Gaijin Gunpla

With the Mobile Suit done it’s time for what I’m sure many people are most excited for, the Dark Matter Booster:

It’s like a kit unto itself!

Start off with what could be considered the body of this crazy thing.

After putting that weird mechanisms inside seal up the bottom.

Then assemble the head.

You need this foil sticker.

You have several ends to line up but if you get it right it will look quite good.

Add the larger pieces for the top.

Attach the head to the body with one small piece.

Next up, three limbs! Start with the joints.

Then, prep the red!

Attach those to the joints.

Attach the GN Drive looking thing to the underside of the Booster’s body.

Attach the limbs to that and you can stand him up.

The wings start with the larger assemblies.

Each one has a small grey piece and a longer red one.

That grey part needs two stickers on each side.

The main wings look like these.

Continuing on…

This next piece is interesting and, at that point in the build, I wasn’t sure of its purpose.

We’ll get back to that. For now, larger red parts!

These parts make one wing and that fits into the poly-cap inside the sub-assembly you just put together.

You’ll end up with two of these.

Oh, but we aren’t done. You’ll need to assembly this thing.

This clips onto the main wing structure and then that weird piece is used to attach the largest fin to the main wings.

There is no snapping sound when they go in and the only thing that holds these together is friction but it works really well.

Oh, but we aren’t done (ya, I just said that). You’ll need to assemble four smaller fin assemblies.

One goes on each side of both wings by snapping onto a ball joint.

Now we are done (the wings anyway).

Let’s fit the wings onto the body.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dark Matter Booster.

But there is still much more to the Exia Dark Matter. There are weapons to assemble!

It has its own version of the sword that the Exia’s are known to swing around.

A lot of work goes into just the sword, including putting on some smaller stickers.


Here is another sword!

Prep these parts by adding the small stickers.

This is a handle.

Add the blade, and before you close it up you need to add the markings.

That looks badass. But let’s do one better.


Same process including the adding of the stickers.

The Dark Matter has the smaller blades as well.

And the shield.

That.. is a lot of kickass stuff.

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  1. Michael says:

    Kinda fun that they split the main blade in to the “gun-shield” part and used the remaining blade for the traditional sword.

  2. Jiren Wang says:

    What’s up with the ad?

  3. Kyle465 says:

    Anyone else have the urge to make the traditional Exia sword by using D11 from the included runners and the Prominence Blade (orange one)?

  4. Kayden says:

    Is this a kit worth getting?

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