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It seems everyone is head over heels for the Exia Dark Matter from Gundam Build Fighters so when Bandai announced the Master Grade at the Gunpla Expo last year you wouldn’t have had to try too hard to convince me that there were people who cried at that time. While I may not be head over heels for anything Build Fighters I am that for anything MG and so when the EDM came out I jumped on it.

Overall Look: 9/10

It definitely looks the part of a menacing presence that causes fear in the heart of… whomever it is that needs to think about this guy. I am loving all the sharp angles and pointy things sticky out everywhere. Those eyes look deep into my soul.

Looking at the entirety of it you could say it’s a little overdone but when you think that there are actually two mechs here, more or less, it looks about right. Everyone already knows the look of the Exia, but the Dark Matter Booster is quite eye-catching on its own.

Colors: 9/10

Love ’em. They are dark but the details aren’t totally lost. The red is easy enough to see and the purple trim is a nice touch

A lot of the tiny details are actually added as foil stickers such as what you will find in the shoulders.

And the wings of the Dark Matter Booster.

Weapons: 10/10

How much stuff do you want because the Dark Matter provides it for you? You’ve got the original GN Swords, which were cool back in the day but the two new blades blow them away thanks to the markings, clear parts, trim stickers and just being hella big.

And there are Dark Matter versions of other standard Exia fare.

The shield attaches like it did on the RG.

And opens up as well.

If you need them, and I don’t very much you would, there are beam sabre blades as well.

And if all that weren’t enough you could even take the wings of the Dark Matter Booster off and use those as weapons, too.

He packs a lot of punch.

Articulation: 6/10

What should we expect from this kit? We know that that backpack is enormous and will hamper any movement this kit has but if you’re going to be using this primarily with an Action Base then this kit can move quite a bit. Without having to support the Dark Matter Booster the Exia is quite articulate in the legs and hips.

The front skirts actually have to connection points allowing for a bit more movement there.

The arms however, even without the Dark Matter Booster, are quite limited due to those huge shoulders.

Build Design: 9/10

The MG Exia has its detractors though I’ve never built the kit so I can only go on my experience with the Dark Matter and I like what Bandai’s done here. The Dark Matter Booster is better than I thought it would be and probably the coolest part of the design is how it connects to the Exia. The neck is pushed down snapping into place against the body.

This causes two large pegs to extend out the top of the body of the Booster.

With that done you position the wings on the Booster to allow you to attach it the Exia and plug those pegs into the holes on Exia’s back.

While I’m showing that I’ll mention the locking mechanism found there. The little latch at the bottom of this piece can lock it closed if pushed down all the way.

And if you want to you can take the whole door right off.

I’ve already mentioned how those long wings can come off the Booster and act as swords but the interesting thing about that is how they fit together. The handle on the blade slides into a space on the underside of the wing. There is no snapping of something into place, and in fact the connection is held together by friction which usually doesn’t work well with heavier assemblies but on the Dark Matter it works very well.

The four smaller wings snap on by balljoint connection which allows you to position them any way you want, or just move them out of the way while connecting the Booster to the Exia, though they can sometimes succumb to gravity and droop a bit.

I also found that the back skirt armour seemed to come loose when I was handling the kit by the torso.

The hips pop out to reveal a connector that will allow you to mount those giant blades to the MS>

Fun Factor: 9/10

I can’t say the Exia part of the build blew me away but I really had a great time assembling Dark Matter Booster and then attaching it to create that menace. It was nice to see something I haven’t seen before when it comes to kit assembly. Even the weapons were a blast to assemble and kept my time building the Exia Dark Matter from becoming dull. Those of you who like to pose your kits on a stand are going to have a lot of fun with this guy, both with the Exia and Booster together and apart. If you don’t have a stand, though, you may get frustrated trying to get much in the way of poses out of this guy.

Extras: 10/10

There are quite a few of these as well with the EDM including the GN Drive which you won’t be able to mount in the kit but don’t worry because you get a rack for it.

(I kept having the nose of thing cave in, however.)

You’re given lots of foil stickers for trim and marking stickers which you’ll need to be aware of because, on the weapons, you have to put them on during assembly and can’t do it afterwards.

You’re also given extra parts which you can use for adaptors so you can put the Dark Matter Booster onto other kits.

And if that wasn’t enough, the parts for the original Exia MG all are there!

If you get bored you can build a MG Exia in Dark Matter colours. That intrigues me.

The Exia Dark Matter is a great build that will keep you busy for a good amount of time. Fans of the show will love it. Exia fans should be intrigued by it. And MG fans should definitely give it heavy consideration.

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  1. belades says:

    I can’t help but find it funny that the build design section’s one of the longest ones I’ve seen you write and yet it gets a 9 out of 10.
    Then again, quantity of features doesn’t equal quality of features, so it’s understandable.

  2. Kushal says:

    Well, you’ve succeeded in getting me excited about a kit I previously had no interest in…but then again your ability to do that is my biggest reason for coming here. Same reason I watch Build Fighters, for that matter. I wasn’t even considering picking this up because I have an unbuilt Exia Ignition in my basement, but lord am I tempted.

    I wish I could purchase the Dark Matter booster separately actually, I would definitely do that and add it to the regular Exia which I was going to paint red anyway.

  3. blinkme0 says:

    whew looks like they may have finally fixed the feet issue, def going on my to buy list.

  4. DM Dynames says:

    OK, two things:

    Firstly, did you have any trouble with those ankles? The original MG Exia’s ankles are infamously loose.

    Secondly, I think you can also build it as a DM-colored Exia Repair II, since at the very least you get the hips and sword for it, and probably whatever else was on that sprue.

    • Tyrion133 says:

      I haven’t had any problems with the ankles on mine, though I am expecting that I need to tighten them up soon.

      I’m almost 100% sure you can build it as a DM-colored R2, since the Amazing Exia is based on it, I think the only thing keeping it from being a full version of the R2 is the hips, but I could be wrong.

      • DM Dynames says:

        I think most people who had issues with them had them right away. From what I’ve heard, however, the way the joint is designed makes it difficult to tighten them. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

        Yeah, I forgot about the hips. The R2 had those beam saber mounts instead of the pop-out sword ports.

      • Tyrion133 says:

        Well, wouldn’t super glue work on those joints? Haven’t had to tighten up the joints of my MG Exia or DM Exia. Too bad I’m not home right now, otherwise I’d check if you got the R2 hip parts.

  5. Gustavo says:

    Great review Syd, i loved built this MG, i still have to do the weapons, the Dark Matter Booster its awesome, i was blown away for its size and good looking, keep doing this great work, thanks

  6. Kyle465 says:

    Hey Syd, did you have any problems with the hands on the model being loose and falling off easily? If not, do you know how to fix a problem like this?

    • scarex says:

      yes the thumb part falls off quite easily when i try to mount weapons on. I used a little bit of blue tack on it and now it rarely falls. Hoped it helped

      • Kyle465 says:

        No it’s the wrist joint where the hand is connected to the m arm. The hand side is really loose

  7. Someguy says:

    If you use invert colors on the DM, it looks kind of like the G-Portent from Try.

  8. Daniel says:

    Um, I’m 90% you can mount the GN drive in the EDM

  9. Robin says:

    MG Exia Amazing has been announced on gundamguy. Same kit with different colors. Also announced newest RG and MGs. Is there a site that lists upcoming kits in detail?

    • S2 says:

      I saw those as well. Seems GundamGuy got his information from a magazine though I’m not sure which one yet. No site will have that information until likely after the All Japan Model show on the 25th.

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