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After a less than stellar (far less) 2013, 2014 has been very good to me and December especially sweet from a model perspective. Not only did I get to build a PG Unicorn a couple of weeks before release but I was also handed the RG Wing Gundam Zero EW just a few days before it hit store shelves. By now I’m sure most everyone who comes to this site regularly knows of my affinity for the Real Grade line so it should go without saying how excited I was to be jumping into this kit. And now that it’s finished what do I think? Read on, Gunplars.

Overall Look: 10/10

Wing Gundam Zero EW has always look great. The combination of giant robot and seraphim makes for a majestic presence and really captures the imagination. This Mobile Suit, perhaps more than any other, feels like it has a soul. Though, when standing, it does look a little restrained. If you ever needed a stand…

…it’s for this Gundam.

The mighty Wing Zero in RG form. There is a Santa!

Some people on Facebook did ask about a size comparison. It’s Christmas for you guys, too!

Colors: 9/10

Back in my review of the MG Wing kits I gave the Wing Gundam Zero EW an 8 in the colour category because I felt that maybe there could have been more yellow used and much of the detail gets lost in all that blue. The RG version of the EW does have all that blue but this time there are two shades of it and it does definitely add to the eye-pleasing effect this kit produces.

The effect is subtle but most noticeable in the chest vent area. The two tone white that we’ve (just me?) have come to love is present in the RG Wing, too.

Weapons: 9/10

The included weapons may look a little sparse but even though you’ve only got two rifles, they are quite large and can combine. You get two beam sabres and the sabre handles, of course, and those handle store, quite niftily (that’s a mom word, I think) on the arms of the rear wings.

With the beam sabre handles stored the movement of those back wings are not hindered at all.

The rifles can be used singly or be combined into a rather giant weapon. If kept apart you simply flip over the piece that acts as a connector.

This is the simplest way to use the rifles.

But in this case the tougher way is definitely cooler. So connect those rifles together. One will have tabs sticking out.

While the other has a spot to receive them.

When you connect the bodies of the rifles you also connect the two flaps.

Notice in the picture how the hands get in the way. This caused me a bit of problems, but I’ll write about this in the Build Design section. For now, I’ll mention that the handles of the rifles can be stored in the body and leave it at that.

Articulation: 9/10

Sure he’s super flexible with no Wings attached. Before I put them on I’ll use this chance to show the extra movement of the shoulders.

I’m not even sure why they do that, but they do.

I think what everyone is most interested in is the wings and their movement so allow me to show you the articulation of the wings. The rear wings have one section that can open up.

It’s nice but not awe-inspiring. The big wings, however, well they definitely caused a stir.

They open up, albeit a limited amount, into three sections at the top and the feathers can move laterally but you won’t really get them pointing up or down. But once you start manipulating the Wing arms then you’ll find you can do almost anything with these wings.

I call this ‘The Flame

And if you’re careful with your wing positioning you can get this guy standing in some cool poses.

You can bend his knees past 90 degrees and the knee cap can move independently so you can cover up the area exposed when the knee is flexed.

It moves slightly so if you’ve got your knee bent at a large angle the kneecap can only do so much.

Still, don’t let that put you off from putting that range of articulation to use.

Oooh, ya!

Build Design: 9/10

The backpack (basically the wing unit) works fantastically and you are able to put those wings almost wherever you may want them. However, that backpack can come off quite easily while you’re trying to position the Wings. You’ll find yourself moving your fingers into crazy positions trying to get the wing arms and wings to do exactly what you want and while that’s happening, pop, the backpack can detach. I actually found it easier to position the wings with the backpack detached but it annoyed me that it would come off so easily.

Another cause of annoyance, trying to get the combined rifle pose. You know the one I’m talking about.

The rifles, as mentioned previously, are designed to attach to each other and work quite well, however the width of the hands can cause problems. With the rifles combined the hands bump into each other.

And when it comes time to get those hands onto your Wing EW, well, get ready to spend some time.

The RG shoulder connections do flex forward and allow you to move the arms into the right position.

But it will take quite a bit of work, and luck, to get the hands plugged into the wrist and keep the rifles together. When you do get it, it looks pretty great.

Okay, it looks decent.

Now it looks great. I don’t normally take the time to pose Gundams on stands. I prefer them grounding and pounding but the Wing well, it’s supposed to be in flight.

Check out my big guns (said no Gundam ever).

The RG Wing Zero EW does have the shoulder gimmicks that its big brothers have.

Fun Factor: 10/10

Do you even have to ask? Compared to recent RG releases such as the Exia and Z’gok, the Wing EW is quite simple. All told it probably took me less than two hours. The fun came afterwards when I was putting the wings through their paces and getting all those cool poses photographed with a stand. Good times!

Extras: 7/10

You get the extra RG hands and some extra handles for the rifles though you won’t need them. And of course you get all those markings.

Two of which, the front skirts, you are instructed to put on during the kit’s construction.

I’ll note here that the individual feathers for the wings are not molded from the same kind of plastic we have seen on the MG kit. That is a bit of a disappointment though being a scale smaller it’s not as bad as it could have been if this kit would have been 1/100 scale. I still would have liked to see them used, though.

All in all, the RG Wing Zero EW is a great kit and worthy of being in the RG line. It doesn’t break any new territory RG-wise but it does give you a different experience than you’ve had before as you’re building wings instead of Dragoons. I like it and I’m not even a huge Gundam Wing fan. Those of you out there who live and breath Wing are in for a nice Christmas.

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  1. Nick says:

    Nice review Syd, cant wait to get mine coming..

  2. mrrehino says:

    The MG Wing Zero was the first MG i ever made several yrs ago and it was a learning process. Can’t wait to revisit this mobile suit again.

  3. Zephyranthes says:

    It’s sad that Bandai didn’t include the molded hands for the tbr pose like they did with the robot damashii, but Syd I think you can do it by using only one handle and trigger hand, and in the other use the articulated hand on a open postition

    • NuOmega says:

      Hehe. A BFG pistol. Chew on this, Dark Gundam!
      I am building this model, and I am loving it. I recommend panel-lining it to bring out the detail, though.

  4. khmergod says:

    Awesome review. Wing is one of my all time favorite gundam from my favorite gundam series.

  5. Vin says:

    This new entry into the RG line looks great as we’ve grown to expect. Personally, i consider the decals provided a little disappointing, because the lack of markings showing the mech designation. The poseability of the wings is a positively strong point to me, considering your impressions on the RG Freedom, it seems to have evolved, although both wing units can’t really be compared. Also, how exactly is this paragraph from the review supposed to be taken:

    “I’ll note here that the individual feathers for the wings are not molded from the same kind of plastic we have seen on the MG kit.”

    Does it mean that the feathers are molded of a different kind of plastic, with different consistency or do they just come in a new color? Considering the MG is from 2000 this shift is to be expected if i read you correctly, but is this new plastic overly frail in comparison? I’m slightly worried about the MSs capability to take a shelf-dive unscathed.

    In addition, one of your recent WIP posts for the MG Astray Blue Frame D shows your side cutter of choice:
    Is this a Tamiya Plastic Cutter Alpha as listed over at HLJ or a different model? I do think i need a new one and would like to know if you recommend it.

    Regards and happy holidays,

    • syd says:

      The MG and PG versions of the kit had a very flexible plastic used for the tip feathers. This isn’t the case on the RG.

      I use TAM74001 mostly because they are cheap and usually available when I need to grab a new pair.

      • Marco Polo says:

        Hi Syd,

        another great review.

        I was just wondering how long or how many kits would a pair of (TAM74001) side cutters last with you before needing a new pair?

  6. Tristan (LGGM) says:

    This looks amazing. I’ll definitely be picking up this and the Blue Frame for some New Year’s builds. Also, on a funny note, not all wing fans like the design of this MS. I have a good friend who, as an O.G. Wing fan, thinks that the angel wings are silly. Meh. Haters gonna hate! He’s missing out.

  7. Dana says:

    Syd. Are RG Wing Zero better than MG Wing Zero?

    • syd says:

      Depends what you like. I think the RG proportions and looks are better but it is quite small.

      • nix says:

        Which means you would still recommend the MG version the the RG version? It’s really hard to choose between the two.

    • Albert says:

      If you find the MG wing zero custom’s issue with holding the rifle a major issue for you, go for the RG version. It can hold the rifles very well and are kinda light for a big gun. But if you prefer the rubbery plastic for the feathers then the MG version is for you.

  8. randomguy says:

    Like always, awesome review! Cant wait for mine to arrive home.
    Lookin forward for rg 00 raiser too. The artwork is badass ^^

  9. khmergod says:

    Syd, would you know where I can find official Bandai kit stickers? I lost a piece off my RG Exia, and I need to replace it.

    • syd says:

      What sticker are you missing? I may have extra.

      • khmergod says:

        I am missing the head top gem piece with Gundam Exia on it. I flung it with hobby knife peeling it off and spent hours finding it. Spent more hours finding one online…Also I’m a frequent customer at hlj now…

      • syd says:

        Let me have a look through my stuff. I will email you but give me a few days.

      • khmergod says:

        I’m willing to pay just for that 1 sticker. You might even have extra if you did an RG Blue Astraea build…

      • khmergod says:

        Thank you for your time and effort in advance. I have a real bad case of OCD.

  10. lifeisameme says:

    Hey Syd,

    Do RG Wing Zero shoulders fit on say the Destiny shoulders for a kitbash? They all look like they have a gray part that attaches the actual pauldrons to a round part on the arm’s frame. Or did they make them narrower since the Wing Zero is smaller than most of the others?

    • syd says:

      Good question. I will have to do the swap myself to confirm. Give me some time. If I do manage to do it I’ll post a picture on Facebook.

  11. Kager says:

    the “extra” shoulder movement is for his atmosphere entry mode, where the wings is folded around him. The shoulder armor is suppose to fold down similar to the bird/neo bird mode of the Wing Gundam/Wing Zero in the TV.

  12. Nick2 says:

    Hi I’m building this kit currently, I’m having trouble with getting the sides of the chest to properly attach into the white neckpiece, they seem to be skewed a bit, any advice A?

  13. jay says:

    Im planning to get my first rg. But im confuse wether to get this one or strike freedom?.can you help me choose which one worth buying, thank you

    • syd says:

      I always advise people to go with the Mobile Suit they like more, however, if you ask me strictly which is the better kit I would probably say the Wing Zero.

  14. Tristan L says:

    Hi, im building an rg kit right now, and I want to customize it, but I don’t know where to get extra gunpla parts or plastic sheets, can you help?

    • syd says:

      Hi Tristan, If you look on websites for things like MS Parts from Bandai or Pla Plate from Tamiya, you should find much of what you’re looking for.

  15. Average Guy Gunpla says:

    I bought this and built it after a week. I can probably describe this kit in one word, divine. I am most satisfied in this kit. I haven’t applied the decals because I don’t plan to add top coat. My experience in RG is that deals doesn’t stick that much in vanilla plastic especially in the frame.

  16. Tristan L says:

    I just got an rg kit that I want to customize, but I don’t know where to get plastic sheets or extra gunpla parts, can you help?

  17. Damien says:


    I’m halfway through assembly on the legs.

    And the knees really confuse me. Are there parts that I am missing? There’s a huge cavity under the knee guard and above the shin guard.

    Is that really meant to be like that?

  18. Alberto from Italy says:

    Dear Mr Syd, I,ve just finished building my RG Wing Zero Custom and I find it really good, much more than the RG AEUG Rx178 MarkII. If I am allowed, let me say you must not use both handles when you put the TBR in Wing Zero’s hand: use instead one trigger only, as shown in the picture and in the final episode of GWEW!

    The other hand simply helps to keep the TBR in position, and does no more. Maybe the cleverest idea might be using the opened hand to simulate the hand’s helping to lift the rigle from the chassis and not from the trigger (see one picture shown in the MG Wing Zero Proto EW)! Bye!

  19. denz says:


    Im currently building the kit and i have problems with the hands… when i insert them they don’t lock in place and fall off. but when i remove the arms armors (the blue with red point) they stick. did you have this problem before? or did i miss something. I tried to really push the armors to have more space but to no avail. any suggestions? thanks 🙂

    • S2 says:

      I don’t recall having that problem. Anyone else?

      • denz says:

        Thanks for the reply. actually this is my first time building gunpla and i choose zero wing bcoz im a fan of gundam wing.

        hopefully others can suggest some fix. thanks anyways also good review.

    • NuOmega says:

      Is the white arm piece properly fitted? If not, that might be your problem.

    • chichochacha says:

      Bought the same model. Same issue persisted. And it was also my first time building a gunpla.

      For the sake of future reference. For beginners alike….

      The thing is, its a beginner problem. And the problem is… the ball joint cant reach the socket.

      JUST PRESS that ARM part hard enough for socket to almost reach the Wrist so that you could connect it with the ball joint of the hand. You’ll here a “click” if done right.

  20. Teoh Yee Hou says:

    My first ever gundam.. Wing gundam custom (aka:wing gundam ew) mg was my first ever gundam. I didn’t used any sprue cutter or any other accessories except for a gundam marker (black and grey). Broke a couple of things. Now I’m better in making gundam ms so I am considering buying another wing gundam ew…Shall I buy another mg or a rg.. I realize the wing movements and gimmicks are limited

  21. Andri says:

    How you apply the eyes sticker? So difficult to get the sticker right. Or should i use gundam marker? What number of marker using for eyes and beam chest? Tq

  22. AscendantEvincar says:

    Hi Syd,

    How’d you connect this to the Action Base 1? It seems the adaptor that came with this kit is made for the Action Base 2.

  23. Nobunaga says:

    im workin on thhis 1 but i cant slot the hands can i assume u had the same issue? if so how did you resolve it?

    • S2 says:

      I do recall some trouble getting the hands on the weapon and then onto the kit but I didn’t do anything to the kit to get it to work. I only just kept trying until they eventually worked. They need to be handled carefully.

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