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People had asked me if I was going to go in for the Full Armor set for the Perfect Grade Unicorn. I admit I hesitated. For half a second. Then I thought about all the stuff I would be missing out on. Even though I just wrote ‘all that stuff’ I wasn’t quite prepared for what showed up.

It may be hard to tell how big the box is, and people were speculating when I posted a picture on Facebook, but it is big. Bigger than I had imagined even though I saw this stuff all laid out at the Gunpla Expo.

That doesn’t really show you scale so allow me to give some perspective.

Big! I would say it’s the same as the Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst, which may be the same as the MG Sazabi Ver Ka.
It’s big. But of course it is! Look what it comes with.

If it’s hard for you to figure out what’s happening here so let me give you a better idea.

Still need help? (I’ve been known to be a tease sometimes, or as my mom would say, ‘difficult’.)

It even comes with parts for extra hands.

This will make it sturdier when holding those weapons.

But which portion of this mountain of plamo was I looking forward to the most?

Water-slide decals!

Oh gawd.

Anyways, when I get around to finishing the PG Unicorn (now with Ver Ka water-slides) I’ll be sure to unveil it in all its glory.

Now if I can find some time to get back to working on the armour for my PG RX-0. Currently he’s kind of naked.

And liking it!

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  1. scid says:

    wow..did the waterslides is also for the unicorn kit? hopefully Bandai would sell the waterslides as normal release.

  2. khmergod says:

    I received my FA kit on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I am waiting on LED and PG Unicorn from HLJ this spring. This will be my first PG ever, and I just started this hobby two months ago. I already am backlogged on about 30 kits lol. Syd, do the waterslides that come with this totally replace the stickers, or compliment it?

    • Tyrion133 says:

      Two months, and you’ve got a backlog of 30 kits? Damn! I’ve been building gunpla for about 6 months, and I’ve only got a backlog of 2 kits…

      As for the waterslides, I’d imagine they compliment rather than replace.

      • khmergod says:

        5RG, 6BB, 8HG, 12MG including big hitters Sazabi ka and Nu ka. My life is officially over. Don’t let me get started on non Gundam kits lol

    • syd says:

      The water slides are meant to replace the pg unicorn markings and allow you to make your PG Unicorn a Ver Ka.

      • Michael says:

        Damn, wish I knew about it earlier. I did a mixed flat/gloss finish and I had to paint all parts before assembling. And I knew I’m not going to disassemble because I built it with the LEDs and I’m to afraid to damage the wires. So I used the stickers and these are so damn thick 🙁

    • Tyrion133 says:

      Well, Khmer you’ve succeded in making me jaelous, I wish I had that kind of backlog. Well, except the RG’s, the 1/144 scale is too small for my tastes.

      I have to admit though, the PG Unicorn didn’t interest me until Syd started showing off the LEDs with no armor on it, it looks amazing.

      • khmergod says:

        Not a big fan of 1/144 either, but RGs are awesome and some HGs are really nice. Especially if they are from my childhood’s series. Aka Gundam Wing and G Gundam. 00 design is cool, but they need to update their 1/100 line. Build fighters has some nice custom designs from Wing and 00 so I’m down with that.

      • Tyrion133 says:

        I built a RG Freedom, and the amount of details is amazing, but it’s just too small for my big clumsy hands. Yea, Build Fighters has some nice custom designs, but unfortunately we haven’t seen a lot of them in MG form, which really is a shame, but the same applies to Gundam 00, we got Setsunas suits and that’s it… Hopefully they’ll get around to making the suits from 00 some day.

      • khmergod says:

        Even if they don’t make MG of other 00 suits, I’d be satisfied if they would make the original 4 of 00 in RG. Virtue would be friggin amazing.

      • Beige says:

        well, 00’s 10 anniversary is coming up in a couple of years, and since wing got the operation meteor gundams on its anniversary, and SEED got the g weapons, here’s hoping at least the Ptolemy team gets an MG because as much as I like Setsuna, his suits should share some of the MG love…

      • HBSK says:

        As long as Bandai doesn’t get asshole and decides to make the rest of 00 Units with swappable hands,I’d be happy. I mean,some rigid special posing-hands (Trigger fingers) would be awesome,but please don’t remove the articulated hands from 00 Units.

      • Tyrion133 says:

        Personally I’d be glad if they changed the wrist design… On the 00 Raiser you just slide a peg into the hole, and that’s that, the only thing holding it in is friction.

  3. huey says:

    Are there green psycho frame parts for the PG Unicorn?

  4. mog says:

    When were singapore sell the led vision for the pg unicorn?

    Can’t wait

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