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Yes, I have built the PG Unicorn but I never really got to write my thoughts about the experience. In a twist of irony I actually got to build a second one, this one with the LED set, but again didn’t get to actually experience it as I would have liked. How is that possible, you ask? Well, the first one was built in front of a video camera with me working quite fast and once it was completed and the videos all edited and ready the kit was handed over to its rightful owner for display (but not before I snuck a little something in there.)

When the LED set released I couldn’t get the first kit back and so I built a second one from scratch (minus the weapons) working as fast as possible. It took about 5 hours and I finished at 1 AM the day I was supposed to go in front of the camera again and show how to wire the LED set inside. I was quite tired and worked at a fair pace and I don’t really remember much of that build. It’s all a blur.

Well, now it’s my time!

My Christmas present to myself this year was the PG Unicorn and LED set.

And I’m going to put it together just how I want and show the process here for all to see. I’ll do the normal WIP that I usually do including as many photographs and details as I can. I’ll hopefully be able to offer something fresh to the already underway PG Unicorn discussions and I’ll give my thoughts on the kit and experience overall.

But I will state the impressions I’ve gleaned so far from ripping through two kits.

I love it!

Do I love it because it’s so much better than most other kits? Maybe not. Do I love it for its sheer size and part count? Maybe a little bit. But I think I love it because of the scale, not of the kit, but of the experience. PGs, being perfect I guess, are just that much more everything than other grades. I love the size of the box and the artwork. I love that even the top of the box has an image.

And I love that if I start opening the box that added detail is still there.

The presentation alone is amazing and you know you’re involved with something unique. My experience may be even more unique because I’m approaching this as a challenge to how Bandai’s designed this kit. Though my memories of the builds are somewhat hazy I do remember the huge amount of under-gating this kit has and so I felt I’d see just how good of a job Bandai did in that area. To do that, I decided to paint the frame on the runner. So when I opened up my box for the first time…

(love that!)

…I took out all the frame runners.

Look at that stack!

Of course, because I’m painting this I may want to add some details and such here or there, so I removed some parts from the frame runners that I don’t want painted the same colour.

I did have to work all last week (boo!) but while there I managed to sneak in a couple painting sessions. The frames are all painted, the removed parts are all painted (minus the thrusters), the backpack and feet parts along with the grey parts found in the torso have also all been painted. Basically, minus a few small things (and the weapons), this Unicorn is ready to be assembled and caught on my (still) camera.

I do have a week off of work and before I get back to the office on January 6th I hope to have most of this guy finished. Although, I do have other kits I need to get onto as well.

Looks like my holiday will be a busy one. But I’m going to make sure I enjoy it!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Kushal says:

    Happy New Year, Syd! It’s a pretty busy time for me gunpla-wise too, I’m getting ready to start my first attempt at spray-painting in a couple of weeks.

    Can’t say how jealous I am of your Astray Red Frame Master Grade, I honestly prefer that one to the Red Frame Kai by far but since it’s P-Bandai I’d never be able to afford it. And is that one on the bottom a Perfect Grade Zaku?

    Hope you have a great 2015 filled with lots of great plamo.

  2. Paul Emical* says:

    Happy new year, Syd!

    Now, let’s see… what else we got beyond that PG Unicorn?
    MG Astray red frame: check!
    MG Zaku II Garma Zabi custom: check!

    Ooooh, and is that an RG RX-78-2 Casval custom I see?

    Seems like I’m not the only one who’s a sucker for gentei… 🙂

    • Paul Emical* says:

      I forgot: Syd, are you considering the Dozle Zabi custom Rick Dom?
      I already grabbed myself the Dozle Zabi custom Zaku (I must have every Zaku ever existed, mwah hah hah!!!), but I’m not sure about this one (or the M’Quve custom Gouf). That said, it’s gentei, so… 🙂

  3. I built the Uncorn with LEDs this week. To do this in front of a camera knowing it will be watched by the community is a testament to Syds impressive skill, experience and passion. Thanks to Syd for providing inspiration and enhancing the hobby of gunpla.

  4. scid says:

    Nice one on the S2 thingy PG still in the private warhouse..waiting for other things to come in and ship it all together

  5. Kyle says:

    Just a random question, but does anyone know what happened to Z (Gunpla Inochi)?

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