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I haven’t built the Master Grade Exia, nor the Ignition Mode, nor the cool Trans-Am version but with the MG Exia Dark Matter I’m sure I’ll be experiencing many of the things builders of those kits have. To illustrate this point, check out these illustrations.

The runner list inside the first pages of the manual shows several of the runners with a bunch of X’s over the parts. That means I won’t be using them for this build. That’s a lot of not-building!

So I’ll start on the Exia the same way I started, so long ago now, on the MG GN-X, with the GN Drive.

I thought I’d check the runner description on this one and it is listed as ‘Gundam Exia D/A’. Hmm.

I don’t really remember how this goes together but I’m sure it will come back to me.

Yup. I remember now.

I think the GN-X was the first time I saw a kit designed to take Bandai’s LED.

I’ll just add the tip. (carefully).

I remember this part on the GN-X. Just putting the GN Drive in its included stand.

I thought that was pretty cool at the time.

But now let me get to what everyone really wants to see, construction of the Exia Dark Matter itself. Starts easily enough.

This makes up the front of the torso and that clear red part you see also acts as the neck.

Add two shoulder assemblies.

Then you put in the pilot and start assembling the back of the torso.

Looks like an MG so far.

A poly-cap at the bottom which will connect to the skirt.

The rear of the torso looks like this. Quite open.

That is because of the GN Drive, of course, but with the Dark Matter it progresses from here a little differently.
The two frame parts go together, the smaller making a latch.

This will lock down that rear hatch.

Back to the front! A sticker goes on and then the cockpit hatch.

That hatch doesn’t seem to stay closed well.

Now add what kind of looks like a beak.

The chest vents, I am assuming here, are the same design as the original MG Exia, though the parts are shaped a little differently.

These go on the top, with a different frame part for the bottom, around the shoulder pegs.

Add a part for the sides of the collar/neck.

Then some cool, angular parts.

Open up that hatch, if you like.

Take it for a test (GN) drive.

That hatch is meant to come off quite easily but be careful because you have to pull it at the correct angle.

Here are the parts for the head.

Add some parts to the side, thankfully not as tricky as the transparent blue parts found on the RG Exia.

For some reason, I did find inserting these small grey parts as almost as frustrating as I did with the Real Grade. Cheek vents have it in for me.

Sticker on the other side.

Add the big fin.

And the parts for the side of the head.

Then another faceplate?

Plug it in and move it backwards.

Got it! (I think.)

I’m going to stop here and leave the arms, shoulders, knees, and toes (and skirt) for next time.

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  1. Michael says:

    I think you have the right side cheek vent inserted the wrong way. The grid should be on the outer side.

  2. Alden says:

    i sure do hope they add some free led lights next time,like for the Transient gundam in GBF try

  3. Michael says:

    Also, I think the most interesting change is that they made arrangements to light up the head using chest LEDs. MG Exia/Exia Ignition had head ball connector molded straight on the chest part, so the GN-Drive only would light up the chest. Shame the red LEDs are P-Bandai.

  4. Sinanju23 says:

    the D/A word on the runner, I think it’ll be the first word of:

    Dark Matter

    that means maybe it’s the runner will be used for both kits, Amazing Exia and Exia Dark Matter

  5. Sinanju23 says:

    first letter, I mean…

  6. Darth Mingus says:

    Strange that they have you put the foil sticker on the chest. I guess it is to pipe more light up to the eyes. Is the sticker optional? Can you light up both the chest and the eyes at the same time?

    • Straga says:

      The foil stickers on the chest of 00 master grades don’t actually have to be applied as they usually look good enough without them as the lenses sometimes have an etching that shows up when the LED is on.

      I’ve built all the normal 00 master grades except for the GN-X and the stickers for the inside of the chest usually block the light of the LED in the GN drive, it’s particularly bad in the 00-QAN[T].
      Though if you just want to display them without the LED or simply, like me, do not have enough LEDs for your 00 suits (stupid 00 Gundam) then use the foil stickers if you like them.

      • Michael says:

        The difference here though, is that unlike the previous 00 kits this one routs the light from the front LED of the GN-Drive to light up the head.

  7. beige says:

    I’d guess the D/A stands for Dark Matter/Amazing, as the dark matter is the amazing exia in evil colors with a new mask and some more spikes; at least thats what I’m choosing to interperet it as so then I can hope for an MG exia Amazing soon

  8. eL says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it strange for the Build Fighter kits to have a pilot in the cockpit? They’re plamodels based on plamodels after all.

    • beige says:

      true6 it gets wierder when you consider this isn’t a 1/100 scale gunpla but a 1.44/1 scale one as well XD

    • ojakoo says:

      Maybe it has a pilot figure because bandai is(?) making amazing exia, at least i think so, it just makes sense with the runner labeling (D/A) and the pilot figure, but i guess we’ll see.

      • beige says:

        still makes no sense for the amazing exia to have a pilot, also being a gunpla in series :p

    • ojakoo says:

      I mean, it is based on the exia.

    • Polux says:

      It’s litterally at no cost to us, or bandai. And I consider it to be an extra.

      I’d complain if Bandai skimped on the 0.0001 cents of plastic it takes to make a Meijin kawaguchi minipilot. MGs have pilots, part of the deal.

      Though I have to admit when I found a pilot in my Build MkII it made my head hurt for a minute.

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