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I’d like to think that I do a pretty good job with what I do, though I am far from perfect. Like everyone else there are times I make mistakes both small and large. I do feel pressure quite often when assembling Gundam kits because many times I have a strict, (sometimes) self-imposed, deadline while other times I’m building kits in front of a camera for all to see. So it was with the RG 00 Raiser build wherein I made an error that I didn’t catch at the time, nor some time after. However, I was unsatisfied with how the kit was performing so I went back in to try and figure out if it was a design flaw or a me flaw. It turned out to be the latter.

I mentioned in the review that the wings hung off the GN Drives quite loosely and this was a disappointment to me. A blight on an otherwise sparkling plastic model. I wanted to know if that was really the case and so I disassembled completely, not the wings of the Raiser, but the GN Drives. It was there I found my mistake, which in my opinion was quite easy to make so I want to bring it to everyone’s attention so others don’t have the problem I did.

The problem came when I put the frame part inside the white base of both GN Drives.

Look at the GN Drive on the left. See how the bottom extension of the frame part is flush with the rim of the white piece? That actually isn’t supposed to be how it assembles though it looks like it was meant to be. The frame part is supposed to go fully, counter-sunk, into the white piece as it is on the GN drive on the right. I didn’t catch it at the time and when I put the white tip of the GN drive part on a gap was created.

When I pushed hard on that white part to close the gap I was actually stressing that improperly placed frame piece but couldn’t see it at the time.

In order to avoid this my best advice is to put that lower extension into the white base part first to make sure it drops fully into place and then push the other two ends in as well.

When done this way the little tab that slides in when the wing is connected goes in much further and the connection is secure.

Very much so! Look at it hang there.

Most mistakes I make are minor and not cause for any great concern however, with this kit, that mistake influenced my evaluation of the kit’s Build Design which is reflected in the score I gave it. With that error realised and fixed it means I have to reassess that score which I have already done. To sum it up, without that flaw which was actually my own mistake, the RG 00 Raiser is not only the best RG I’ve ever assembled, but it receives the top score of any kit reviewed on this site so far.

Ladies and Gentlmen, we have a new champion!

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  1. Sir Doctor says:

    I have never cheered out loud for something. But this revelation is the exception. Can’t wait to build it!

  2. irwan says:

    dude…i did exactly the same mistake but luckly i found it during my 2nd assembly of it, i felt something not right with the kit then i did as what u did, unassmble all the things and put it back properly, yeah its same like your, the plastic parts its bended and almost snapped due to wrong installed and force to fit.anyhow this kits is really great, im an RG collector and im agree this is the best RG so far. 🙂

    • syd says:

      I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me that had the same issue. Sounds like you did exactly what I did with each step. Glad you found your mistake and fixed it and now you get to enjoy this awesome kit.

      • irwan says:

        i think many are face the same issue, maybe bandai need to make more clear wrong installation also will cause damaged to the parts, luckly the damaged is hidden..just my suggestion. 🙂

  3. RoyVF1 says:

    Just finished this section of the build. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kakaract says:

    Thanks a lot. I also encounter the same problem and thought it is a design flaw. This really help me 🙂 I want to ask, when you connect the shield to the hand, does it connct properly? Mine is not (I think). It dont have ‘click’ sound and easily fall off.

  5. SnK says:

    Hi Syd, just wondering I have the money for either rg 00 raiser and rg zepheranthes or mg nu ver ka. Which would you buy? Cos I’m stuck and need a second opinion

    • syd says:

      That’s a tough one. Two great small kits or one big great kit? If you are going to be playing with the kit and posing it I think the two RGs are the way to go. The Nu Ver Ka looks awesome but those limbs are so long that the poly-cap will weaken quite quickly and he gets a little shaky.

      • SnK says:

        Thanks, think I’ll go with the real grade because of nu’s poly cap issue. It’s 6 to 1 in the morning. (I live in the uk) I’ve been up all night building the master grade sword impulse and force impulse. Gone through 9 red bulls.

  6. Riqmigs22 says:

    Sir what a solid build thanks for the correction and with that I just corrected mine and wow what a solid build

  7. E says:

    thank you for this correction! I had the same problem and I was totally stumped and frustrated, couldn’t find help, until I remembered you mentioning it in your review and found this article. This seems to be a fairly common problem with the RG 00, but at least it’s fixed by careful building

  8. bryan says:

    I was lucky i did it in one go. OwOd i guess the cause of the problem is the builders’ perception of the GN drive it self. Most of us are already been used to of seeng those clear greens of the OO’s GN drives being exposed. Lets admit it, those parts on this kit’s GN drive is a little bit “Sunken” than usual. This might be the cause of it.

  9. Tyler says:

    I made a similar mistake in constructing my MG 00 raiser. Man their instruction on GN Drives need improvement or our gundams won’t function properly and cant get humanity ready for the dialouges to come.

  10. froiggy says:

    had this exact problem as well. but i noticed that something was wrong because i know bandai doesnt make kits as loose as this. So now i am having problems with the GN shield connection to its arms. It really doesnt fit that well. Anyone else having the same problem?

  11. Adhitya says:

    Nice review…i still waiting for my rg oo raiser to arrive. My very first gundam model kit, i’m still noob though 🙂

  12. RamenRonin says:

    You have no idea how much frustration you saved me, I did this same thing on both wings and was just like starting to get really pissed off with stuff falling off all the time. Now my boy is finally done, thank you so much, you are a hero.

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