Gaijin Gunpla

I had assembled almost the entire frame of the PG Unicorn but couldn’t do the thighs because one runner had been missed during the painting session, the P runner. Well, here it is painted and ready.

And that means I can, just like that, assemble the upper legs/hip joints.

Then attach it to the rest of the leg frame and add the psycho-frame parts.

When I did this, I noticed something.

The piece for the back of the knee has a bit of a gap between the pipes and that exposed plastic is the same colour because of how I painted it. I think I’m going to go back and do something different with this one part. It’s a very important part as well but I didn’t realise how important it is until I started the LED work (that’s coming later).

I guess all I have left to assemble of the Mobile Suit is the backpack, the insides of which are mostly psycho-frame

However to get this onto the Unicorn I did need to use one armour piece. It was the one that holds the frame part that is the connector between the back of the unicorn and the backpack.

I then placed the backpack onto the RX-0 and enjoyed the spectacle.

It looks pretty awesome but, in the lighting of my small living room, it’s difficult to see the effect the paint has on the look of the frame. So I decided to get some better shots.


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  1. Kushal says:

    I’ve always argued with myself “The Unicorn should have a more interesting upper arm design” “well, how so?” and never been able to figure out what I would do. It just strikes me as weird with how intricate the shoulder and forearm are.

    Also pictures 7 and 8 have made me decide to topcoat every gunpla I do from now on, because the close-up of the painted hands compared to the unpainted torso is so jarring.

  2. OJ says:

    Asked this on Hobbylink TV too, are you going to pick up the Bandai exclusive PG Full Armor Expansion set for your Unicorn?

  3. WK says:

    That frame looks awesome. Btw Syd, may i know what is the measurements for the base that comes with the PG Unicorn. Thanks!

  4. Jacob says:

    Hi Syd!
    from what I see from the build process and also on the manual, I think for some parts, the build is pretty similar to the Master Grade except with more parts and detail, am i wrong? I have a MG Unicorn, that’s why I thought this way…
    Please correct me if I wrong 😀

    • Glen says:

      I’m thinking to get one of this..

    • evora460 says:

      I’m building my PG Unicorn right now and even though I’ve only seen WIPs of the MG version, I’m pretty sure the construction of the torso is almost exactly the same but with some improvements to the transformation mechanisms given its PG status.

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