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Yes, I have built an RG RX-78-2 before. In fact, if my failing memory serves me correctly, I’ve build three of them. So when I saw there would be a limited edition of Casval’s version of the suit I kind of held back. Then I realised that this stuff is like crack and I needed a hit.

Yes, it is the same kit as the original but in different colours but there are a few little changes to be found. First of all you get additional markings to go along with the Realistic Decal.

The new ones are water-slides. yay!

You also get a few extra parts and instructions on where they should go.

Here is Casval’s shield.

Building this kit reminded me of my first encounter with the Real Grade line. I love the look and detail but found some of the fits to be tricky. I’ve built every Real Grade kit and I would have to say that the RX-78-2, the very first one, is probably the weakest in the line. Here it is with everything.

I forgot you could attach the rifle to the underside of the shield.

Bazooka (on which I added a decal I had lying around. Literally, it was laying on the tray that holds all my decal supplies.

The included decals look pretty good.

That Core Fighter is cute.

Ya. It may not be as excellent as the RGs that came after but it still is a great kit.

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  1. Kiko says:

    The red on this is very strong. It literally hurt my eyes.

  2. Frankon says:

    Hmm Red Gundam so its like 9x the speed of the regular Zaku? 😛

    Ok serious mode. Based on the pictures im a bit of disappointed on Bandai. Love the fact that additional decals of waterslides (/me looks at the RG GP01FB on the shell and want to cry cause of the stickers), but the way they did it is horrible. The right shoulder armor decal is too big. Yes they took the MG decals and scaled them to 1/144 but they forgot that the RG has diffrent shoulder design. The same problem is with the left shoulder. But at least there its easy to fix the “gundam” text below should be aligned right not centered and its rather easy to fix.

  3. Boromir says:

    Gotta say, I prefer the original colours on this one. As someone with only a passing familiarity of the original series, what’s the story behind this, exactly? Did Char steal the Gundam at some point?

    • Beige says:

      The casval is kinda awkward in its history.

      its first from from an alternate universe game, Girhens Greed, where Zeon forces defeated the earth federation. Char (or to go of his birth name, Casval rem Deikum)got his hands on the gundam and founded his own zeon faction, a different neo-zeon from that seen in zeta, with the intention of finishing his revenge against Girhen Zabi and continuing his fathers ideals. thus, red gundam

      though since then, more UC side materials came out giving Char one of the rx-78-2.5 mass production run of the Gundam that he painted red

      • Boromir says:

        Jeez! So it’s like a “what-if” storythat got ret-conned/re-imagined into the official canon? This is why I don’t usually follow the fiction too closely. Very interesting, in any case; thanks for the info?

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