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Building the R2-D2 was a fun experience but let’s face it, even with R5-D4 there, R2 feels incomplete without his long-time counterpart, C3PO, by his side. Yes, we had to wait a little bit longer for Bandai to release the C3PO kit but when I looked at it I felt it was worth the wait. Bandai has taken some heat for their gold on some of their kits but they don’t have to worry about that this time. Almost every runner that comes in the box is mekki plated.

Interesting runner distinctions here.

You get two faces!

One is for a damaged look, apparently.

And that one leg which is silver? Well that’s mekki too.

Assembly starts with the head.

Gotta put the stickers, or water-slides if you prefer, onto the eyes.

Just that head stirs something in my child-like interior (it’s full of chocolate and cola).

When assembling the torso there are some very small pieces used.

There is no backpack on 3PO but I guess you get the circuit breaker? ha.

More small thin parts for the top of the torso.

The waist is made up of two black parts but you’ll need to sticker them.

The moulding of the black parts corresponds exactly to the wiring on the sticker so lining everything up isn’t so tough.


Now for the pelvis.

You have some very small plated parts that just sort of hang in there until the larger parts are closed together. They won’t stay in place so you’ve got to hold them with your fingers while trying to get everything together.

Empire 3PO?

When assembling the legs you start with the knees and right and left are different. You can use the stickers provided and put them over a black piece or you can use a plated part. I wanted to use the sticker.

Top and bottom of right leg.

Add the foot which is just two parts.

Repeat the process for the other leg but this time the lower leg is gold.

Here is the start of the arm assembly. You’re actually building an arm that can bend first.

The two parts that link up the sides of the elbow aren’t plated and that is kind of distracting.

But look! You can build a fully-plated, unbendable arm as well if that is what you prefer.

It’s much simpler.



There are two for each arm one a little more open than the other.

The gold squares you see on the palm are done by applying a sticker.

Now you have some options such as building a chest with the restraining bolt attached or the damaged head with the eye popping out to replicate the scene in Return of the Jedi on Jabba’s barge where Salacious Crumb is attacking C3PO and eating his eye (I typed that all from memory).

And you can put a com-link in 3PO’s hand so he can talk to Luke while they are being crushed in the compactor.

Not a bad amount of stuff in this kit.

It’s tough for my little camera to get good shots of mekki plated stuff so I thought I’d give it a try in a better setting.

Very nice!

He does seem a little shaky on those stiff legs.

But I love the details.

Oh noo!

Such a well done kit. Bandai is crushing the Star Wars kits so far.

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    Awesome, but now you ne d to pose him with his little buddy R2!

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