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[Editor’s note: It’s always humbling to be contacted by people who have been inspired by my work but I usually come out of that experience inspired by the other person’s talents. This is just such a case.]

My name is Izaac Ryan Shah
I’m 15 this year and I live in Singapore. I enjoy building Gunpla as much as possible because it helps me relax and I feel like I’ve accomplished something great after every model. I first started modeling in March of 2012, my friend told me about Gundam Unicorn and Gunpla. Tv. Ever since I’ve been a HUGE UC fan and I’ve started watching all the series ( including Gunpla tv ). Then in June of 2014 I saw your video on Yellow Bird Sinanju and it inspired me to make Custom Gunpla ! And here I am now talking to my idol 🙂

The dual edged beam trident was made by me. The dragon fangs on the arms came from the 1/100 HG Nataku, I repainted them and drilled holes into the arms to connect them into my Shenlong.

This was it as a base unit with no weapons just the body

I had to drill holes into the arm to connect the Nataku dragon fangs

My first time test fitting the Nataku dragon fangs

I add a NTKU and a wolf decal to the Nataku legs, NTKU short for Nataku and wolf because I was bored 😉

All the paint I use are Tamiya lacquer spray.

Well I hope you like my customs and I hope maybe I can get featured on Gaijin Gunpla 🙂 ! Also don’t stop building and keep making more videos!

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  1. Alden says:

    Nice work man, love that dual trident! haha keep it up and enjoy gunpla more! haha

  2. Greffin (psychoraptor_gv) says:

    Woah, nice one bro ! (y)

  3. Imateria says:

    That is some good work there.

  4. Manuel says:

    Dude keep it up amazing work. RAGE ON Gunpla

  5. eL says:

    I really want to try this someday. I’ve seen it done using two MG’s and I wondered how doable it would be with the 1/100 HG kit, question answered! I don’t know that I have the heart to drill a huge hole in the forearm of my Gunpla though?

    • Izaac says:

      Lol it’s easy man. When I drilled that hole it was scary as hell but just keep your hand steady and the piece on something tight so it won’t move

    • Gnpoweredgunpla says:

      Like Izaac said use something to hold the piece steady I would suggest using a vice with some foam pieces on each end so you damage the part

  6. Kiko says:

    Superb work! Really well done especially the paint work.

  7. septian says:

    Actually how to make the custom trident by your own? I mean you modify it from other toy, may be, that’s really nice work

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