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Reconguista in G and I got off on the wrong foot. The first kit released for Bandai’s 2014 anime was the G-Self, which I still maintain is ugly as sin. First appearances matter. Personality is important too but, let’s face it, when you first lay eyes on someone it’s not his/her personality that you’re looking at. The first time I saw the box art for the HG Elf Bullock (Mask Custom) I thought ‘Whoa! cool‘. Then I thought ‘Evangelion‘.

You’re pretty skinny for a Gundam.

But I guess we’ve seen skinny Gundams before.

The manual is different than what we normally see, as well.

One of the things I like about the look of the Elf are the colours used.

And you get a stand!


And these crazy things.

There are a fair amount of stickers for such a small kit.

So let’s start with the head.

Rather than a front and back half of the helmet you have two sides.

Add your first foil sticker.

Then a few more armour parts.

A small sticker also goes in place on the back of the head.

Then it’s on to the torso and you start that by laying some very small parts into the main torso piece.

Now for a poly-cap. The poly-cap runner looks to be the same as that found in the most recent HG kits such as the F 91.

The ball poly-cap is dropped into its housing.

The neck assembly consists of the poly-cap like we’re used to but it’s actually placed between two plastic neck parts.

This then fits into the collar piece before being dropped onto the main torso part.

Now for two shoulder joints.

These are also dropped into place in the torso.

The neck has some good movement and the shoulders do as well.

How much of that movement will remain once the arms are on remains to be seen.

Next place a couple of very small parts into the front of the torso placing them at a specific angle.

Then the lower part of the chest fits on from below.

Assemble the top part and put it on as well.

Note that it can lock into a straight out position.

To the bottom add a couple of the darker pieces.

You then have something like this.

The bottom of the torso, or is it the skirt?, is then assembled and added.

Be sure to put the poly-cap looking piece in place correctly.

Let’s leave that for now and move to the arms.

Some foil stickers are needed near the wrist.

This is the shoulder.

Some stickers go here as well.

Check out the hand.

It is quite long but it’s only one two pieces.

The elbows bend quite impressively.

Now for the legs. Start with the thigh.

Add foil stickers here too.

Assemble the knee.

It slides into place in the thigh from below.

Now assemble this thing.

This along with a couple of other parts fit into largest parts that will make up the lower leg.

Add some more armour.

And some stickers.

The knees don’t bend as far as the elbows do.

Now put everything together and take an intriguing and mysterious picture.

Then take another so that people can see what you’ve built.

I think it looks great just as it is but you’ve still got more to build like the backpack.

The large wings are simple enough to put together.

This rather large assembly fits into a hollow in the back of Ms. Bullock.

It is quite back heavy but if you position the ‘heels’ correctly he should stand up all right.

This kit does transform but I will leave that for the review. I will however build the extra assembly that is needed for that transformation.

For now he’ll reside on his stand using the adaptor.

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  1. harold says:

    I guess they need to try something new but as a fan of all those heavily built zion mobile suits, these things annoy the hell out of me.

    I mean, for me even Nu gundam was too lean… urgh.

  2. themarksmans says:

    Hi Syd, you say it looks like Evangelion, but I think it looks more like Vic Viper from Zone of the Enders. None the less, this looks great Syd. The stand is a big bonus as well since its the same one given out for most MGs. Might be picking one up just for the stand.

  3. Beige says:

    I find it amusing that many people like the g-reco designs besides the main suit of the series XD

    the elf is one of my favourite transforming suits. it looks dangerously sleek and sexy, and its flight form is great. love the chunky extra thrusters too

    • jonnyMAGNUM says:

      I agree. I dislike the main suits (and the series in general, though I keep watching it …) but I love the look of the elf suits. Even the Grimoire is cool looking!

      As an aside, this isn’t a Gundam, so it can be as skinny as it wants!

      • Kiko says:

        Agreed. G-Arcane is the only main suit I really like in the series. I was hoping it would receive any sort of an upgrade.

    • eL says:

      I’m in the same boat Beige, don’t really understand what people hate about the G-Self. Personally, I love the G-Reco suits G-Self included.

  4. Kiko says:

    I’m a fan of any skinny and out of proportion mecha designs, it kinda have a strong robotic feel in it that I can’t really explain.

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