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Another Master Grade! It seems like I haven’t built one of these in forever. The last one was… when was it? The Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka in August? Only three months have gone by since then? Maybe it wouldn’t seem so long between MGs if I didn’t build them in four hours or so. I need to rethink how I go about things…

While this kit isn’t all new (or maybe even mostly new) it’s somewhat new to me because I didn’t build the MG Blue Frame Second Revise from 2009. I did build the red one, though! So let’s look at the new blue.

Box art looks pretty cool on this one and I think I prefer the look of this Blue Astray over the Second Revise. Those big swords the first two Astray MGs had never really did it for me.

Box Contents:

Looks like quite a few bags of runners here but when you look at it closely you’ll notice that many of these are trimmed down runners from the original Blue Frame kit while the new stuff is packed together in plastic bags.

Here are the markings:

And look! A stand!


Looks like the arms have a gimmick of sorts.

And here is where all the markings go.

I mentioned how it looks like an Astray with an Aile Striker pack on its pack. Apparently, it’s a Voivre Striker pack.

I stand corrected.

Wanna jump all over this but I am currently elbow-deep in a Zoids kit and some other cool new stuff just showed up.

And there’s an expo or something tomorrow!


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  1. Kiko says:

    Still can’t really dig the weapons on its head. They looked like bunny ears in front view.

    • Belades says:

      But that’s the best part!

      • Kiko says:

        Maybe for you but not for me, though I really like the look on its redesigned head without the weapons.

        Maybe if I were to get this kit I’d rather put those in different place.

    • Beige says:

      well, since their dragoons, you can always have them free-floating or attached to other places on the suit 🙂

      • Belades says:

        The best thing in my opinion is that the ones on the head are apparently remote controlled sensors that CAN be used as weapons, as opposed to remote controlled weapons docked on the head.

  2. scid says:

    I saw this kit and seriously one of the best mg and astray out there..the ultimate porcupine hahahhhaha..lucky I pre ordered it at hlj as it was order stop for quite some time

  3. duncan says:

    Some cool stuff at the expo by the look of it , MG Double X , MG Exia Dark Matter , RG OO Raiser (announced only) and the unicorn looking awsome .

  4. Beige says:

    Do like this spiky blue bunny and it’s inexplicably french Aile strike pack 🙂

    also, unrelated question, but for someone looking to get into Gunpla as more than just reading blogs, would you recommend starting with a couple of HGs or with an MG?

    • Paul Emical* says:

      It all depends, in my opinion, on how much money you want to bet on this passion.
      I started with MGs and never went back, and I don’t think MGs are more daunting than HGs. It just takes a bit more patience and attention, especially with you very first kits, but to me you will get much more satisfaction on a job well done.
      Of course, if you’d rather check (so to speak) if this hobby really suits you without shelling out too much money, then you can certainly try your hand at a couple of HGs… 😉

      • Beige says:

        ah, so I won’t utterly destroy the kit if I just try an MG. that’s a relief, I was worried about that happening XD

    • Aon says:

      I think starting with HGs might best for those who want to begin with this hobby. I started building Gundams 12 years ago with the 5 gundams in HG Wing series and soon started working with the MGs (have yet to get my hands on a PG). Starting with HG will make you familiar of the assembly process and you won’t lose much if you so happen to make any mistake. Nowadays HGs are much more better than when I first started (better color separation, less stickers, better molds, etc.). When you got the feel already, you can then try MG for better challenge and of course better result. Do consider starting with RGs too, as they are basically mini MGs.

    • Belades says:

      I’d suggest starting out with HGs if only to get a bit of practice in and make sure you have good habits. If you’re brand new to the hobby, check out Layman’s Guide to Gunpla. If there’s a SPECIFIC MG you want, you might want to order it solely so that you don’t have to worry about it getting discontinued, then buy some HGs to practice on so that when you get to the MG it’ll look REALLY good.
      HGs are also good for trying out new things, such as painting or modding.

  5. Belades says:

    Huh, I could have SWORN Syd got a Noir frame a while back, but I must have imagined it.

  6. Isaiah says:

    This kit looks awesome! I hope I get it for Christmas! Yeah!!! (Three exclamation points)

  7. Roar says:

    The look on this kit is really starting to grow on me, I definitely like this over the second revise.

  8. harold says:

    just saw the full review at and it looks very promising. Seems a bit bulkier than depicted in the box art, but oh well.

    • Belades says:

      I actually really like the bulkiness of the frames in general. Well, I guess I’d call it a “Smooth bulk”? I dunno. It’s kinda unique and muscular, and it combines with the “futuristic helmet” style of the heads and color range to remind me of Tokusatsu heroes. I kinda want to make a whole Tokusatsu team of HG Astrays.

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