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Zoids models are intriguing. And expensive. More involved than most Gundam kits, HG and even MG, Zoids involve a lot of parts and a lot of steps, though often the manual has the steps all crammed together like a car model kit and are very hard to follow. My blog focuses on Gunpla (of course, duh) but I’m not going to skip an opportunity to build a Zoids or other snap-fit kit. And when a distributor sent in a kit for free for me to build I mini-hopped at the chance. Behold the Blade Liger AB Leon Renewal Ver.!

That’s quite a few parts right there. I like these ones:

I don’t have to paint them metal colours!

The manual starts off with the head, specifically the lower jaw.

Now take that jaw and build a head around it. It’s so simple!

After getting the basic ‘skull’ assembled you can add the upper teeth.

And pilot seats. Two of them!

The seats go in after the frame of the head is assembled but the fit is really tough. It took me some time to pop the rear seat in.

Now I am assembling what I think must be whiskers.

The way the whiskers go onto the head are quite interesting. You have this little cylinder with poly-caps at both ends.

The biggest whisker goes in first. You have to slide it in from inside but it’s tough to figure out exactly where to put it.

It’s not until you put a second small piece on to hold the whisker in that you know where it is supposed to go.

Now put in the cylinder.

The remaining whiskers go on in order.

Both sides of the head are assembled the same way.

Before putting the sides on you assemble the hatch for the top of the head.

So put in your (pre-painted!) pilot figure.

But nothing holds the pilot in place.

That guy will start to tilt over as soon as you drop him in.

So add your sides.

Then you can add the top.

But that figure is all loose in there. You can hear it rattling around.

That’s all I had time for. Zoids take time, even for someone with experience with snap-fit gundam kits. I’ll be working on the torso portions of this giant kit next.

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  1. zed says:

    Yay ! Syd finally gets a Zoid ! I have a stack of these under the bed, waiting to be built. I agree, they are awesome, but pricey. I would love to see your take on the Godos or Iron Kong Schwaltz or compare a Koto to TakaraTomy version …

  2. Kyle465 says:

    Are you going to do a review of the Astray Blue Frame D?

  3. Dingo says:

    I love Zoids. Keep it coming, Syd. 🙂

  4. Imateria says:

    I love Zoids, looking forward to seeing the rest of this build and getting your thoughts on it, the blue Van version is one of my favourite models.

    Either it’s a difference between your lighting and what Koto uses or the red is a little darker this time around than the original release 5 years ago.

  5. Kiko says:

    I got really hooked to it back in high school that I spend most my school money and gift money I received every christmas. I think it was Takara? The one with wind-up keys?

    I am tempted to buy HMM Zoids but it’s more expensive than gunplas.

    • Kiko says:

      Sorry, was it called HMM Zoids?

      • Imateria says:

        Zoids are fairly simple motorised toy kit from Takara Tomy. Kotobukiya produces the Highend Master Model (HMM) Zoids under license,and they’re more expensive than Gunpla because they’re closer to PG’s than most MG’s in terms of intricacy and detail and that Koto can’t produce them in the same numbers so the economics of scale aren’t in their favour as much as they are Bandai’s.

  6. Sanzo says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the pegs that attach the jaw to the head are too small and may break?
    Anyways love the new content you’ve been doing!

  7. minimad says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Zoids, never bought one though, but they always impressed me with the part count. I think I’ll start with the Geno Breaker and then maybe a Liger 🙂

  8. jim says:

    the claws are so small I lost two while assembling my liger they flew off and were never seen again 🙁

  9. blinkme0 says:

    I love the Zoids Koto kits but I have had difficulty with Koto’s zoid and SRW kits instructions, the instruction illustrations can be unclear at times and some pieces i swear they claim are snap together need glue badly. but the end results are excellent with the kits i love them almost as much as my gunpla.

  10. Silent_Eagl3 says:

    I’m certain your going to be kept busy with a few other kits. I feel obliged to give you a heads up on the weapons, particularity the cannons attached to the blades. They quite Vauge instructions and the final assembly to finish them off is very finicky. I would compare them to the 3.0 Gundam elbow assembly ( if that makes sense ha ha). But i’ll be looking forward to see your thoughts on this kit.

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