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I took forever and a day to write about the previous release in the Re/100 line, the Mk III but I told myself at that time I would try my best to write about the next one which just happens to be the RE/100 Gundam GP04 Gerbera in a timely manner. I have a fondness for the GP01s in Real Grade form and haven’t yet built a Master Grade version of any of them which means the RE/100 is my first experience with this line of suits in 1/100 scale.

I thought I would know what to expect when it came to the assembly of the GPO4 and the box contents bore that out. You get the what looks to be standard PC parts runner and a lot of markings.

And you get some large parts, though the shield dwarfs them all.


The yellow vents are actually quite large and make up a lot of what fills up the space inside the torso.

Add the shoulder connections assembly.

MG kits will have the rod jutting out from the torso and onto that you attach the arms but the RE has the opposite of that.

With those in place you add the armour parts cover most everything up.

Add the neck and some small parts to cover the yellow parts.


When it comes to the eye sticker you actually get two of them. This makes lining them up tricky.

I did say in the RG GP01 review that I felt that head was one of the best of Gundamdom. While I don’t feel quite as strongly about the GP04 head, especially in RE/100 form, it’s not terrible.


These assemble rather quickly with the fits being very easy to line up.

Here is the arm/shoulder joint.

On one shoulder you’ll have the small circle that sits on the inside lined up a certain way but when building the other shoulder you’ll reverse that.

Those monster shoulders really stand out and right now he looks a little off balance. We’ll see how it looks once the bottom half and the backpack are added.

Looks like he’ll be a big boy.

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  1. blinkme0 says:

    the re:100 remind me alot of the older MG’s like from the late 90’s and early 2000’s before alot of the more modern innovations we expect now adays, just with much better joint construction

    • Agent Oranfe says:

      I’ve pretty much been saying the same thing since the Nightingale was released. I just built myself a Mk III last week, and I am now thoroughly impressed by this line. Cheap for the size, easy quick builds, the right blend of detail and articulation… Now where’s my Gerbera Tetra?

  2. NoBeef says:

    Hi Syd!

    Is that a waterslide decal? If it is then I know what I’m getting next 😀

    • syd says:

      They are not waterslides but they are still pretty good.

      • Niric says:

        Darn, not waterslides huh? Are they Dry Transfer decals maybe?

        I know I’m years late to ask this but considering finally getting this kit as a Christmas present item haha.

  3. Brian says:

    is that an ab crunch i detect?

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