Gaijin Gunpla

So I put some blades on your blades so you can slice while you slice.

That meme never gets old for me.

Blue Frame D has a body but lacks wings, and Red Bull apparently. I can give him one of those two things. For that I need this runner.

Wait, that’s not from the Astray D.

And this one.

Wait, that’s not from the D, either.

As it looks like I’m assembling the backpack for the Aile Strike RM I don’t need to be very thorough perhaps.

Here’s how it starts.

On the Aile Strike RM you would insert poly-caps into the long piece but that’s not necessary here.
Make a couple of these and join them together.

And two of these.

They slide in and out.

Add the sliding mechanisms to the base.

A few more parts are then added.

Then make the wings.

Now for these.

I kind of like these colours for the Vouivre Stiker.

I kind of really like these colours.

Okay, with the pack out of the way I have to assemble more blades.

You make two of these gadgets and then attach them to the backpack.

Now for the mounts for the Blade Gun.

On the blades for the Blade Gun you use the white foil stickers.

Blade Gun? Is this the Astray Blue Frame Dante?

Assemble the Blade Gun in question.

This then mounts on the back of the arm to complete the build so let’s see what we’ve got.

Not bad.


I can dig it.

It is a little back heavy. Good thing I have one of these.

The included adaptor just fits on the end of the stand.

To see him flying around, you’ll have to come back for the review.

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  1. Michael says:

    That last sentence reminds me of those said by Bellri Zenam at the end of each Recongista episode.

  2. Imateria says:

    Lol, I thought you were going back to the Blade Liger with that title!

    Must admit, having watched your WIP I’m warming up to the Blue Frame D after initially dismissing it as a pointless waste of an MG release spot, and this from someone who doesn’t like the Frames.

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