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I didn’t really have a Christmas because that day is not a national holiday in Japan but I did have a bit of a hybrid Christmas/New Year break in which I built quite a few things. I’ll be throwing them at you over the next several posts so be prepared for a bit of an onslaught (providing I find time to write what I want). In my first real chance to build, the kit I grabbed ahead of the others was the 1/144 HG Grimoire.

I had other kits I was more interested in building but doing some quick calculations in my head the Grimoire seemed the one I would be able to finish in the time I had available to me. I am quite glad that I made the decision I did.

This being an HG kit I don’t need a detailed step-by-step WIP post but I’ll show some highlights and then talk about the kit in more detail in the upcoming review.

The first thing I want to mention is the colour.

When I freed the runners from the plastic I found myself drawn to that brown.

It’s hard to describe (I’ll try harder later) but it reminded me of chocolate, something I had quite a bit of as well during my break.

There was only one clear part in this kit.

But I was intrigued by this runner.

The build starts off with a sticker.

And just like that the head is done.

The torso used poly-caps for the arm joints but what was happening inside the torso was a bit different.

A sticker goes here as well.

Here’s the skirt. Mustard yellow trim on chocolate brown?

It seems to work.

The arm was very simple even for an HG.

But you get quite a bit of movement out of the elbow and even the wrist.

The foot.

And the ankle armour.

The knee joint is much the same as the elbow.

Add a tiny sticker to the shin guard.

Here is the armour for the thigh.

The backpack is simple, too.

It was a very short build (HG, minimal stickers) but once I got it done and looked at the completed kit…

I really liked what I was seeing.

The box art didn’t do anything for me and perhaps it is how the Grimoire is portrayed in that image but seeing it there in front of me in plastic form gave a different impression.

I’ll play around with it some more and give a final verdict in the review.

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  1. Dingo says:

    I’m either color blind to brown, or my screen is not correctly calibrated to brown, or the flash that washed out the color, but I saw the “brown” you describe as grey-ish color. 🙁

    • CharacterandDigits says:

      It does look grey in the photo, but I can assure you from having built it myself that it is indeed a deep chocolate-brown, just as Syd describes. Unfortunately, I found that the color just doesn’t seem to show up well under artificial light. You can only really see how brown it is in actual sunlight. It’s a similar effect to how the original Xbox looked black until you put it near a window and could see that it was actually a very dark green. Plastic is weird :/

  2. Beige says:

    Really love the grimoire’s head design. its a funky combo of mono-eye and twin eye designs, and really fits its role in g reco

  3. Kushal says:

    G-Reco as a whole is really growing on me. I had your same hang-ups about the G-Self but now I’m pretty fond of it.

    Also I might as well be “that guy” who points out that you uploaded the same picture of the upper torso twice instead of (presumably) uploading one of the skirt.

    I’m actually kind of diggin’ the kit myself. It strikes an interesting area with me where I’m not totally beholden to the original design like I am with Universal Century, so I would be open to modding it pretty intensively.

  4. eL says:

    I love the Grimoire’s – which I affectionately call “Fat Boy” – design and I’m hoping Bandai gives it the Master Grade treatment. I also just finished a build of this same model kit about a week ago and observed the same logic you did Sid – it could get built in the available time. It was a blast to build, so much so that I was kind of sad to see it built.

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