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I’m not down, really, as in being sad or upset. I’m just quite exhausted. It’s December and I work in retail. Arggh! That means a busy day followed by some overtime on occasion. Then it means getting home when it’s dark out and wanting to climb into a warm bath. December will be over soon and winter will follow shortly after. Until then I’ll continue to find time and energy here or there. I do have a year-end break in just over a week which I am very much looking forward to. I did find some more time to work on the Astray D, however. During that little stint I assembled the arms and shoulders.

This is how they start.

This little assembly will end up being the elbow joint. There’s a tiny part you have to lay inside before closing it up.

You build two of those but then have to proceed to working on only the right arm.

Take this strangely shaped part.

Insert a poly-cap and a small thin frame part which seems odd when you assemble it.

Prepare one side with a poly-cap (and don’t forget the undergates).

Add the blue armour that makes up the upper arm.

Then some smaller blue parts to add to the look and then start with the white parts.

That pretty much completes the arm.

But you still need a hand.

It feels like it has been some time since I assembled this type of hand.

Next come the shoulders, but they start differently than what I had expected. They start with a bunch of these.

You make a blade of some kind.

Four of them, actually.

The shoulder itself is then assembled.

Most of these parts are exclusive to the Astray D.

Attach the blades to the sides of the shoulder using the little tab.

Kind of looks like a claw.

And that kind of looks like a bat.

Okay, now it looks like a bat.

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  1. Kushal says:

    Taggedunder “AGE-2 Dark Hound” which I assume is a goof. No finger mod on this one?

    Also, since it’s an Astray, how would you recommend someone to “fill in” the details on the arms, especially those round grooves? looks like too much of a job for a panel lining marker.

    • syd says:

      That was a mistake which, thanks to you, has been corrected. I would give a panel line marker a try first just to see the result. It may be enough to satisfy most people. For those who want something more, that opens the door to modifications and such.

      • Kushal says:

        I might try the enamel wash technique with that. I attempted it on a FG Zaku II first off and it went terribly, maybe the larger scale of a MG will help.

  2. Imateria says:

    As someone that has worked in retail at this time of year I can sympathise Syd!

    A more interesting build than I would have first thought since I’m not a fan of the Frames.

  3. Beige says:

    now that’s 6 of them blades done. only 10 more to go 😛

  4. Kyle465 says:

    Why is the category in AGE-2 Dark Hound?

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