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I was under a bit of a non-disclosure type of agreement regarding posting information about the PG Unicorn Gundam. I did get a kit to build a couple of weeks before release but that was meant exclusively for which released the build as eight separate videos! It’s truly a monstrous and magnificent kit and yet I didn’t really get to experience the whole thing. There was something missing.

Dat LED set.

Perfect Grade kits have used LEDs before but the RX-0 gets something well beyond what we’ve seen previously, and is what we fans had hoped for all along; an LED lit full psycho-frame.

As the complete build of the Unicorn itself can be found at the links I provided I’ll just show this LED set.

As you can see, this box is a fraction of the size of the Unicorn box. So what’s inside?

Instructions, LEDs, and wires.

Because I haven’t actually started trying to wire up the Unicorn yet I can’t go into much details but check out these LEDs.

The control box comes as one big unit. You need to insert 4 AA batteries to get this guy glowing.

That’s actually not too bad and it’s much easier to go buy AA batteries than it is watch batteries.

And here’s a tool they give you which you can use to disassemble the Unicorn if you’ve already completely assembled it. That’s a good idea and shows Bandai thought about this in advance.

Now that I’ve got my own PG Unicorn (and LED set!) I can start posting about it here. I’ve already thought about how I want to paint it. New Year’s Holidays can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hmm doesn’t seem like the price of the led is worth it though but looking fresh though. Hey syd is it possible to paint a clear red over the psycho frame and the led light could still shine on it I’ve been wondering about that and if it does i am one hundred percent going to buy this monstrous kit

  2. scid says:

    so I thought the LED set come with a new type of psycho frame? But now that dont seem to be the idea

    • syd says:

      that was a misunderstanding when looking at Bandai’s promo material at the Gunpla expo. The sold separately referred to the runners sold with the Unicorn kit and not runners sold separately from the Unicorn kit.

  3. Huey says:

    This is great, because you no longer need to drill and solder and route wires. One question i have about this is pose ability. Will those wires affect articulation? From the other customs I’ve seen, they make a pose and work around the wiring to accommodate that.

    • Frankon says:

      The wires arent totally invisible. They are routed outside of joints in the arms and hips (im not sure about the rest of legs) so the posibility shouldnt be limited. The only limit is how much of the wiring in those places you wanna show of.

  4. Lupes says:

    for folks saying the cost of the LEDs is too much, I wired up an MG Banshee to light up in the same fashion as the PG Unicorn and the total cost of the LEDs I needed came out to about 130USD.

  5. harold says:

    lucky you are in Japan. Dalong reports that he forgot to preorder his and had to pull some strings to buy one for his review lol.

  6. Brian says:

    How difficult was it to disassemble? I want to start building but I’m afraid to take it apart in the future when I hopefully can find some LEDs that are still in stock.

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