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[I received an email from regular reader/commenter Frankon81 with a very interesting kit he wanted to share. I wanted to share it too when I saw the pictures.]

Here is my little submission a NG (cannot really call it a HG) 1/144 AMX-109 Kapool.

I felt in love with aquatic MS’s after watching 0080 War in the Pocket. The Hy-Goog was the first gunpla I got many many years ago (I believe in 2003) than a very long break from gunpla happened. In the last two years I once again rediscover it. After watching Turn A Gundam I fell in love with Kapools – they were clunky, and made me laugh any time I saw them run. Sadly I couldnt get them any where and their price on ebay was kind of a joke. Finally Bandai reissued some of the old kits from the series when the MG Turn X and Turn A Blue rays were announced. I managed to snag a couple of the Kapools from (HLJ stock of Kapools was gone in a day ^^).
Now that I had my hands on the kit and seeing how bad it looked OOB (let’s be fair – a rather old kit with 3 parts runners + poly caps) I decided to do some proper painting.

The kit was a lot of firsts for me. I decided to try a lot different techniques during the build that I just read or watch in various online tutorials. First thing I decided on was rather obvious – the suit is a grunt. An old grunt (couple thousand years old) so that meant no shiny finishes – those are only for the lead pilots and their candy suits, so the suit will be dirty, battered and so on. I stared the build by cementing the pieces so I could remove the seam lines. Than I wanted to add the texture to the outer armor. I decided on a method using polystyrene cement and the tooth brush (the other method was using primer and roughing it up with brush before it cured, but I decided against it). This method gave nice result but with a price. Some of the fine details, like back and arm verniers(or thrusters?) had been lost due to the plastic melting. Luckily I had an idea how to “fix” it using IC precision sockets. So I had a textured MS ready for painting. Then another idea came – what if the suit wasn’t perfectly preserved over all those years and it started to rust. So before the final model color came a rust layer. Now all I need was to have the rust peak through the main color of the suit. To do so I decided to use the hair spray technique. Since it was first time using it (like many other things during this build) I managed to bodge it a bit – I didnt wait long enough for hair spray to cure. There for the main coat of paint suffered paint cracks in some places on the back of the kit. Luckily it worked quite well with the theme I had for the kit. Final touches were a hand painted “Die Moonrace” sign on the chest (which was a bit of mistake on my part – it would look better on other side of chest) and a wash rain marks on the armor.

So here is the full kit in all of its glory. Sadly I didn’t work on improving the model articulation so there arent much poses that the kit can make (whole hands have 3 articulation points not counting the claws).

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  1. Imateria says:

    A bit OTT on the rust but otherwise an excellent paint job, especially for a first try.

    • Frankon says:

      Yeah. I went a bit overboard with the rust. Had so much blast removing the outer layer paint and seeing the effect that i fallen into “only a little bit more” trap. Now i think i have a idea on how to improve the hands mobility – ill try it on the next Kapool ill hopefully start making soon (Corin Nader Custom)

  2. Frankon says:

    Kapools are around 400 yen each (around 4$). But since it isnt MG, HGUC (or any other HG line) they arent reissued very often. So you could see some of them auctioned on ebay for way higher price. But if you wait Bandai will reissue the kit like it does with all of them.

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