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Real Grade kits consistently get the highest scores in the reviews here on Gaijin Gunpla in part due to their great proportions, build complexity, and overall experience but also because this kind of building is my jam. I’ll build anything RG, and like it, even if I’m not fond of the MS that’s in my hand in Real Grade form. The 00 Gundam is a Mobile Suit I like the look of but my interest in the RG GN-0000+GNR-010 OO Raiser has to do with the fact that you’re getting not only the 00 Gundam in this release but also the Raiser. That’s a lot of plastic.

Overall Look: 10/10

Without the Raiser attached, in its bare bones form if you can call it that, the 00 Gundam is certainly unique. Whereas the Exia had one GN drive on its back the 00 has one mounted over each shoulder dominating the space this MS takes up. The 00 actually has a rather subdued backpack back there but then you don’t really need anything more because that space is reserved for the Raiser.

Yes, that does look awesome. The proportions are fantastic and looking at this RG kit gives you the same sense of awe you had when you saw the 00 in the anime. Adding the clear green parts and their accompanying stickers can be tricky due to the small size but once in look fantastic.

It’s mind-bogglingly beautiful.

And if you think the 00 Gundam loaded up looks a little over the top you can enjoy the beauty of the Raiser all by itself.

Colors: 10/10

I would normally consider the standard Gundam colours to be boring after seeing them so often for so long but I can’t complain about it here. One thing that I was surprised to see when I started building is that colour separation on this kit is much less than what we’ve seen in other Real Grades. You do get white and off-white pieces but there is only one blue here, though it’s a good one, however with the amount of plastic squeezed into the box I can understand if Bandai didn’t want to spend more to mold another runner, or part of one, in a different colour.

Weapons: 10/10 (but this one goes up to 11)

Holy crap, there is a lot of stuff here. 00 fans will know what they are looking at. GN Swords everywhere! You also get two shields which can hang off the shoulders, with blades that extend slightly. And you can connect those two shields to make a larger one.

They don’t just connect together as is but the process isn’t complicated. You have to change the position of the blue armour part on the frame part so that connectors are exposed. Then they fit together simply.


You can connect the GN Swords together, too, by using an extra part Bandai provides and if you don’t want to use them at all you can mount them to the side skirt with extra parts that were included.

And that giant green-bladed monster can also attach to the bottom of the Raiser.

There is more stuff you can do with the weapons but let’s save that for later.

Articulation: 8/10

The 00 Gundam is just as articulate as the most articulate RG before it but really what people will think when they first see it is how does it stand up with that giant thing on its back. Well, the answer is, not bad actually. Due to those large shoulders, and the ability of the Raiser wings to mount onto the shoulders redistributing the weight this guy stands up pretty well. With no poly-caps used in the build of an RG frame this guy’s joints aren’t likely to weaken any time soon which is a problem encountered with the MG version of this suit.

But don’t sell yourself short. Put this guy on a stand an enjoy the show.

Build Design: 10/10

The 00 design, like the Exia and other RG before it, is solid with no complaints and that statement applies to the Raiser as well. It’s designed well and won’t disappoint you in any way after you’ve got it assembled. It’s the combining of the two that has an issue, but it’s minor so I’ll leave that for now and instead talk about other great things.

For example, it’s small and might not garner much in the way of attention but the chest armour piece slides forward and a tiny hatch flips up.

You don’t really assemble a cockpit on this small scale kit but Bandai still included that opening door.

Those giant shoulders can actually lock into a different position for when you want to pose this guy flying. You pull up on the blue part above the GN drive to create a gap.

Then you can reposition those shoulders and push that gap closed to hold them there.

Those GN Drives can also come out if that’s something you want to do. And you might…

A well designed hatch opens on the back of the backpack exposing the place where you will connect the Raiser.

I did find, though, that sometimes the backpack just came off. You are meant to connect it by pushing the backpack into the back of the 00 and then down but nothing really snaps into place so it can come apart and come off easily depending on where you’re applying pressure when handling the kit.

So let’s talk about the Raiser. It’s easy enough to remove the wings, you just move them backwards slightly and they’ll come off. Once off you pull up on one end of the frame assembly that’s on the underside and move that forwards then push down on it to secure it in place.

A small part then flips forward. This part will be used to connect the wings to the shoulders of the 00.

The body of the Raiser is then transformed by taking both ends and pulling in opposite directions, elongating it.

Then just fold it in half.

And then you can just plug it in and you’re good to go but it’s when it comes to mounting the wings onto the shoulders that things can get sketchy. They are meant just to slide into an opening on the GN drives.

The problem is that you don’t slide them in very far. In fact, it’s quite shallow leaving the wings to hang off the shoulders.

If you tilt the 00 in a direction so the shoulders point downwards in any way it’s more than likely that those wings are coming back off. Rather than deal with falling wings I locked the shoulders up and let gravity hold it there.

And then enjoyed looking at it while handling it carefully.

Like a boss!

[Editor’s Note: After going back and reassembling the Raiser wings and the GN Drives I found an issue that caused this loose connection and fixed it. Without that major flaw, which was my own doing, there isn’t a reason to deduct the point I did, which means this category gets a perfect 10!]

Once you get the wings mounted you can spread the smaller blue fins and also pop out the middle blue part slightly.

Fun Factor: 10/10

It’s an RG so it’s awesome. It comes with a separate RG plane with is also awesome. The two combine together which is so much awesomeness that you may need doctor’s permission to take on this kit. You just don’t want to become overexcited.

It reminds me of the fun I had when building the RG GP01 Full Burnern though that kit was a little more complicated as a Suit. The sense of fun was similar in both cases.

It’s just a blast, really. I feel I’m gushing here.

Extras: 10/10 (this one also goes up to 11.)

Holy Crap! I’ve said that before?






They give you tanks to swap for your GN Drives if you want!

And a clear canopy you can use for the Raiser if that’s how you roll.

Effect parts to cover the GN Swords!

Figures x 2

And landing gears if you don’t have a stand to park your Raiser on.

It’s just loaded with stuff. Now that I have it all assembled I can’t believe all this came from a normal RG size box.

This is probably the best RG to date when it comes to the sheer amount of assembling you will do and what you can do with it afterwards. If you only build one RG in your life you won’t be disappointed if you choose this one.

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  1. harold says:

    Will try my hand at my first RG sometime this summer. As someone who started way back when HG/MG/PG/RG did not exist (and snap-tights were reserved to SD BB warriors), even the HG is pretty awesome, so can’t wait.

  2. khmergod says:

    Mine’s in hlj’s warehouse 🙂

  3. Jeff says:

    Out of curiosity, do the GN particle tanks hold onto the O-Raiser bits better?

    • Noel says:

      The GN Particle tanks hold the side binders FAR better, they actually clip in very snugly, which is rather annoying, as I much prefer the look with the GN drives, but the connection feels so flimsy that I’ve currently got the condenser tanks on instead.

      • Johnny says:

        That really annoyed me too. The design for the GN drives is just terrible imo. Even the high grades have a better locking mechanism than what the real grade has. What I found out to make it work is by removing one of the gray parts that is facing down. It is most likely the problem as it seems to get in the way of the raiser to fit.

      • bryan says:

        Mine has no problem. You might have just built your GN drive the wrong way. Heck, even gaijin himself pointed that out, and realized it was just his mistake that it happens.

  4. JP says:

    Couldn’t wait until your review and bought it a day before you posted this. Now I know that I did everything right!

  5. beamknight87 says:

    Question, is this RG compatible with the weapons of the HG 00 Gundam 7 Sword/G? More especifically, can you hang the GN Buster Sword of that HG at the GN Drive of the RG?

  6. Derp says:

    I think you may have attached the binders wrong. The tips of the gn drives should fit snugly into the holes in the binders. That’s probably why your binders just rest on the gn drives.

    • syd says:

      You have uncanny timing. I’ve actually completed disassembled the binders and GN drives to figure out if I had made a mistake during my rush build. I did and I found it. but it wasn’t the binders. I’ll have the information up very soon.

      • apinkpanda says:

        what was the issue with the gn drives? my raiser wings also just sort of hang off too

      • DomDomPop says:

        I know this is basically a dead post, but since I found it searching for an answer to the same issue I thought I’d elaborate for anyone else who just bought this kit. Basically, when assembling the GN Drives it is entirely possible that one of the “arms” of the gray, inner, flux capacitor looking piece may bend forward, specifically the downward facing one, making the Raiser wings almost impossible to secure onto the GN Drive assembly. I tried a bunch of different things before I thought to disassemble the GN Drives and noticed that that lower arm was bent almost to the point of breaking, and yet it doesn’t exactly look out of place when assembled that way. The correct orientation is for the y-shaped gray part that holds the green lenses to be placed entirely inside the white outer housing, which may take some minor bending of the part to get it to fit inside. You’all know it’s right when all three arms of the gray part look exactly the same inside the white outer housing, at which point the cone shaped cap can be put back on. The PG version has no such issues, as the GN Drives aren’t nearly as elaborate. Hope this helps!

  7. beige says:

    well, damn

    might have to break my RG-embargo and pick this one up then 😀

    • syd says:

      An RG Embargo?! You, sir, must be crazy. 😉

      • beige says:

        I’m always worried I’ll ruin the kit so I’ve been avoiding rgs till I’m a better builder/painter XD

        but this ones so pretty I might just have to chance it…

      • Kushal says:

        I’m doing the same thing, for the same reason. Just got my pour-type markers in though so I can finally give the Full Vernian RG a shot after I build some of these HGs I have around

      • Hoong Liang says:

        Hahaha mate, my first kit was a RG Exia xD

  8. Kushal says:

    Question: Is this the best model kit based on score or is it your favorite kit period? I remember you saying once that the Full Vernian RG was your favorite model you’ve ever assembled, I was wondering if that’s changed now, or what your favorites are if not that one and this one.

    • syd says:

      I still love the Full Burnern but this RG 00 Raiser gives you so much more value.

      • Barristan says:

        I’m curious, Syd: you’ve mentioned the good value of the Raiser a couple times, but it’s at a higher pricepoint than standard RGs. You think it’s a better value than the others even though it’s more expensive?

      • bryan says:

        To Barristan. Compared to strike freedome and Zeta(the RG that demands the most skill to be enjoyed), yeah, best value for your bucks. Not to mention 2 kits in one+hell lots-a-weapons.

  9. irwan says:

    great kit ever 🙂

  10. Ekidije25 says:

    Hii syd I want to buy a Real Grade but i confused to choose witch should I buy, my mind stuck between Rg wing gundam zero ew and Rg 00 raiser, and those two which can do dynamic pose without falling off part, without joint start to loose,and can’t hold the accessories securely,
    rg 00 raiser or Rg wing gundam zero ew

    • syd says:

      Which Mobile Suit do you like more? They are both good but overall I think the RG 00 Raiser is a better value.

      • Ekidije25 says:

        Hmm I already pre order it rg 00 raiser can it pull off dynamic pose and necessary pose to look cool

      • bryan says:

        It can do anything exia can do and more! It can do 100+ degree leg lift. And with that unique set of swords, he’ll be one tyrant poser. 😀

  11. bryan0919 says:

    Hi syd, i just recieved my rg 00 raiser today. what parts during the build should i be careful of the most?

    • syd says:

      Other than the GN Drives I think the rest of the build isn’t too difficult so go slow and take your time and you shouldn’t have any problems. Good luck!

      • Navx says:

        Most problems come when you are on the posing process… Building process not so much..

  12. Nceb says:

    My girlfriend bought me this when she went to the anime convention this past weekend in San Jose, CA. I agree with your review. Gundam 00 Raiser is my first ever build and I’m happy I challenged myself to build a Real Grade from the start. This is a must buy, one it becomes available, haha.

  13. Lucas says:

    The part where it says “With no poly-caps used in the build of an RG frame this guy’s joints aren’t likely to weaken any time soon which is a problem encountered with the MG version of this suit.” What does this mean? Is it better without polycaps? I’m still a newbie lol.

    • syd says:

      Poly-caps are used in most kits for joints. They are easy to implement in design and to put together and take apart. The downside to them is that they can become loose. RG frames don’t use them so will stay solid for quite a long time, though that does increase chances of breaking something if you’re not careful.

  14. Person says:

    Hi, I have a question: is it better if there aren’t any polycaps in a kit? I’ve heard that joints loosen up easier without them. I hate loose joints lol.

    • syd says:

      Poly-caps do loosen over time. Usually it’s not too much of a problem as most kits are light but with kits these days getting bigger and bigger that joint wear is accelerated.

  15. Gheeen says:

    How did you fix the issue with the raiser wings? The loose commection between the wings and the gn drives is driving me nuts

    • Onins says:

      got the same problem but it’s a quick fix. just make sure all the interior gray parts on the gn drives are flush w/ the white base and you should be able to connect the raiser wings snugly.

  16. Put-in says:

    How about the articulation?

  17. Axyll says:

    I got this kit based of this review, and I loved it! Easily my favorite kit so far, but I am still pretty new to gunpla. Only been doing it for about a year. Now to find what to do next…

    PS first time posting here on gaijingunpla!

    • S2 says:

      I’m glad to hear I wasn’t way off the mark with my review of this kit. Reviews are subjective and many times people won’t agree but for this kit I think everyone feels the same way. Welcome to Gaijin Gunpla!

      • Axyll says:

        Thanks! Its awesome to hear back from you. I know your likely busy, but I could use your advice on my next buy. I’m looking at the MG Jesta, MG Aile strike RM, or MG Sinanju Stein.

  18. DgtlGhst says:

    Hi, do you have any issues with the arm joints when posing with the GN Sword III?
    Mine kept getting out of position when doing poses with it.

  19. KOLin says:

    I hope, since this is the highest rated kit in your site, that you can provide a more detailed review.

    Syd, this is the worst review in your catalog and its the highest rated kit without really explaining why it is so high.

    • S2 says:

      Actually, it seems there is a huge amount of text missing from that review. I will need to find out what happened.

    • S2 says:

      Found the problem. Was missing one small part of the script. It should be correct now. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  20. Jayson says:

    I see from the pictures that you had the same problem as me. When you make the GN drive the grey part that goes around the clear green part with the stickers can get stuck. Glad I only did it once and caught it before I did the other one.

  21. Archie2048 says:

    Do you need a cement/Glue for this kind of kits?
    I received my from Japan today (living in Hungary). Any tips there? I built some “classic kits” (Tanks/ jets / ships together which required glue), but has no experience with this kind of sets and the guide is Japanese. Thanks!

    • S2 says:

      No cement or glue is required. It will all snap together. Just follow the illustrations and you should be fine, especially if you have prior modelling experience.

  22. MrThroneEins says:

    my first rg build! even though i know im gonna messed up some parts i still chose it to be my first build because its my all time favorite mecha! stil managed to make it look awesome!

  23. kurobi says:

    hey has anyone had a problem with the armor between the joints at the back side of the leg popping off while bending it? you know the one with the flapy piece on it. am i bending the leg too much or did i connect it the wrong way?

  24. awep90 says:

    i have the 00 raiser trans arm mode, and it’s best RG kit i’ve ever built

  25. Albert says:

    So far the best RG kit I built. Solid, versatile(due to the normal 00 raiser and condenser type in one package), best value for it’s price point and loaded with weapons

  26. AJ says:

    I just got and built this kit, I agree of all the RG’s I have, this is the best. I have the MK II AEUG and TITANS, GP01 Zephy, GP01 FB, and this.

    I have to say the 00 raiser trumps all of them and I had a lot of fun building this and it gave me the least trouble during building and painting.

    A little advice for the 00 raiser: Swap out the GN Drives for the tanks cause the shoulder parts of the raiser fit the tanks more snuggly
    I have to disagree with your fondness of the GP01 FB, though I liked the look, Mine is as flimsy as hell, just a little movement and the top comes apart, the GP01 zephyrantes is alot more solid than the FB.

    As for the RGs I own:

    ranked 1: is 00 raiser, 2: MK II, 3. GP01 Zephyrantes.

  27. peter says:

    shit!!after reading this review i just cant decide should i go with mg or rg. anyone mind to give some suggestion?

    • Paul says:

      Honestly, if you prefer to build your own frames I’d suggest getting the MG. Otherwise, get this. It’s a lot more stable than the MG. Plus it comes with a lot of markings.

    • Danforth says:

      If you’re considering your cabinet space like me, go for the RG. I believe that kits with smaller scale and still complex can challenge builders more. Just finished my RG 00 Quanta last week and found out that those small stickers makes me dig the RG line more than any 1/100 line.

  28. Riddle says:

    Syd, I also have problem with attaching the wing into GN drive, it just slipped off and won’t stay. any help?

  29. AscendantEvincar says:

    This kit is my favorite of the RG line to date. Granted, I’ve only built 6 (well, 7 but I count the Aile Strike and Skygrasper as one so…). My only qualm about this is that in the anime, the Raiser’s wings didn’t have to disconnect during docking mode. That’s just a tiny nitpick though. I’m no professional toy designer so maybe this was the best route. It doesn’t take away one bit from the fun. 😀

  30. Gilbert Tan says:

    Hi Syd, great review as always..
    I wanna ask if should i buy the MG one or this one?

  31. Nasri A says:

    How do you apply the sticker? This is my first RG. I usually build an HG kit. It is a waterslide decal where you use water to make it stick to the kit? But its already cut like regular sticker.

  32. Dicky says:

    Damn, my first Gunpla building experience was the RG and its the Strike Freedom (yeah, go on straight to it lol, and kinda sad the review mark was bad but thats okay tho) and then Destiny. Absolutely fantastic !

    And this 00 Raiser ? God, its mouthwatering (Bandai really want to rape my wallet). Thanks for this review i’ll go for this shit than tha 00 Qant !

  33. Mr Squid says:

    Hi Syd,

    I’m pretty new to building gundams and your enthusiasm on this site participates to my enjoyment of that hobby, thanks!
    I was wondering : what is the action base you used in your pictures here? I looked for Action Base 2 for 1/144 on Amazon and I could only find gray, blue, green and red. I couldn’t find the transparent one you show here and looks super cool.

    You would mind sharing some details about the Action Base?


  34. Nabil says:

    Hye. My kit have issue where the chest part will wiggle as I moving the hands. I’ve double checked the manual, and all seem to be okay. Do you got the same problem as mine or some tips to solve this issue?

  35. Adrian says:

    Hi! I was wondering how you managed to fix the loose connection from the drives to the wings of the o raiser? Mines keep falling off and it’s rather annoying.

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