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After taking in the Gunpla Expo late last year, the 1/100 scale kit I came away with the most interest in was the MG Gundam Double X. While I may have not been too hot on the MG GX-9900 Gundam X from a year previous, the Double has some things I tend to like such as symmetry and also, well, that whole cool looking backpack.

Overall Look: 9/10

There is that symmetry I mentioned and with the large weapons hanging off its backpack splayed out you can see it looks very much like and X. Even with the those huge binders on its back the proportions are not hard on the eyes. I do really like the very unique head it has with the edges sticking outwards and down.

And the legs and how they look may be my favourite part of the kit.

Of course, everyone wants to see how it looks with those binders opened and those large weapons active, so…

I’ll make you wait. (It’s called building suspense. It keeps the reader engaged.)

Colors: 8/10

There isn’t a lot of colour here and a less-colorful body does draw the gaze of the viewer towards the backpack and binders opened or not but I think, in some ways, it’s a little dull and I actually prefer the colors of the Gundam X over the Double.

Weapons: 10/10

Yes, that’s a pretty high score for a shield and rifle and a couple beam sabers but in the case of the Double X I’m including those huge cannons on its back when I attribute this score. They are weapons, after all. And they are very cool. I’ll talk about those later so I’ll talk about the shield and rifle now as they are meant to go together, literally.

On the arm of the shield that is used to connect the shield to the arm of the Double X, there is a spot where you can attach the rifle for storage.

Simply fold the handle of the rifle in and then you can attach it.

Articulation: 6/10

(binder teaser shot)

This is a tough one. Without that huge backpack the Double X shares the same articulation that the Gundam X has however, if you use the Double X as he’s meant to be, with those huge shoulder cannons and binders you’ll never be able to pose this guy in anything other than a standing pose and even then you’re just hoping that he will stay up. He is so unstable that the articulation that Bandai gives you with the joints and poly-caps works against it. Most people will stick this guy on a stand and have no problem but I found him leaning all over the place and I’m sure he will have a short shelf-life unless I mount him somewhere.

Build Design: 8/10

There it is. The Gundam Double X with the Satellite Cannons doing what they do, looking awesome. Though I think the design of the suit and looseness of the joints is something Bandai could have done better the design of that cool gimmick that makes the Double X what he is is done well.

Let’s talk about the radiator plates, first. On both legs and arms a blue piece of armour hides the radiator plates but when you open up that blue piece the radiator plates come out thanks to a nice bit of engineering which is simple yet effect. The radiator plates mount to the limb and are connected to each other and the blue piece so everything moves together.

As for those binders…

If you move them out of the way you can get at the side skirts and the cool beam saber handles that are stored there.

Pull out and off and you can attach the nicely shaped blades.

And before I get to the binders I’ll show the gimmick that Bandai has built into the kit that I wasn’t even sure the purpose of. On the backpack you slide one panel down and do the same with the center of the rear skirt and you’ll find places where something can be attached.

Some people have put forth the theory that this is used to mount the NG 1/100 G-Falcon Unit from way back in 1996.

I’m not sure if I’ll see one of those any time soon which makes me think maybe something will make an appearance on the p-bandai store. Only time will tell.


Those binders…

They are awesome!

I’ve shown in the First Look post the shiny, reflective paper Bandai has you use to build the binders to give that satellite panel effect and I’m glad to say they work just fine. But the coolest part of the binders is how they unfold.

Unfold the front flap to open up the binder.

And then do the same with the inner binder.

The binder don’t have to have one position either but can be moved to change the angle when it catches those signals.


If that was the extent these things performed I would be okay with that but there is more and that involves those huge cannons. They move quite freely so it’s easy to swing them upwards.

Before pointing them forwards you have to change the shoulders a bit. Take the inside of the shoulder assembly and tilt it up while extending it. This brings out a green type of sensor. That then fits into the cannon when you pull on the end of the cannon and extend it to create a gap.

That looks pretty cool.

It might actually stand somewhat sturdier in this position with the weight of those cannons out front offsetting the weight of the binders.

Fun Factor: 8/10

While much of the build is just the Gundam X again, which isn’t a surprise, the backpack is like an entire new kit and makes up for any redundancy the MS portion of the build has. Then, once it’s done, you have a lot of enjoyment from putting it in and out of that burst looking form. I still wish it was more stable, however. For me, I would be able to enjoy it even more.

Extras: 6/10

Plenty of markings and extra hand parts aren’t all that much to write about and I actually think this kit is missing one thing that would really help it. A very small, clear plastic leg which could be used to help support it much like we saw with the MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka. Yes, I probably complained about how that kit can’t stand up either but Bandai acknowledged that with the inclusion of that third leg. Is Bandai going to tell us nothing is wrong with how the Double X stands (or doesn’t?)

It was good to see Bandai release a kit like this, something that many people wanted but also something that is not just a Gundam Build Fighter old kit kit-bash. I like to experience new things!

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  1. Belades says:

    Here’s hoping that if they make an MG Crossbone Maoh it’s completely new (possibly in preparation for improved re-releases of the older kits), because the crossbone kits are pretty dated at this point.

    • Horatio says:

      So 8 years is too dated for you… C’mon Suiton,stop crying.

      • Akhaandir says:

        The crossbone is in dire need of a remaster though. Awesome looking kit, but it has horrible joints, cant even hold its own weapons without its arms dropping down.

  2. Ben says:

    I’ve been wondering about this kit for a while. I might go for the HG kit instead, anyone got both?

  3. Kay says:

    “Some people have put forth the theory that this is used to mount the NG 1/100 G-Falcon Unit from way back in 1996.”

    Not a theory – definitely designed for that NG 1/100 kit.

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