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I’m exhausted. Perhaps that is evident by the fact I’m writing about the Gunpla Expo a full week after I attended that event but this is the first time I’ve had a moment since then to actually sit down and do something for myself. I had big plans to show off all the cool new stuff at the show right away so you readers out there could know what I know, but the lengthy delay means that all the information is already out there from many other sources and I have nothing much to add except this:

“PG Unicorn is amazing!”

I’m sure many already know that. Rather than go full-crazy on the big one-horned Beast of Possibility I will first slow myself down and show some of the other stuff I saw at the show. Many folks were lined up to get inside but I spoke to a staff member and produced my business card and told them what I do and they gave me a press badge and ushered me to the head of the line.

The line wasn’t much actually. Most people were lined up on the other side of the building in order to get the limited edition kits.

Let’s start with the Build Fighters kits. Those were the first kits you encountered when you went into the venue. I’ll just show the new stuff, like the Hi Nu vRave (or however it’s pronounced).

I love the Hi Nu so any new kit is great for me, but even so I liked what was beside it even better.

The wing Gundam Honoo (flame). Sweeet!

Beside that was a surprise. Surprise in how quickly this kit will be here. January!

That is kind of sweet!

Next up was the Reconguista in G section. Here is what is coming down the pipe very quickly. I will add that all the new stuff they showed really piqued my interest. These G designs are going out of their way to be different and I am starting to appreciate that.

Though the G Self’s new tuxedo didn’t really do much for me.

From there it was this!

Okay, Bandai. I’m listening. The new anime is due out May of next year and two kits were on display in prototype versions. The Char’s Zaku II and a Guntank.

I’m excited for this Gundam anime and the kits that will be coming along with it. Master Grades, please.

Next to that were two upcoming HGs, which just happened to be ones I really like!

The V-Dash, which I have recent experience with albeit in MG form and the V2 Assault Buster.


From there it was RE. Looks like Bandai is still trying to explain that RE100 concept.

The Mk-III was there in colour (though the lighting was horrid).

Along with prototypes for the GP04 and Dijeh.

Show me the front!

Then two new Master Grades!!! Woooo!

MG Exia Dark Matter in February.

And March’s MG Double X!

I knew that MGs would be announced at the Expo due to the lack of any information at all leading up to the winter. I wasn’t disappointed and I know many others are even more excited. I think I prefer the Double X.

New BB Senshi (SD)

And from there it was all PG Unicorn but I’m going to leave that for the end.

After the PG was the announcement of the next RG and it was that not-so-surprising Gundam OO Raiser.

Yes, please!

And the RG Wing was there looking glorious!

Looks like it will be able to stand quite stable even with the wings in an upright position.

Okay, let’s talk PG Unicorn. The display for that was huge and half of it we weren’t allowed to take pictures of. Being ‘press’, however, I was allowed. And all I managed was this.


But right next to that they had all three versions of PG Unicorn on display.

Actually, I’m going to stop here. I have so much more information to share and I want to go into some real depth. I will share, however, pictures I took the next day when I was back in Akihabara having a drink with ASM and we wandered over to yodabashi camera.

Awwwww, yeah!!!!!

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  1. davecute says:

    Cool one Sid!

    Thanks for sharing your adventures

    I’ll just wait for your PG unicorn review.. if you have plans in making one

  2. Beige says:

    very nice review Syd

    That unicorn looks pretty and its interesting to see it can go through all the transformations

    I find it amusing the g-self is the ugly duckling of his own series. always liked the elf design and it looks great in plamo, and that new suit looks amazing.

    and holy heck I want that MG dark matter

  3. Darth Mingus says:

    Hey Syd,

    Watching the PG Unicorn build on YouTube. Is there any indication of stressed joints due to Bandai removing too much material? I am thinking specifically of the MG Sinanju waist and the wing attachments on the PG Strike Freedom.

  4. jim says:

    So the Honoo is a real kit?
    I saw the article in the November issue of hobby japan and it looked like it was scratch build from a wing zero

    • Beige says:

      well, it’s a build fighters kit, so it is kind of a scratch build from a wing zero

      just done by very skilled engineers XD

      • jim says:

        Awesome cant wait to get one!
        the article shows that it has a flight mode and that the wings can be used as swords!

  5. chris says:

    I’m assuming that it being a pg means no part swapping between unicorn and destroy mode?

    • Phillax says:

      There’s no part-swapping with the MG too, however, the side face plates need to be separated, turned 180 degrees and put back into the head.

      With PG however, you can twist the face plates for NTD mode while it is still connected to the head! 😀

  6. Jagan says:

    The BB V2 looks awesome. I normally don’t interested in SD but this guy looks great, probably gonna be my first from SD line.

  7. JP says:

    Thanks for your hard work Syd, we all really appreciate it. I’m really exicted about the Double X wich was not unexpected but still a pleasant surprise. Happy that I haven’t bought the Victory and now the Dash version comes. The MKIII in colors looks very nice. The King of the Expo is of course the Unicorn but it is unaffordable for me for a while.

  8. Brian ver. Kanada says:

    Hi Sid,
    Did you happen to see the FA expansion set for the PG Unicorn that P-Bandai is selling. If so, what did you think of it?

    • syd says:

      I did see that and while it is loaded with all the FA stuff I think the FA unicorn is rather ugly and overdone. Still might pick it up for the extra shields and water slides.

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