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Just what the title says. I’ve been accumulating kits for a long time now despite doing my best to keep a handle on just how much is piling up. Usually, I’ll keep a regular release in a pile thinking I’ll get back to it because I have some designs or modifications or a paint scheme or two I want to try and give it but with the Limited Edition Bandai kits, 限定, I don’t change those and instead, for the most part, just straight build them. I’m kind of at the point where I have to move some stuff and have to chose what to keep and what to move and I’d rather keep the regular kits that I have plans for and share the Limited Stuff to people who want to experience them but may have missed out.

So what I’m going to try and do here is sell them for a reasonable price to the people who want them. These kits have all been assembled by me and appear in the 限定 section of this site, found here. I’ll list the kits I’m willing to part with and a price I think is fair for each one. I won’t ask for more than I originally paid (I’m including tax in this) because these are already built and whomever gets the kits won’t get to enjoy that part of the experience but they will get to have the kit itself and the stuff it comes with.

If you’re interested you can email me at and let me know what kit(s) you want to buy and I’ll tell you how much it would cost to ship them to you and my paypal email address. So, without further ado…

RG RX-78/C.A Casval’s Gundam – 2,800 yen

HG Chara-Hobby exclusive 00 Seven Sword/G Inspection – 2,500 yen

RG Astrea Type-F – 3,000 yen SOLD

RG Exia Trans AM – 3,000 yen SOLD

GFT Unicorn Phenex Clear ColorSOLD

HG Banshee Norn Titanium – 3,500 yen – SOLD

MG Marasai Unicorn Ver. – 4,600 yen – SOLD

HG Rebawoo – 2,400 yen – SOLD

HG 7-11 RX-78-2 Gold Injection Color – 1,500 yen

MG 1/100 MS-06S Black Tri-Star Zaku Ver. 2.0 – 4,400 yen (I customized this one somewhat) – SOLD

MG Crossbone X2 Ver Ka. – 4,500 yen SOLD

This one is a little different. I’ve built it OOB but haven’t put any of the markings on it. Whomever is lucky enough to get this one will have to take up the torch and finish it up for me.

Hopefully, I can move this stuff and make some space for some other limited kits that I just got my hands on. 😉

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  1. harold says:

    That Zaku may return with the release of the new animation considering its prominence in the trailer… I seriously want a new MG Dom…

  2. mike says:

    Sure hope i will be able to snag the Astrea

  3. Mick says:

    On what email address can I contact you if I’m interested in a kit?

  4. eL says:

    Yo Sid, I’d like to take that Marasai off of your hands sir, shoot me an email to hash out the details. Thanks.

  5. a random kid says:

    what payment system/shipping do you use because my parents don’t seem to trust you. i’d like to buy the crossbone but since you’re not using ebay or anything like that, my parents think you could steal money or not send the kit, etc.

    • syd says:

      I just ask people to send money by paypal. Likely you won’t have to worry about it as there are quite a few people that emailed before you asking for the Crossbone. For the record, ask anyone who has ever been sold or received something from me from this site and they will all agree that I am legit, or at least a nice guy. I understand your parents skepticism, though. You need to be careful when it comes to money and the internet.

  6. Kyle465 says:

    I would really want the Amazing Exia in Master Grade instead of any of these :/

    • Tyrion133 says:

      Well, the MG Dark Matter Exia will be out soon, and it’s based on the Amazing Exia, so maybe if we’re lucky.

      • Kyle465 says:

        But the GN Sword is the main thing. The swivel motion and I do like that shield.

      • Tyrion133 says:

        Isn’t the GN Sword on Amazing Exia the same as the one on Exia R2?

        As for the shield, that’s definitely new, they’d have to make a completely new mold for that. But the question is, how different the Dark Matter and Amazing is from the Exia R2.

      • Kyle465 says:

        Well they have a booster and dark matter has handheld swords while amazing has GN Sword

      • Tyrion133 says:

        Yea, but the boosters and swords are just addons, how different is the suit itself from the other variations?

        Is it sad that the variations of the Exia is starting to remind me of the variations of the Strike?

      • Beige says:

        @ tyrion – a fair bit. the amazing/dark matter is closer to the normal in bodystyle (with cables/clear parts etc), but mounts the sword from the R2. the difference between the dark matter and amazing itself though is color scheme and the dark matter has pointy high heels

        but in regards to the dark matter back to amazing for kyle, just grab the GN sword from an MG exia, stick on the green glowy blade from the 1.44/1 dark matter, and repaint it back to blue and white 🙂

        gotta say I don’t really see it much like striker packs though. exia only has one real variation, the full body overtool of the avanalance suit. besides that, r2 is a rebuilt suit rather than an upgrade, astrea could be seen but thats closer to the strike rouge than a stike pack, and dark matter/amazing are build fighters suits, so are explicitly fictional customized gunpla XD

      • Kyle465 says:

        One I can’t paint. Two you forgot about the shield.

      • Tyrion133 says:

        @ Beige – You may just have saved my Exia project, if the Dark Matter uses the same waist as the Amazing, then I don’t have to buy the massively expensive R2 just to use the waist unit for something.

        Very hard to get spare parts in Europe…

  7. Christian says:

    whoever got the first two slot for the RG Astrae F, please give it to me. >.<

  8. Hazenthley says:

    Do you perhaps plan on selling other, non-Gentei kits as well if the demand is there?

    • syd says:

      I don’t have much to sell of the normal stuff. I’ve built almost everything I have in my closet.

      • Hazenthley says:

        I’m looking for already built kits on purpose, and i am fairly certain other builders are interested as well in kits they could use for practising their modelling skills, for example.

        On that note, do you perhaps have a spare HGUC Gundam F91?

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