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Did you know it has been 15 months since the release of the MG GX-9900 Gundam X? After all that time we finally have the kit people started screaming about when they first heard of the single X those many months ago. Gundam X fans, once again this X is for you! MG Gundam Double X!

Box art is very cool and reminiscent of the cool Gundam X artwork. Nicely done!

Now, I think the appeal of this MS is that it can go from this:

To this!

Ah! Extreme to the Max (or at least double).

Box Contents:

This is a small box kit but it’s quite full. You’re getting several frame runners though some of them, not surprisingly, are from the first X.

Those giant binders are all Double’s.

And you’re getting these effect type parts.

For those binders you also get these crazy stickers.

My eyes! These goggles. They do nothing.

Foil stickers.

Marking stickers.

There are a couple small gold runners in there as well.


That is quite awesome.

You can do what?

It turns out I may have secured myself some free time this sunday afternoon…

I guess it’s not so free now.

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  1. rochmansp says:

    awesome! I mean, double awesome!
    Can’t wait for your review,

  2. Paltheos says:

    I’m so excited for this kit. I bought the HGAW Double X last year not knowing but I’m double dipping here.

    The wide-stanced twin satellite cannon pose and downward hyper beam sword cut are my favorite of the promotional images and I’m glad Bandai included them in the manual. 🙂

  3. khmergod says:

    Don’t know anything about Gundam X, but I love the symmetry. Didn’t pick up MG X because of the asymmetrical cannon on one side. I might have to pick up this one, though…that OCD kicking in.

  4. Kiko says:

    I don’t know much anything about Gundam X series but one thing’s for sure that I prefer the Gundam X design more than this. I’m not hating on the Double X though.

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