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I first saw the 1/48 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Moving Edition at the All Japan Model show last year and my first thought was that the moving kit was for display and not actually something that was meant to be sold. Shortly after we did realise that this was something Star Wars and model fans would be able to get their hands on and when it released last week that’s what I did. I got my hands on it. If you want to see the box contents I’ll refer you to this link but if you want to see my progress then just read below.

Upon unboxing it the first thing I did was check out how the movement in the Moving Edition is accomplished. I posted a little video on my Facebook page. That movement is controlled by the stand with the motor being in the X wing body. So when you unbox it put the stand together (and put in some batteries which you supply yourself).

Pop off the little plastic cover that protects the connection.

That cover can be stored in the bottom of the stand.

Be sure to put in the screw to hold the stand together.

Then enjoy the show.

I also put the emblem on right away though the manual has you do it at the end.

I’ll not show a step by step WIP type of post but instead I’ll write what I want to do with this kit and what that means I have to do with this kit.

You are given both stickers and water-slide decals with this kit and I want to use the waterslides because it will look better and I plan on weathering this kit as well. However, looking at the construction of this it seems that if that is how I want to do it, I’ll have to tackle this kit in certain ways to be able to accomplish my aims.

The manual has you put the motor into the large piece that makes up the bottom of the X-wing’s body and with that in place you start putting the wires in position and building around the LED’s.

This LED is for the Photon torpedoes. Bandai also utilizes black foil stickers which are used to reflect that LED Light better and even to hold wires in place.

This one simply lays inside the bottom of the body. It has to line up perfectly but you do have room to work.

The LED for the cockpit starts like this.

The LED will plug into this assembly and eventually be installed into the instrument panel but you have some preparation to do first.

You’ve a cockpit to assemble.

And it’s here that I stop to reconsider my approach. As I wrote before, I intend to mostly use the waterslide decals. I thought this kit would be a case of assemble everything first and then put on the decals but that’s not what happens. If I want to use the waterslide decals I will have some decaling to do immediately before continuing with the assembly, such as the cockpit and pilot.

While the cockpit decals were drying I thought I would continue with the assembly of the body but even that I can’t really continue. Here are the side pieces that cover up the Photon torpedo LED.

They also require some black stickers.

I’ll have to put the LED in place and build the entire body as the decal that covers those covers the whole underside of the kit. So for now I’ll assemble a subsection of the upper nose of the X-Wing.

And while waiting for decals to try I’ll assemble the canopy. You’re actually given two of those.

One is easy to assemble. You just put a gray piece over it but the other one, the one that opens, requires stickers/decals.

So it looks like I can’t really proceed any more with this X wing body until I’ve got a certain amount of decaling done. Off I go!

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  1. NL says:

    Cool…would like to see how it works.

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  3. Luis says:

    uh… wouldnt it be better to paint the pilot before decaling it?

  4. Evan says:

    Looks like a cool kit! I remember having the old AMT kit (with the glass flight display) but this one looks so much better!

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