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I love not having anything important to do, maybe because I spend most of my time these days taking care of things that are fairly (to some people more than others) important. This past week I was off of work and though I did have some important things to take care of in and out of the house I did find time to build a few kits. My focus for that week was to start my journey through my own PG Unicorn and for that I grabbed the runners and parts I had painted.

All frame runners (or so I thought) had been painted as is. Here are some close ups.

The hands were removed from the runner and cleaned up a bit before being painted.

The armour parts for the feet, backpack, and the grey parts around the torso were not painted on the runner. My paint test is more for the frame parts and I did see a couple of questionable gate placements on the backpack so I thought I’d do it properly the first time. Hey, it might be an experiment but I still want it to look good. Here are the backpack/feets parts.

They turned out quite well. The grey torso parts had a couple of misses but aren’t too noticeable.

There are pieces that have not been painted yet.

I’ll get to those.

And here are the frame parts that were removed from the runner and painted a different colour.

Light Gun Metal to be precise. The majority of the frame parts, those painted on the runner, are Gun Metal.

After painting and laying everything out I thought I was ready to begin.

Ya, I may be painting this kit but I’m still not going to bother with a cockpit or pilot figure that really aren’t viewable when construction is complete.

What I want to do first is assemble this kit without any white armour parts to show what this great, under-gated frame looks like and what it can do. Psychoframe parts are a necessity at this stage as you can’t assemble the PG Unicorn frame without them.

The same goes for the grey parts.

My first encounter with a mixture of Gun Metal and Light Gun Metal parts comes on the shoulder joints.

I’m not really doing a WIP for this kit as I’ve built the entire thing on video but the shoulders are a great example of the unique design of this kit. Instead of pegs and holes (male/female connection) you have slats and things that slide into place from different angles securing other sub assemblies.

Note the unique shape of the part (upper right) that slides through this shoulder frame.

This shoulder assembly is secured further when it is placed into a larger part.

This design gives a solid connection but also can be taken back apart quite easily.

Then it is placed onto the large torso frame part.

Onto the torso it goes.

Add more psycho-frame parts.

This is where I started ignoring some of the instructions. If it read that I needed to use a white armour part I tested the build without it.

That neck joint just sits on the torso for now because no armour parts are there to secure it in place. That’s how the torso construction ends for now.

The legs were even more fun!

I first built the feet leaving off the blue armour parts. That meant they weren’t solid but that’s not a problem. After that I assembled the somewhat large sub-assemblies that go on either side of each leg.

Then came construction of the main leg frame.

Putting everything I had together I had almost the entire leg assembled.

But then I noticed that I failed to paint the P runner! Nooooo! I couldn’t proceed with the construction of the upper legs. So instead I build the skirt.

Very simple and quick.

When it came time to build the arms the first sections were the joints that attach to the shoulder pegs.

You can see how the cylindrical piece was painted the lighter colour. The elbow assembly is a combination of Gun Metal and Light Gun Metal parts.

From there the shoulders, the psycho frame lower arms, and the beam sabre mounts were all assembled.

I could then assemble the entire arm.

I added the hands here as well with the white armour part holding them together.

That gave me this much PG.

I wondered how much of the head I could assemble without using any armour and was pleased to find that you could get quite far.

I added the horn for effect and then built the stand to give me a place to hold these things until I painted the P runner and could finish the legs.

It was a good night and a great way to start my holidays.

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  1. Michael says:

    You will do the wiring when you’ve finished the assembly?

  2. Beige says:

    honestly, the unicorns silhouette looks pretty threatening in the dark grey and red. almost be a shame to see it whited over

  3. yasmeen says:

    hey Sid, what paint are you using for the frames? and is it hand painted or sprayed?

  4. Tyrion133 says:

    Hey Syd, do you have any tips on painting the PG Manipulators?

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