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Didn’t I just build a HG V Gundam? Well, actually that was back in July of last year and it was the V2. Several months after that the HG Victory Gundam released but I didn’t get around to it until the New Year’s holidays due to a combination of it being out of stock for a while and me being busy with other things. That busyness continued throughout January but I find myself with a moment so allow me to share with you my thoughts on the HGUC Victory Gundam.

Overall Look: 8/10

I don’t know what it is about this kit but it just doesn’t look right to me. of course, I’m comparing it to my experience working with, and looking at, the MG V and V Dash Gundams and though it does look the same something about it is off. It looks a little awkward in places but that might just be down to how it stands and is posed. Still, it is the V Gundam, a suit I really like.

I’m glad Bandai included the panel lines found on the legs.

The Core Fighter looks good, too, though there is no clear piece for the cockpit.

Colors: 9/10

Just like in my review for the V Dash I really love the V’s colours though I do find it odd that Bandai didn’t give us stickers for the elbow and knees when they did that (boo!) with the MG kits. Foil stickers are good enough for MG but not HG? Has the world flipped upside down?

Weapons: 8/10

This kit comes with everything it should and though I’d like to see more I’m not disappointed. While I have you here let me show you V’s unique Beam Sabre handles.

Articulation: 8/10

This kit actually articulates quite well and you don’t have to worry about the balance issues you may have with its MG version which is designed to transform which makes it unstable at times. Like the HG V2, you have some strange angles in which you can move the limbs.

That looks like it hurts.

The knee actually surprised me and it can bend more than you think as frame in the upper leg slides out.

One-legged test passed.

Build Design: 8/10

It is solid enough as an HG but nothing really blows you away. I guess that suits the subdued Victory Gundam just fine though you’ll find you’ll breeze through this build quickly. One aspect I found interesting was the V-fin. No red piece holds it into place but instead it slides up underneath an edge found on the helmet.

Don’t be surprised if this pops off often. Because it does. Often.

To mount the shield you have to disassemble the red part that juts out of the elbow.

But when you’ve got it hooked up you’ll find your V Gundam looks really awkward.

And what is it with the foot design? You lay one of the white pieces onto the foot and then trap it there by completing the assembly. But it just floats free and is never secured.

Fun Factor: 6/10

I wanted to enjoy the V Gundam due to my fondness for it and the Master Grade version of it but I found that it was a build that I blew through without stopping at any time. I didn’t stop to enjoy the roses because there weren’t any to speak of. I know I shouldn’t be too harsh on the V Gundam for being the V Gundam, but there is a chance I would have enjoyed it more had I not assembled the V2 before this one.

Extras: 7/10

Bandai does give you the effect parts to keep you busy playing with it and the stand alone Core Fighter which is good to have because it doesn’t transform.

For V Gundam fans who may be a little intimidated by the transforming, rather small, complex build that is the Master Grade the High Grade might be the way to go, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting a bit more once all is said and done.

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  1. HBSK says:

    Looks like someone couldn’t wait until V-Dash on March-June.

  2. Otonashi says:

    This was actually released before the V2.
    The red foils weren’t originally part of the V’s design; they were exclusive to Katoki’s redesign.

  3. Paolo Falcone says:

    I believe it’s the arms that’s quite off… the elbow section is done in gray as per standard All Gundam Project design instead of the round white (from the line art/ MG Ver Ka/ anime). HGUC V2 actually got that part right. (Hmm… kitbash idea!)

    If Bandai decides to make a P-Bandai Second Victory Gundam I hope it’s with the right arm parts (the arms of the V2 please!).

    • Bocalt says:

      You are totally right, i knew something was off but couldn’t point it out.

      No reviewer pointed out this. Also noticed that all the promos for the Dash were in white but they still gave the grey parts 🙁

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