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It’s exciting to get a new exclusive kit from Bandai that’s not just a recolour and it’s even more exciting, for me anyway, when it’s an RG. The Real Grade Astraea Type-F is new in that, until now, we haven’t had such a thing but it is based on the design of the RG Exia, something I may know a thing or two (or three) about.

Lots of parts from the RG Exia are reused, most molded in a different colour for the Astraea release. I’ll give more details about the differences in an upcoming WIP post so for now let’s look at noteworthy stuff I saw among all the bags of runners in the box.

The sticker sheet is completely new for the Astraea and quite abundant as it has stickers for the Astraea and the Type F version. Yes, you can build either one as you assemble it but you can’t do both. Well, you could if you had two of these kits I guess. Hmm.

The plated weapons are the same.

No, wait! They are not! This is new!

New weapons runner. These weapons seem quite large.

I want to take a moment to clarify a misconception about this kit that I have seen online. This kit does not give you all the weapons that are available in the HG Gundam Astraea Type-F but it is compatible with the HG weapons you don’t get in this RG box. I’ll show everything that comes inside this reddish box once construction is complete.

A tiny white runner. I smiled when I saw it.

I’m not surprised that the manual is done in black and white like almost all Premium Bandai kits now.

But I would have liked at least some of it to be in colour. Like this page.

I’m almost finished with this kit now and hope to have a WIP post with gallery up soon. I just have a few more tiny stickers to apply.

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  1. Kushal says:

    Are the Exia Repair and Astraea Type-F RG still available? I have the Exia Ignition Mode MG and I was so torn between doing the Repair mode, which I love, and the original, which I also love. Ever since I decided to do a custom paint scheme, which would require the regular Exia, I’ve wanted an Exia Repair as well.

    Plus the Astraea Type-F HG and 1/100 are backordered on HLJ, which I assume means that no more is forthcoming.

    Anyway, huge fan of the suit and it’s great to see you’ve gotten your hands on this version, which I didn’t even know existed, so we can get a good look at it even if it’s long gone by now.

  2. Christian says:

    the Real Grade Astraea Type-F is new in that, until now, we haven’t had such a thing

    Just a correction syd, Astrae type F has been released before in HG 1/144

    • syd says:

      Hi Christian, I actually linked to the Astraea Type-F, I think, when I talked about the weapons. This kit is new because it is a Real Grade which is what I wrote originally.

  3. TheDeadComet says:

    Nice! Mine should be on the way soon. In the US so it takes a bit longer. I’ve also built the RG 3 times so far. Exia, Repair, TransAm. Really excited for this one. Looking forward to your build/review. Thanks!

  4. Zenstrive says:

    Syd, will be waiting to see if we do get the GN Sword of Exia and GN Blade of Astrea on this kit. My RG Exia TA could another Red GN Sword 😀

  5. Frankon says:

    Kind of wish you could get sych kits on hlj cause i like Gundams that aren’t blue-white-red. I kind of agree that BW manual is kind of dumb when it comes to decal placements. Its easier to find the right decals when they are shown in color than looking them by the hiragana?(katanka or whatever its called).

    PS. Syd a unrelated question. Does Bandai re-issue some of its waterslides or they just do one print of them and its the end? (im kind of interested in GD96 cause the stickers started to come of my RG)

    • syd says:

      About a year ago I thought Bandai was done with watersides but then they put out a batch of new ones and restocks of old ones. I don’t know how often they reproduce them but I think they’re still continuing with that part of their product line.

  6. Akuto says:

    Hi Syd,
    Did you also snatch a RG RX-78 pearl coating anniversary thingy with the zaku head ? I got one I haven’t started building because I’m afraid to mess it up.
    I would love to see you make a custom out of one of those 1/35 mobile suit heads. I can’t do any spray painting in the middle of Paris so I’m stuck with gundam markers and can’t try that myself until I get a bigger place and a spraybooth.

    • syd says:

      I saw it but I think the RX-78-2 is the least impressive of the Real Grades and I’ve already built at least 3 of them.

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