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Yes, we’ve had a 3.0 Gundam released almost two years ago but for some reason the announcement of a new 2.0 got me excited. Perhaps because it’s the Hyakushiki, a Mobile Suit I know much about but haven’t built yet. I’m not alone in my appreciation of the Hyakushiki it seems and, although I can’t speak for everyone, I think a big part of the coolness of this MS is that it is gold. And this new kit from Bandai is also gold. It’s not mekki-plated like other gold kits released recently but it is under-gated!

It’s an MG, the first new new one in some time and assembly starts with the torso and cockpit.

You can already see it should have a fair bit of movement at the waist.

Continue on from there.

Here are the shoulder joints.

They drop onto the frame then a top frame part is put on to secure them.

You then twist the joint backwards, something similar to what we do with RG kits, and add the neck and hatch doors.

Now comes some gold parts. The collar and two parts which appear to move down in front of the hatch.

They don’t really move all that much.

Add the blue parts.

Here’s the head. The manual states to put on sticker #2 for the eyes but it looks like you have three choices.

And here’s the crown of the head.

Now you can drop the clear eye part on, and you’re given three different choices for that as well, then you add the crown and antenna.

Arm frame.

You’re building both at the same time here.

Shoulder joints.

Then you start adding armour. All gold, all under-grated.

Haven’t seen this type of hands in some time.

The shape is slightly different from what we saw previously.

And the palm includes the little tab that can stick out and slide into the weapon making the grip more secure. Good move here!

Repeat same process for left hand.

And then stop right there leaving everyone with a cliff-hanger.

More to come!

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  1. Clay Geller says:

    So would you call those hands a 2.5?

  2. mrrehino says:

    prob a dumb question. whats mekki-plated. is that how the phenex is?

  3. CdRod says:

    Looks good, but as a traditional model builder that likes to paint even the inner frame it is sad to see the newest trend of MGs have inner frames that resembles high grades.
    Everyone has their own reasons, but the novelty of the MG for me is not in grey pieces inside the armor, but having detailed sculpts that can be shown without the armor.

    I might be the minority here but I hope Bandai regains the interest in carving details on the underside of armor and have interesting and detailed inner frames like the ones found in the SEED and OYW kits.

    • Rence says:

      I think this is probably because that in the case of the Hyaku Shiki or basically the Delta series of Suits, its lightly armored compared to other MS so Bandai might have made use of that fact and lessen the details of the inner frame covered by the armor because most of it is exposed anyways to save up. Also relates to the design of the Hyaku Shiki itself.

    • sablenk87 says:

      I’m with you, looking the arm frame, it’s almost the same arm in v.1, just improve in articulations i guest,
      Out of that i love how bandai plate it with “real” gold colour, better than cheap looking chrome plate

      • Jacob says:

        agree with you bro, this gold looked more cool and classy..
        by the way, are you Indonesian? hehe

  4. Phillax says:

    Are those hands the only ones available or does the kit come with open and close grip hands as well?

    Either way they look solid and should hold pretty well.

  5. Ken V says:

    So, what’s the deal with the gold? It’s so hard to tell from the pics I’ve seen online. Is it just painted a matte gold? Or is it molded in a new plastic? Would you mind posting a pic of the gate marks Syd? Even though it’s undergated, I’d like to know what the plastic color underneath looks like. Thanks!

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