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I had read in one of the Hobby Magazines that there was a Gold injection version of the High Grade RX-78-2 coming exclusively to 7-11. In recent experience that usually means having to go to Gundam Front Tokyo in Odaiba and check the 7-11 in the giant mall there or try your luck at the one 7-11 in Akihabara that may have it. Well, imagine my surprise when I walked into the 7-11 near my home in Saitama and saw one sitting on the shelf. I was shocked to find it and because it was the only one I bought it.


Here is what you can expect to find inside the box if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the kit.

Gold on gold.

The only colour other than gold (and armour grey) is found on the sticker sheet.

And what’s this?

I have an extra runner here.

This runner has parts that you use if you’re building the GFT version of the RX-78-2.

If you can’t tell from the poor lighting in my pictures there are two different gold colours.

So let’s start building.

An hour later…

While I find the colours less eye-pleasing than previous 7-11 RX-78-2 kits the gold definitely catches the eye. Allow me to give you a tour of the stickers.

You do get the 7-11 sign with this kit just like the previous konbini versions.

I’m gonna call you Oscar.

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  1. Beige says:

    honestly, the gold used for the torso is pretty hideous

    though I’ll agree its eye-catching. 7/11’s secret plan to take out the competition; unleashing giant mechs on them

  2. Imateria says:

    Oh yuk, puke gold Gundam.

  3. NL says:

    well, something special….and it is HG kit…

  4. luis says:

    Whats wrong with the face? are there no eyes molded on under the sticker?

  5. Kushal says:

    What exactly is GFT? I keep hearing about GFT versions of kits coming out on P-Bandai…the only thing I know for sure is that the GFT version of the Nu Ver Ka has a red psychoframe (which is cool as hell and makes me want to spray mine to match)

    I know it refers to the, I think it’s called Gundam Front Tokyo store, but I don’t understand what the difference is there or why.

    • Hazenthley says:

      “GFT” or “ver. GFT” in a product name refers to said product being only available at the Gundam Front Tokyo. That is supposed to mean that they are exclusively obtainable at that location. This is merely a marketing strategy employed, comparable to memorabilia sold at events you attend, such as a concert.

      There is nothing all exclusive ver. GFT kits have in common, bar being exclusive, but they mostly set themselves apart through changes in color of parts, accesoires, or provided decals.

      “ver. GFT” kits are usually sold through P-Bandai only if they become popular enough, to make them available to a broader audience.

    • jonnyMAGNUM says:

      GFT does indeed stand for Gundam Front Tokyo, but defining what the differences are depends on the model. GFT versions are limited versions exclusive to the Gundam Front Tokyo store and have some sort of fancy difference than their normal counterparts. For example, the GFT version of the 1/144 Acguy is painted like the RX-78-2. There are less subtle differences like the GFT version of the 1/144 Nu which has different decals and fully articulate fin funnels.

      • HirumaBSK says:

        Don’t forget about minor re-colors with decals that are launched later for retail.
        *cough cough* MG RX-78-2 3.0 *cough cough*

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