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I’m back! Okay, not back in Japan. I’m back in Vancouver after spending almost a week on Vancouver Island visiting family. It’s great to see my family again even though it’s only for a short time but it was long enough to remind me why I don’t mind being far away. Family is awesome but we all have our own lives and separate paths.

Wi-Fi on Vancouver Island was spotty at best and so I wasn’t able to do much on my computer so I didn’t continue the WIP on the Dark Matter while there but now that I have a good connection I wanted to be sure to show you readers as much of the Dark Matter as I can as quickly as I can manage while being away.

With the upper body complete and waiting you start the lower half of the MS with the feet.

This next step is new to this kit.

This little horn goes on the end of the foot.

The feet are assembled together so when that is done you get to start on the the leg frames.

This is the knee assembly.

Once the knee is done you add the frame parts for the upper leg.

Here is the range of motion the knee can bend.

Next you add some black circles to both sides of the upper thigh and one side of the knee.

Like the elbow the outside of the knee uses two clear parts with you putting a foil sticker on beforehand. The opposite side of the knee has a black covering consisting of two parts.

With the knee done you can put the poly-cap in and complete the upper leg.

Place the poly-cap in the ankle and seal it up with the armour on the back of the leg. A small piece is placed into the larger armour piece.

You can then put the red armour pieces onto the knee.

Alignment is tricky. I suggest looking at the images in the manual to see how the gaps should be on the knee when in neutral standing position.

Assemble the hip joints.

The outside of the hip joint can slide out allowing you to attach the weapons.

Now assemble the ankle joint.

Connect the feet, ankle, and leg together and you’re all set. Repeat the process again for the other leg.

But the legs can’t connect to the torso without a skirt, so that is next.

Here are the front skirts

You can see how they connect to the frame.

The rears.

The completed skirt. Remember there are no side panels.


Next up, the best part! The Dark Matter Booster backpack.

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  1. Amirul says:

    Yayy! First to comment (finally!)
    Anyways, the kit looks very awesome Syd! I’ve already own an MG Exia and by looking at the WIP I am not sure whether to get this kit or not. Something tells me that the experience when building the kit is as similar as Exia’s though my gut’s saying to get one since I really like the overall design of the Dark Matter.

    Just to give a little bit of heads-up to you that when you put the weapons on the side skirts, it may tends to fell every so often especially when you trying to pose it. I just have this feeling that it may happen since it has the same inner frame as the Exia’s. Not sure if that’s already been improved or not..

    • Tyrion133 says:

      Well, from my experience with the Dark Matter, it uses the same inner frame but made out of another material. As for whether or not you should get it or not, I say get it. It’s different enough from the regular Exia, that it feels like a new build in and of itself, the colour scheme is awesome, and it looks badass when posed.
      In my case, I haven’t had any issues with it falling over due to backheaviness, though I have heard that people have had some issues in that department.

      All in all, it’s a fun build, and I’d say a must have if you’re a fan of the Exia 🙂

  2. Jay says:

    nooo second, anyway great job on the kit. I’m hoping for an mg build burning gundam or even a mg g self. Cheers!

  3. Straga says:

    I’ve built the MG Exia DM already and its kinda great.

    Its a bit different from the normal MG Exia and looks closer to the PB Exia repair II with the closed upper leg armour, extended back skirts and the fact it uses the GN Sword blade included with the Repair II as well as the usual GN Sword glade that the normal exia has.

    All in all a great kit.

    • Dingo says:

      The reason Exia DM build more align with Exia repair 2 is because the Amazing Exia (beneath the Exia DM) is based on the Gundam OO – Exia Repair 2.

      Just my observation.

  4. Talon says:

    Why do you leave Nub Marks on all your kits???

    • syd says:

      Oh boy! I get to explain this once again! 1)I try to get the kit built and the WIP and review up on the site as quickly as I can and 2) I tend to go back to my kits later on with the aim of customizing/painting them. That’s when I clean up the gate marks.

  5. blinkme0 says:

    do the feet suffer from the upward bendiness of the original mg Exia? It drove me nuts, could never get him to a stable standing position. just the lightest gust of wind and he was falling over.

    • Skirnir0134 says:

      Also curious. @_@

      I really love the Exia build….. but it’s a miracle of miracles when you get it too stand.

      The feet LOOK like they have the same issue as the regular/ignition mode Exia; but if the frame is strudier then that isn’t too bad at all.

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