Gaijin Gunpla

The Wing body is built but, let’s face it, it’s not the Honoo without that backpack and that’s what I’m showing now.

You start with the large red pieces but only two of them. I kind of expected to be building all four of these at the same time but that’s not the case.

The two pieces just clamp together and then you add clear orange parts.

Next you assemble this thing.

That grey part you see isn’t a poly-cap.

Slide that small assembly into the wing from the top and then drop the white part on.

Now add a handle.

That finished one of those things. Now to build another.

But I’m starting here?

There is no handle on this one. Instead I’m building this thing.

And this thing.

Then I’m joining them together.

Onto those two narrow grey slots at the top you put the wings.

They secure using that part that is not a poly-cap.

Once they are on there you can fold the wings down.

Now for more of these.

I’m repeating the same process just with things on the opposite side.

These assemblies then clip onto the backpack of the Wing Gundam.

I was worried about the wings kind of flopping around or not staying in place well but Bandai has designed it so when they are folded in they are secure.

They fold around this grey vent which prevents them from moving.

humina humina humina humina

I left him like that so I could admire him while I assembled the weapons.

Only the orange part is different from the previous versions, just make sure to push that part down all they way.

The large yellow stickers go on now.

I suggest starting by lining up the long side and not the short one. It’s easier to put right against the plastic and get the alignment correct.

Oh ya!

There’s a shield, too!

Beam saber handle fits into the back.


He does transform, but I think I’ll leave that for the review.

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  1. Bocalt says:

    Nearly convinced to take it on the looks only. Will wait for a review though.

  2. Joe says:

    Of the two HGBF Wing Gundams, which do you prefer, The Fenice Rinascita, or the Honoo?

  3. Limerick says:

    Awaiting the review…

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