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It has been four months since the inaugural kit from Bandai’s newest line Reborn 100, also known as RE/100, was released. Bandai kicked that line off with a big bang known as the RE/100 MSN-04II Nightingale. At that time we thought perhaps the RE/100 line would give us the kits we always wanted as Master Grades but didn’t get due to the production costs involved. People were excited. But before we can get another kit like the Nightingale, we have a few smaller ones on the way, the first of which being the RE/100 Gundam Mk-III

The box art was pretty badass when it was shown but what surprised me more was the size of the box. I thought we would see something close to large-box MG size but instead it’s small-box MG.

Box Contents

Everything is able to fit in the smaller box so this picture shouldn’t really surprise, yet with only four plastic bags it reminds me of an HG kit rather than MG.

Foils and markings

You get a good amount of markings for the Mk-III so even if the build doesn’t take a while you’ll have some more work to do when you get to applying stickers.


The inside of the manual shows the breakdown of the build sections, all three of them.

Upper Body, Lower Body, Weapons. No problem.

It folds out near the last page.

Marking guide.

The Nightingale took over a couple of hours but this kit looks like you could get through it in half the time.

Challenge accepted.

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  1. khmergod says:

    Is the Reborn line pretty much HG 1/100 with newer technology/molds?

    • Beige says:

      pretty much, yeah. their 1/100 scale models but more HGesque in detail. a few nicer elements, but their more so they can release bigger (or just more obscure kits) in 1/100 scale withouth the monetary investment needed to make a MG mold 🙂

    • rabbitkun says:

      more like No Grade model kit

  2. Ken V says:

    I feel like the RE/100 line is like higher quality kits in the style of the original MGs. If you look at MGs, especially in the first three years, they look very similar to these kits. Small mg size box, limited (or lack of) internal frames, and high surface details. I really liked the Nightingale, despite it’s flaws, and can’t wait to get my hands on the next few.

  3. atanlf says:

    No ABS?

  4. Kushal says:

    The RE/100 line has me excited mainly because of the obscure kits they’re putting out. The Dijeh is one of my friends’ favorite suits, but the sheer difficulty of finding ANYTHING Dijeh-related has been a running joke between us for years. Very strange considering it was Amuro Ray’s suit in Zeta Gundam. The detail in the demo one you posted a while back is pretty great, but to be fair there’s nothing to compare it to except the original lineart.

    I’m with the people who say that RE/100 should represent a throwback to the HG/NG 1/100s of the 90s, as I’m very fond of that scale and think it’s a nice intermediate between HGs, which I often find too simple or cut too many corners (stares at ZII) and MGs, which are a lot more of a money/time investment, especially since I order my MGs from HLJ several kits at a time, but you can’t fit nearly as many MGs in an order as you can HGs. Sadly they would have to put out way more RE/100s than they are at current, so I might as well just get those old 1/100 NGs on HLJ and do any necessary additional detailing myself.

  5. Vin says:

    So, no cockpit design? For MG, they have the design of cockpit so that we can open the door.

  6. Imateria says:

    Looking forward to seeing a review of this kit, it’s definitely high up my want list.

  7. Darth Mingus says:

    I think Ken V hit it on the nose, these kits are somewhere between the old style NG kits and the first gen master grades.

    They have improved the outer details on these kits. They seem as detailed on the outside as most master grades and the markings are equivalent. It is only missing the inner frame.

    Not super fond of this suit, but the kit looks solid. I am really excited for the GP04. Unfortunately, it looks more detailed than the old MG GP01-GP03 kits at this point.

  8. Alteisen says:

    i wish the MGs have as much surface details as these one. Even the MG the O looks like a giant hguc

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