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I ‘unboxed‘ the LED set for the PG Unicorn when it was released and in my post previous to this I showed the Unicorn frame fully assembled so now it’s time to combine the two. For realz.

But that means I have to unassemble a few things. Well, more like the entire thing.

I also should make sure I have the LEDs ready to go.

That means installing AAs. That’s about it.

I also took this time to put some armour on the bottom of the feet to help him stand a little sturdier.

To start wiring the torso I have to take off a couple parts.

Here is the (crazy) LED that goes into the torso.

I think I’ll just test this out.

Cool! You can see it’s got 5 lights in just the main block.

Drop that into the space provided for it in the upper torso.

It was at this point that I decided to put the smaller armour parts on the shoulder vulcans.

(At the time of this writing I’ve decided to take them back off again when I get the chance.) With no side armour on you can see how those shoulder vulcans kind of snap into place when Unicorn is in Unicorn Mode.

With the LED in its home you then put the smaller block into the lower torso.

The wire to and from that second block are secured in place.

Then you secure the wires heading out to the sides below the level of the shoulder joints.

With all wires secured (which isn’t actually easy) you then put the frame part on.

I then chose to place the armour part for the collar on.

I felt that I would likely not be disassembling all that wiring so when I put this piece on I also added some details.

I then put the neck frame parts in place.

That finished up the torso, or as much of the torso as I was willing to do. Remember, my purpose for this part of the build is to have the LEDs installed but leaving the armour off so everyone can see just how Bandai designed the wiring/LED to work with this kit.

From there I move to the legs. That means taking it apart.

Here is the LED for the right leg.

First thing to do is unattach part of the knee from the lower frame.

You can then reach the hollow where the middle LED is inserted. Be sure to push it in all the way.

Now it gets difficult. The wiring is meant to fit into tiny slots found on the inside of a part for the knee and also, after that, to hook around little tabs found next to those slots.

This is really difficult because of the space in which you have to work. My advice is to push that knee psycho-frame all the way forward and out of the way and then you can kind of create space by opening up that knee frame assembly which consists of two parts. It will take a while and you’ll be glad when you get it done, but you’ll dread having to do it again on the left leg.

When the wires are in the correct place you can connect the knee to the lower leg again.

The LED at the end goes into the ankle as you straighten the leg.

You then have the lower leg wired and the wire for the upper leg ready to go.

You have to take that wire and lay it against a knee joint part then secure it in guides that are found along the frame for the upper knee.

When it comes to securing the wire in the guide found in the thigh piece it’s a pretty tight space to work in and you have to loop the wire a specific way so it heads in a specific direction. I found that rather than just trying to jam it in there I had more room to work if I moved the upper leg at the joint.

Secure the wire in the next guide.

It is here that you close up the knee with the inside knee piece.

Here is a shot of the knee from behind. You can see the gap between the inner knee frame parts and the outer knee frame parts. This is where the wires are housed.

It is at this stage that the separate frame piece goes in place to hold the leg frames together as they have a tendency to separate with a wire stuck in there.

Insert the LED into the upper leg assembly.

It goes in one side and has to come out the other. Bandai has designed that piece to have the gap to allow the wire to come back out.

With the upper leg frame in place you add the psyho-frame parts.

Look at that wire sticking out.

That completes the LED/frame assembly for the right leg.

Here are some shots to show the frame and where the wires are found.

I guess I’ll add the foot now.

When I wired the left leg I took the whole knee frame/psycho-frame assembly off completely. It seemed to help.

With both legs done I moved to the skirt and to start that I have to attach both legs and run the wires from the legs through some loops found on the sides of the skirt.

Here is the crazy LED designed for the skirt.

I’ll just plug that into the skirt at the back.

Wires then are divided between which goes left and which goes right.

Two of the wires connect to the wires from the legs and then are pushed into the loops the leg wires just came through.

Then the LEDs are split to go left and right.

Quite a bit of wire will be viewable from the front.

Connect the skirt to the torso.

The manual has you put the torso on the stand before making this connection but I opted not to. I don’t need no stand!

Let’s just test this out.

That was a good place to stop. I’ll leave it like this until I get back to it and, for now, put the leg frame assembles for the sides of both legs away somewhere safe until I need them.

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  1. Michael says:

    Legs were tough, but it’s the arms and connecting them to the torso that was a real pain.

  2. khmergod says:

    Awesome writeup. This will be my guide once hlj gets me my PG and LEDs later this spring. So psyched! My first PG.

  3. Lee says:

    Where I can get the battery ,wire and led light?

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