tuck that nose underneath. When you want it in full Fighter form the pushing the head down extends the nose of the Fighter Forward. It’s a little fiddly but works quite well.

The Core Fighter then plops into the torso and little tabs secure it in place.

The upper torso sides which also house the sockets for the arms to connect move in and out easily enough to allow you to drop the Core Fighter in without too much trouble but still treat those areas with care as the parts are quite thin. Building the V Dash reminded me of the fun I had with the RG GP01 kits but the V Gundam predates those kits by three years.

Connect the upper half of the kit onto the bottom half by just dropping it on. I say connect but it seems to just float there freely. Even though that is the case it is quite secure and you don’t need to worry about it once you have it together.

And remember the Core Booster becomes that massive backpack.

When transforming you need to be careful of this connection.

It is quite loose and will pop out easily. While annoying it is easily put back together for another attempt at the transformation.

Slide it on to the portion of the Core Fighter that sticks out the back of the torso and then lower the wings down.

Good stuff!

My one real complaint when it comes to the design of the suit itself? The arms.

The arms connect to the shoulder by a tiny peg. It seems terribly weak and often times you see this gap.

Maybe I’m just not pushing them together hard enough?

Fun Factor: 9/10

Building something this challenging is a great time. Add in all the weapons you have and this kit seems like it could be the most fun MG out there, or at least near the top, and it might be however, I found that playing with the V Dash and all its weapons could get a little frustrating.

I first wanted to have it hold the Beam Smartgun.

So I transformed that. (Yes, it too transforms.)

The frame part that is on the side becomes the handle.

The V Gundam uses swappable molded finger parts meaning they look good, and are changed easily, but may be a little lacking when it comes to strength enough to hold a weapon on their own.

In the case of the V here I had it resting against the Gundam’s arm.


With that on I wanted the Gatling Gun in the other hand so I transformed that a bit.

This is actually far more secure than the Smartgun. The hollow you create in the Gatling Gun body swallows up the red part of the V Gundam that juts out the back of the lower arm.


Attach the missile pods, or a missile pod and the Disposable Bazooka to the lower legs.

I wanted to use everything so I put the Missile Pods on the legs while the Bazooka attached to its spot on the Core Booster.

We are loading this guy up!

Now for the Beam Cannons.

These are meant to attach to the side skirts. They don’t really attach, but instead kind of sit on them. I found it difficult to get them sitting securely so I popped off the side skirts and did it that way.

This was the start of the unraveling.

While trying to get the Beam Cannons in place the Smart Gun fell out of the hand of the V Gundam.

While trying to get the Smart Gun back in place the Missile Pods fell off.

While trying to put the Missile Pods back on the Smart Guns fell off.

While trying to get the Smart Gun back on the whole arm came apart.

While popping the arm back on the Missile Pods and Beam Cannons fell off.

The Gatling Gun never went anywhere. God bless you.

But this was getting ridiculously frustrating. It comes with all these weapons! I want to use them all and show everyone a picture so all out there can see how cool this kit is. Y U no cooperate ?

It can get terribly frustrating!!!!!

I, uh, dropped it. Um, ya.

Extras: 10:/10


Of course you get the V Ka markings but with the V Dash there are two sets!

Adaptors and hand parts.

Two pilots and two sets of clear parts which allow you to park your Core Fighter on the ground.

Extra Core Fighter parts so you can make your V as the anime colour or the Ver Ka colour.

Optional blue ankle armour and parts you can use to mount your Beam Rifles to the V Gundam.

Beam effect parts.

Extra V fins made of flexible plastic.

So much stuff!

And here is one thing we shouldn’t forget. This kit is reasonably priced. If you don’t want the Booster and all the extra weapons (and if you don’t want to be too frustrated that might be a good idea) you only need to pick up the Victory Gundam Ver Ka, a small box MG with the small box price. It’s the same price as kits that don’t transform or do anything! The V Dash is a large box MG and priced accordingly but you get a kit that does so much accompanied by a lot of extra stuff. That’s a good deal for a lot of Master Grade play-time. I really like the V Dash Ver Ka (but I may like it as just the V Gundam more).

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  1. Jeff says:

    Very interesting review! I looked into this kit after watching the V Gundam anime( tip: don’t- the plot was all over the place and the characters were irritating- only really liked the series for a few mech designs). While reading the review I kept getting distracted by the red circle decals, thinking that something important was being highlighted.
    BTW, for the beam smart gun, the handle for it needs to be rotated 180 degrees in order for it to be held correctly. You had it holding onto the thinner hand guard, which is likely why you had issues getting it to stay.

  2. Elijah says:

    Out of curiosity, what boosted this to a 90% from the ~73% you gave the plain Victory before?

    • syd says:

      When I originally built the V gundam I didn’t have much experience with MGs in general and didn’t appreciate how different it is and the unique engineering it has. Now that I’ve built enough kits I feel I can evaluate the V gundam much better.

  3. Ken V says:

    Hey Syd! I know it’s been years since you made this review, but I just noticed something while re-reading it. I think the reason you had so many issues with the Beam Smart Gun is because you have the kit holding it by the hand guard, and not the actual handle. The handle should be rotated 180 degrees, and held by the thicker part, not the this part. Also, It’s molded to be held with the thumb and trigger finger up against the weapon, not the other the way you have it with the pinky finger against the weapon. I know it’s something small, but I just wanted to share. Hope all is well in your new home!

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