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The MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame D kind of got lost in the PG Unicorn/RG Wing Zero December shuffle, which is unfortunate but not surprising. As the only MG released in the last few months for many this is the big kit of the winter. Let’s see how he fares amongst his MG brothers.

Overall Look: 8/10

There he is all done up. What do you think? He definitely commands your attention, though often it’s difficult to know where to look with all that’s going on here. Those blades sticking out at crazy angles show you he means business but what if he had no blades?

He looks much more plain but I still kind of like it though the head does look a little awkward.

What if he had no Vouivre Striker pack?

Can’t see his head!

Which version do you like best?

Colours: 9/10

Yes, he’s pretty much the same colour as the Blue Frame Second Revise but with much more orange. Yes, please! I love the colours of this guy though the white can seem to be washed out when you’re staring at the top of the kit. Still it’s so different from what we usually see I can’t help but to enjoy it. I even prefer these colours on the Vouivre (Aile) Striker pack.

Weapons: 10/10

That is a lot of stuff. No rifle? No problem. No shield? Don’t need it. What he’s got is blades by the bunch. The blades from the hips are called the Sword Dragoon, those on the head are the Sensor Dragoon, the shoulders are the Stealth Dragoon, and the smaller ones on the backpack are dubbed the Beam Cannon Dragoon. What if we could put them all together somehow?

Remove the Blade Gun from the holder.

Combine it with the blades from the Vouivre pack and one from the head.

Add a long blade from the hip.

The two blades from the shoulder go on either side.

Behold, the Sipel Sword!


Articulation: 7/10
Of course, we expect the backpack equipped Astray D to be back heavy but if you take it off you will find some limitations especially in the shoulders.

The lower body moves just fine but with that top being so heavy you won’t reach the potential of what those hip/leg joints can do. Still, you can get some fun poses out of this guy. I call this one, ‘The Mantis‘.

Build Design: 9/10

(I like this itineration of the D the best.)

If you’ve built either the MG Red Frame Astray or the Second Revise, and the Aile Strike RM, you know what to expect and nothing new is introduced except for those blades and the areas that accommodate them. These areas are the head, the shoulders, and the side skirts.

You will likely find that the side skirts pop off quite easily when you move the legs around and it puts pressure on the blade.

The Blade Gun stores on the back of the arm easily enough and won’t fall off, thankfully.

But other than what you do with all those blades there aren’t many gimmicks to speak of.

Fun Factor: 8/10

I’m back and forth on this category. I’ve built MG (insert colour here) Frame Astray before. Several of them. So I can’t say I enjoyed the process of this one. Even building the blades wasn’t that difficult or interesting, but once it’s all done and you get to play with it you can have a lot of fun. There are so many different ways he can wear or grip the blades that you’ll find you’re spending a lot of time going through the combinations. I still like the Sipel Sword form the best.

Extras: 10/10

Plenty, more than plenty, of markings and a pilot figure are great, but that included stand is what really adds to D experience (see what I did there?)

An adaptor is included allowing you to mount your Astray D to the stand via the backpack.

And if you care, you’ve got a few Second Revise parts you can use for this or another project.

The poly-caps might be the most useful.

But the included stand really brings the enjoyment out with this kit. Liftoff!

He looks like a porcupine!

Astray Fans had probably been waiting for this version of the Blue Frame and I don’t know whether I would prefer this or the Second Revise but either way you’ll get your Astray fill.

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  1. davecute says:

    it looks chubby or its maybe on camera angle

    or maybe its just me

  2. Zenstrive says:

    Fans have been clamoring for Astray Blue Frame 3rd, but have been given this instead. Not a bad compromise, but I think I still want the ABF 3rd. Those knee beam blades are awesome!

  3. Beige says:

    very nice. glad to see the combining sword works well in this, and his fancy armour dosen’t hinder articulation too much. might pick this kit up 🙂

    Just can’t help thinking it’d be better with a stand similar to the Nu/turn X so we could pose this guy with all of his dragoons deployed

  4. heru says:

    why this bandai?? why not the original astray red frame?? T-T

    • Beige says:

      because the astray red kai exists, and has all the parts needed in that kit to make the base frame instead of the kai if you so desire

      so why didn’t they release a kit that already exists? because it already exists 😛

      • christian says:

        It is wrong to say that you can build the original Red Astray using the Red Frame Kai since it does not have the normal backpack, Shield and rifle. Of course, bandai saw the opportunity and released it as a P-Bandai.

  5. Suitor says:

    Hi,really nice build. I was wondering,how do you apply the eye sticker so perfect on your models? Is there any particular method you use? I try to apply them as best I can,but they always seem to never be perfectly aligned on mine. I would really appreciate some sort of advice, method or pointers from anyone on this matter, as it has been difficult for me to align them properly.

    • syd says:

      I often put the facemark part on the first. This will leave exposed the clear area where the sticker is mean to go.

  6. Suitor says:

    Thank you for the reply, syd. I have not tried it that way before, i will give it a go. Nice site by the way. I look forward to reading your kit reviews on this site. keep up the good work!

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