Gaijin Gunpla

I’m determined to get this guy assembled before the end of the year. Actually, I’m hoping to get it assembled and reviewed before I take a week long, and much-deserved I might add, break. Things look to be on schedule thanks to a couple of recent sessions, the first of which I used to knock out the lower half of the MS. Here is the construction of the feet.

I thought the two small foot armour runners were kind of cute.

The feet go together quite quickly thanks to the lack of any kind of tricky design. But the legs…

Well, they start simply enough. First you put together the knee parts.

Insert a piston that, for now, will just hang there.

Then build the lower leg to incorporate that piston as well as the poly-cap to which you’ll attach the foot at the end.

Here is the tricky part of the assembly. It’s not tricky because it was designed to be. The difficulties come from the size of the pieces. They are quite small.

You have to insert the rod all the way which, depending on your alignment of the sections, can be quite smooth or require a bit of adjustment and effort.

With the lower leg done you’ve next got to assemble the thigh.

Then armour up the lower leg.

The upper leg is secured the same way the lower leg was, with a rod placed right through.

The piece for the front of the lower leg is completely new just for the Astray D.

The other trim pieces, however, are from the original Blue Frame.

One piece of the Astray D comes from this new XD1 runner.

That one piece is placed on the side of the leg.

Here is the ankle.

Add one last, tiny piece to complete the leg assembly.

Now for the skirt.

The skirt assembly is almost completely the same as the Second Revise.

Including the hip joints and their small parts.

But the side skirts utilise these parts.

Add the rear skirt.

And then these.

While only two pieces these go together in a very specific way.

Your lower body will look like this.

Those big blades will clip onto the side skirts.

Making your lower body look like this.

Add that upper half.

Those sharp angles do look cool, but in a way he looks out of proportion between top and bottom. Will have to wait to see how he looks with that huge backpack on. That’s next time.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. mrrehino says:

    Looking very “sharp”

  2. Beige says:

    hmmm, he seems very necky right now

    sill, I do like how the blue d’ude looks. hopefully the fancy aile pack will make him look a little more balanced

  3. Models by Wil says:

    Really liking this WIP as I recently got myself the kit too. His top half does look a little small though …
    Something I’ve been wanted to know for a whil Syd, which Tamiya side cutters do you use? The regular side cutters or the sharp pointed ones? Having trouble finding a decent pair here in New Zealand.

  4. Jeff says:

    Those legs….. Now I remember why I’ve been so hesitant to pick up another Astray kit( looking at you Sengoku Astray) because those legs are so complicated.

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