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[Editor’s Note: I enjoy the variety of things that are submitted to the Readers Submission section of this site. This time we have another modeller with some solid skills in hand-painting, something I most definitely lack. Take it away, Benjy.]

When I was a child, I loved robots and would always ask my parents to buy me gundam. However, my brother would always build them because I was too young to understand the instructions. By the time I reached high school, I had completely forgotten about gundam, however, I stumbled upon the series, War in the Pocket, and fell in love with the story. This motivated me to order a gundam and finally build one myself. Eventually, I ordered the GPB Hi Nu Gundam after watching the GPB series and since the series was about customizing and personalizing your gunpla, I decided to make my Hi Nu unique.

I love the banshee colors, so I went with that color scheme.

This is my first ever completed gunpla kit. All painting done was hand painted and I am pretty proud about how smooth it turned out!

I definitely learned a lot from this project and I am very motivated to hand paint more gunpla in the future.

I painted the GPB hi nu gundam with a banshee color scheme, thus the name BansHi Nu Gundam!

Maybe my next project should be a banshee with Hi Nu or Nu colors!

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  1. refined77 says:

    Hmmm , how old you are ? Sounds like you where kid few yers ago , lol.

    • Benjy says:

      I’m 19 years old now

      • refined77 says:

        Oh boy …. i really get confused @-@ , first your blogs had one name now another , ….
        Great paint work , personaly i paint my kits only with brushes and know how difficult it is. Still it makes final result really be proud of .

      • Benjy says:

        lol i dont have a blog?? but yeah, the end result makes you feel really accomplished

      • refined77 says:

        One more thing , how good is last finishing layer? In my case , even if i use topcoat it’s still sort of fragile . Really pains up when accidentally after ,,dusting” you chipp off some paints .. thanks.

  2. Frankon says:

    Nice color choice and realy good hand painting. You should panel line the chest vents (well just ink them) and the torso cause right now there is a lot lost detail there.

    And welcome on the gunpla train. Once you build a kit its hard to stop with the next kits.

  3. Kushal says:

    Amazing! I picked up some First Grade Zakus to practice hand-painting and they’re as lumpy as oatmeal honestly. I would love to know how you managed to get such a smooth look with no brush marks. Did you top coat?

    • Benjy says:

      No top coat, but i use folkarts matte acrylic paints so it dries with a matte finish. To get no brush stroke marks/lumpiness, make sure to thin the paint until it becomes a watery consistency. Apply and spread the paint evenly throughout the piece and wait for it to dry completely before applying the next layer. I average around 4-6 layers to finish a piece. Experiment with thinning paints and find what you like to work with. Some ppl like a milky consistency, but i prefer an even thinner consistency because i don’t want to lose panel line details and etc. Be patient and dont give up!

      • Kushal says:

        Hey that’s the same kind I use! I don’t thin the paint though, I think I’ll start doing it now. Is water all you need to thin it?

        I’ve also had problems where the Gundam Marker panel liner I use doesn’t write on painted surfaces. But thanks for all the advice! It’s cool that we use the same kind of paint because I’ve been worried that it was the problem.

        Oh also, what kind of brushes do you use? I did my first paint job with these really stiff, short shader brushes and I’m finding better success with regular longer brushes, but I am curious to know what works for other people.

      • Benjy says:

        I only use water to thin my paints and I use liquitex BASICS paint brush. I really like how small and smoothly they spread paint.

  4. eL says:

    You hand painters are impressive, I do not have the time, patience or steadiness of hands needed to create a good looking kit. Not only is your paint job well executed but the color scheme works well with the kit, great job.

  5. refined77 says:

    Btw , what brushes you used ?

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