Gaijin Gunpla

Picking up where I left Mr. GP04 I assembled the hip joints then started on the feet.

Both feet assemble the same up until this point.

Notice how the grooves in the frame part split into a Y, going both directions? Depending on which leg you are building will decide which way you insert the small round parts. They only have one slot.

If it’s the right foot in goes in pointing towards the right. If the left foot then it points left.

Upper legs.

With the thighs assembled you next work on the assembly for the back of the leg.

Then sit it on the frame part on the back of the knee.

You have to hold it there while you add the large armour part that is the lower leg.

Connect the foot to the lower leg armour. This is just like the Mk III, unfortunately. I say that because this assembly design means the foot won’t rotate.

Once together you have this:

Now add the knee armour. The frame part that goes in at the top will point in different directions depending on which leg you are assembling.

Add the hip joint, ankle armour, and the parts for the sides of the knee.

That completes the legs which means we have the skirt to do.

With the rear skirt armour there is a little tab that sticks up on either side of the center block preventing the skirts from moving too far.

Side skirts.

And last but certainly not least that very unique (read large) backpack.

When you attach it to the back of the GP04 your work has just begun.

Check out the size of these parts!

Be sure to add the stickers properly.

Those two are for the top of the backpack while this third one is for the bottom.

In the part of the manual that has you attach them to the backpack it makes a point of moving the hip joints to the front, something not done regularly when you assemble gundams. Usually they are kept at the back.

I guess this is to offset the weight of the huge backpack though I think moving those hip joints forward actually changes the balance removing those points of strength from underneath the backpack where those heavy things connect.

Yes, I may be making too much of this but as someone who has studied martial arts for almost 15 years one of the principles taught in most techniques is Kuzushi or unbalancing. One of the most effective ways to do this is to move the upper body, usually by manipulating arms/shoulders outside the hips which will result in the center of gravity moving further outside a person’s core.

Anyways, because the backpack is heavy Bandai gives you a little help in supporting all that weight.

After that you have some weapons to assemble.

And you have quite a large kit to display.

Those large wings connect to the sections of the backpack that hold the beam saber handles.

I like the look from the back.

Except for maybe this.

But you do need it and it does allow you to pose this guy somewhat.

But maybe, like the MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka, it looks best just standing looking imposing.

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  1. HanSeong Jang says:

    Hey syd, do you think this is a good kit to get started with painting kits? I think i might get started with painting soon and im looking for a good starter kit for it.

  2. Victor says:

    I just realized that the RE/100 series is like the HG counterpart for MG kits (analogy of HG to RG kits). I hope that they reproduce more kits (even the not-so-popular-ones-that-deserve-an-MG-treatment kits) in the RE/100 line. I think Bandai is going for the RE/100 and MG tandem of kits (like the Hi-Nu/Nightingale and Dijeh/Hyaku-Shiki) so that you can recreate iconic duos in the Gundam lore.

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