Gaijin Gunpla

I left Darth in need of some assistance, the kind the emperor would be able to provide. I’m not the Emperor (though that would be wicked awesome) but I can lend Darth a hand. Or two. And two legs. Let’s start with the legs.

We are not seeing anything new here when it comes to design but remember we are seeing DARTH VADER!!! Yes, I’m still excited even after completing the build of this kit a couple of weeks ago.

Next we have to build the knee joint.

Bandai added a little triangle into the moulding to show which end goes up.

Might be hard to see.

Then the upper and lower portions of the leg are assembled.

With everything ready you can finish assembly of the leg (minus the foot).

The foot assembles using these parts.

Doesn’t really look like the foot of a Sith Lord, does it?

Okay, that does.

Pretty articulate, but I don’t think we’ll see ageing Anakin moving like that anytime soon.

Sith silhouette.

You really need arms, dude Vader.

Here is the shoulder guard.

You need to lay a little part inside.

Build your shoulder joints.

Then the arms assemble almost exactly like the legs.

The elbow joint has a marking just like the knee joint assembly.

When straight the look of the arm is good and it doesn’t look like a constructed model.

When you bend the arm, however.

Bandai provides plenty of hands for you to swap around.

No force-choke hand though. This might be the closest.

He looks just like the Kenner 3 3/4 inch action figure I had as a child! Those capes tore off so easily.

You get two lightsaber handles.

One is meant to go in the hand.

While the other attaches to Darth’s underskirt.

The underskirt clips onto the little parts you put under the belt.

I found it easiest to remove parts of the belt to give me more room to work.

For the cape you need this very small piece.

It goes onto a peg on the underside of the sides of the cape. However it is very hard to hold in your hand and try to line up for the peg. I found the easiest way was to put it on the table near a corner.

Then drop the peg onto that small part. I needed to be a the corner so the curves of the cape wouldn’t hit the table when I brought the cape down.

At the bottom of the main, centre cape are two slots which are there to house the little tabs on the underside of the side cape parts.

So plug the small ball joint into the hole at the top of the cape.


You are meant to plug it onto the back of Vader like this.

But it was simpler to put the main cape on first then add the sides.


The base is very simple.

That small square part that has the edges to hold the foot can be flipped over to give you a flat surface.

I’ll stick to the edges for now.

Now for the final piece, the light sabre blade.

It was such fun to be back with something I treasured as a child. During the two hours I spent putting Darth together I would find myself humming the Imperial Theme and other Dark Side Star Wars music. Darth wasn’t even my favourite action figure as a child. That title switched back and forth between Chewbacca, Bousch, The Rebel Forest Soldier, Logray, ROTJ Luke, and probably a dozen others before finding an unlikely home with the Biker Scout. It turns out Bandai is going to put out a 1/12 Speeder Bike/Biker Scout set and I’m going to cry tears of joy. Many fans have asked about the Darth kit and how big he is and what he is capable of. I’ll show you soon.

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  1. Ignacio says:

    Dude, I had to stop my music to listen to the Imperial March while reading this. It looks way better than I expected when I heard the news. Thanks for such detailed post to get an understangind of this new Bandai line.

  2. Michael says:

    I really hope to see Boba Fett or clone troopers.

    • wolfbane says:

      Actually…if interest is strong enough, how ’bout the Phase III Dark Trooper? That would be extremely fun as a model. But certainly da Fett (who in the ‘Legends’ line becomes Mandalore himself) and C-3PO would be up in the line. :3

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