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It’s the first Master Grade of 2015! It’s the first Master Grade of 2015!

It’s the MG Gundam Exia Dark Matter and though I’m still not sold on the whole Gundam Build Fighters concept it’s the first Master Grade of 2015!

And the box art is badass!

Actually this kind of artwork does a lot to get me interested in the suit and hyped to build it whereas before I was seeing images like this.

Ya, that’s alright. Box images do make it look better than that manual image.

Box Contents:

There is a whole lot of dark stuff in this box. The Exia Dark Matter, more than any kit in recent memory (that’s as far back as mine can go) is comprised of some very dark colours including a lot of black.

Here are the foils.

And in that bag with the foils is the blade for the weapon.

Unlike the RG Exia, this one is not Mekki plated.

I found the pilot!

The markings are rather plentiful.

And here is the craziest clear parts runner I’ve ever seen.

Another blade, this time orange.


And it looks like you can swap some backpacks around thanks to some included adaptors.

Apparently I’m free for a couple of hours tomorrow night. I think I know what I will be doing.

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  1. harold says:

    lol. i would feel cheated looking at the manual after seeing the box art.

    • CharacterandDigits says:

      It’s like the difference between a picture of a McDonald’s burger and the actual product. Except in this case it’s a $50 burger.

  2. jprabawa says:

    definitely nicer in purple than the weird red the plastic comes in

  3. Kyle465 says:

    Dear Syd,
    Does it come with a stand? If it doesn’t what type of stand is supported?

    • Nick says:

      I’m not sure I’d it comes with a stand but an action base 1 would work with it. I’d imagine that big back pack would make it quite unbalanced so an action base would be good for it.

  4. Eugeo says:

    dayuum, im dying of waiting mine comes
    well, im waiting ur review, XD
    especially its backpack, well its look abit heavy, but isnt heavy as 00R

  5. Gustavo says:

    Hi Syd, great images, i cant wait to have it on my hands, by the way i got a question for you, does it comes with LED? thanks

  6. Wayne says:

    Hey Syd are those marking seals Water Slides?? I can’t wait for mine to come this May. Sooo I’m really excited for your review Thanks!

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