Gaijin Gunpla

This kit sucks!!

Okay, I wanted to put some kind of April Fool’s joke on the blog somewhere and this is the best I could come up with quickly.

The Wing Gundam Zero Honoo is one sexy beast and being a red-blooded Gunplar male I had to get into it the minute I had it in my hands. (I must be careful how far I’m willing to take this innuendo.) I’m not expecting anything new and mind-blowing but even (sexy joke removed) is good (sexy joke removed, but funny.)

Here’s a big frame runner.

And it says,

HGAC Wing Gundam Zero‘ I think I’ve built that before. If not, I think I have a Titanium Finish version around somewhere. Hmm..

PC Runner

Flaming clear orange parts!

And some foil stickers. Those yellow ones are big.

Start off with the torso which is smooth and painless.

You’ll add the circular foil for the chest at this point.

Then it’s your first encounter with the clear parts and you’re using the tiniest ones at that. This assembly is meant for the centre of the chest.

You’ll have to go at just the right angle to get the tab all the way in.

The lone green clear part is next.

Add the front chest plate and the lower section and you’re almost done the torso.

The last thing is the backpack.

I like it.

The eye sticker goes onto the orange clear part. There is no other clear part for the head of this model.

Need to put some small stickers on here.

I like it very much.

His head almost hides back there behind that large chest.

Shoulder joints.

The shoulder armour is easy enough to assemble.

There are two stickers on each shoulder that need your attention.

Notice the gap there under the white part?

That is meant for the tabs on the clear orange parts.

The slide in snugly.

When assembling the arm you’ll be using a part from the I runner.

Is this the first time I’ve seen kanji on the runner plate? 炎

The arm is, or course, simple.

Loving the upper body. With those curves. Innuendo.

These are how the feet start.

There is a good bit of movement in the toes.

Lower legs are easy enough.

The only frame parts are used for the knee.

I guess for the hip joint as well if you want to count that.

Add the clear orange kneecap and then the ankle and ankle armour.

Here’s the start of the skirt. As you can see the rear is just one large section.

Add some red trim to the front skirts.

Side skirts.

It already looks super sexy and I haven’t even assembled the wings yet!

That’s next.

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  1. rabbitkun says:

    really needs a paint job 😐

  2. Mon says:

    In my opinion this gunpla is ugly is hell. There’s nothing special or unique about this Gundam. I feel like it’s just a cheap recycling clone of the old Wing Zero.

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