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Out of the few Origin kits so far I was more interested in the Guntank than HG Char’s Zaku II mostly because I’ve built a tonne of Zaku II kits but haven’t yet touched a Tank that looks like a Gundam. However, I recently met someone whom, when she learned I build Gundam, asked me, “Do you know Char? He’s awesome.” And so I decided pretty much right then that I would build the Char’s Zaku II that was destined to be part of the backlog and give it to her. I didn’t think it would be much of a build but it held some surprises.

For example, here is how the build starts.

This is already quite different. You’re putting in the side armour parts which are able to move somewhat due to the design. Then you add a central part and include the neck joint which is not a poly-cap but instead consists of two plastic parts. It will not only pivot at its base but will bend forward and back as well.

This next part forms the connection to the as yet unassembled skirt.

The sides are finished next with the arm joint poly-cap fitting in here. The pieces are quite small with very tiny pegs so be careful not to bend them.

This small runner with only three parts makes up the backpack.

Add the thrusters.

Then the collars.

I though this runner would be reused from an previous Zaku kit but I was wrong.

It says (Origin).

Next, the head.

A sticker goes on for the eye, but the black plastic part it goes onto does not have a raised circular portion to mark where the sticker should go. You have to guess.

Here are the parts that make up the core of the skirt.

Like an MG, the pegs where the legs connect can be repositioned.

Now to add the front and side skirt armour.

Arm frame.

This is for the left shoulder, if memory serves me correctly.

The gate marks at the bottom of the forearm could have been placed better. They are the only ones on the kit that are easy to notice after assembly is complete.

Finalize that left arm.

The right arm is pretty much the same except for that large shield.

Feet. I love Zaku II feet.

These are the frame parts for the knee joint and where assembly of the leg starts.

Hip joints.

Connect the hip joint to the top of the leg frame, put the parts on the side of the knee, add the front and rear thigh armour, then add frame parts for the bottom of the leg which house the ankle joint.

Now add the rear leg armour and the kneecap.

From here you add that tubing and then close it up. You can notice I’ve been panel-lining while I go.

Suit is complete.

Now for those Zaku II weapons and this guy comes with something new; a huge rifle.


Next, the standard bazooka.

You build three ammo canisters, one of which fits into the bazooka.

You’re also given two Heat Hawks, one to fit in the hand and one to attach to the side skirt but those aren’t something you assemble.

I love the panel-lines on this thing and you’re given a lot of markings as well.

The skirts actually expand a bit to allow you more movement with the legs.

After all is said and done (assembled), you have a pretty good little kit here.

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  1. Michael says:

    Finally! I was waiting for that WIP. Even before I got mine in the mail I studied the manual on Dalong and it looks from the construction like this guy has a rather nice range of movement – much better than the the HG F2 Zaku that I love so much. Seeing this design, I really hope Bandai will make a v3.0 MG Zaku. Origin is such a good reason for that.

  2. Phillax says:

    Anything for a girl, eh? 😉

    This kit is really amazing though, I prefer this compared to RG Zaku, more so because of the damn rifle 😀

  3. scid says:

    Nice. Cant wait for mine. Maybe I should get the RX-78-2 as well since the detailing is awesome. Maybe more than the RG itself. Maybe I would take a pics next to the RG Chars Zaku as well.

  4. Eaglebot says:

    I absolutely love this guy! The Zaku II, and just the Zaku look in general, is one of my all-time favorite mobile suit designs. One thing to look out for though, the peg on the handle of the giant rifle is very fragile, and I stress the word very. Mine sheered of the moment I tried to separate the hand to remove the gun. luckily I was able to remove the peg from the hand; the gun still works it’s just loose and the hand will start to separate sometimes. Anyone have any ideas on how I could easily fix this?

  5. Bob says:

    Wow! Nice.
    Can’t wait to Do mind. Thanks for the post.

  6. PaoloLorenzo says:

    I’ d look forward for an MG of this!!

  7. Jacob says:

    Do most recent HG are this advanced? or is it only for this Origin series? it even got frame for the arms and legs,, I was very rarely bought HG, so I didn’t know the progress of this grade… it is really cool!

    • Michael says:

      Those, that use completely new molds are, like Build Burning, or the Build Strike (although Strike has much less articulation in torso). The REVIVE RX-78-2 and Guncannon jusdging by the promo materials also have similar features.

    • Jacob says:

      Cool! my last HG was Sinanju but it was nothing like this.. I’m very interested to start collect more HG, but…it was the size of HG which hinders me all this time to collect them.. 🙂
      I loved big gunpla so much (1/100) 😀

  8. Jacob says:

    the more i look into this review the more i eagering to buy this than any recent HG, although this one is classic 😀

    • Jacob says:

      I think it’d be more fair if there will be MG Zaku ver 3.0 with new hand manipulator and details and articulations

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