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The Hyakushiki is one of the more famous Mobile Suits in Gundamdom so it’s a little surprising that it’s been fourteen years between the release of the MG MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki and an updated MSN-00100 Type 100 Hyakushiki Ver.2.0. Yes, a version with a Ballute System came out in 2005 but still that’s 10 years without an upgrade on this gold beauty. I’m sure many builders have wanted a 2.0 for some time so 2015 is your year!

Overall Look: 10/10

A fan favourite for sure the crisp lines on the Hyakushiki are nice on the eyes and this theme would be repeated quite frequently in other Mobile Suits such as the Delta Plus. Actually, I think the sequence goes Delta Gundam, Hyakushiki, Zeta Gundam, RGZ-91, then Delta Plus.

I really love the look of the legs with the pistons in the front visible, which reminds you that you’re looking at a machine and not just a gold statue. The proportions of this kit are great and I love the head, which comes with a feature allowing you to change the look but I’ll talk more about that later on in this review.

Colors: 10/10

Let’s face it, the 2.0 Hyakushiki for most people came down to how Bandai did the gold. It would have been easy for Bandai to just repeat what they usually do and mekki-plate the kit but they went a different route and the result is a much more subdued gold. I love it. I’ve built mekki-plated kits before such as the HG Delta Gundam and the MG Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex and while they look fantastic that highly reflective finish can actually make it difficult to look at and see details. I’d say the gold on the Hyakushiki 2.0 is almost perfect. The dark blue looks great and doesn’t take your eyes away from the gold and the red is done well, too, and can be found in quite a few places as small amounts of trim.

Very small areas on the wing are done with black stickers which I don’t have a problem with on this kit.

My favourite area of the kit to look at, when it comes to color and design would have to be the legs.

Weapons: 8/10

The Hyakushiki doesn’t come with anything overpowering when it comes to weapons but what Bandai gives you works well enough. The Beam Rifle looks great and has that added touch of yellow that you won’t find anywhere else on the kit, and has a handle that folds up and out of the way if you want it mounted on the backpack.

The Clay Bazooka has a detachable ammo canister and also can be hung quite easily on the back of the Hyakushiki. It too has a handle that can be folded out of the way.

You’re given two beam sabers as well with handles that can be stored on the back skirt.

(Can’t undergate a cylinder it seems.)

The weapons all feature the tab that can flip out and fit into the palm of the Hyakushiki’s hands for secure grips. I’ll talk more about that too in a bit.

Articulation: 10/10

In promoting a new Hyakushiki Bandai stated articulation would be great on this kit and they didn’t lie. It’s quite impressive, actually.

The lower leg isn’t just a ball placed into a poly-cap but instead features a pivoting assembly as part of the lower leg frame. This allows for some movement and expands the piston.

The torso frame is quite simple but does allow for the kit to bend in the middle of the torso rather than just at the waist.

The upper body can even rotate 360 degrees.

The shoulder joints are designed very similarly to those found on the Nu Gundam Ver Ka (the feet and ankles as well) so the shoulder can move out and forwards quite a bit.

This all combines to allow you to put him in some crazy poses such as the ‘hunchover’

Catch your breath, Hyakushiki. That was a long battle.

You may not want to lift the arms past shoulder height as that gold flap on the underside of the shoulder will rub against the arm which could damage the finish.

He passes the one-legged test as well.

Perhaps most interesting was the design of the skirt which is done in a way that has each leg having the ability to swivel/move out from the center. Hard to explain so here are some pics.

This allows you to do crazy things like this.

I am not sure why you would want to do that but if you’re the kind of person who likes to pose your Gundams in positions that look painful you can do it with the Hyakushiki 2.0!

My only concern when it comes to the articulation in the lower leg is that you may have contact between the foot armor and those pointy armour parts that are found in the lower leg resulting in scratches to that beautiful gold.

Now that I’ve gushed enough about the articulation of the body I can finally talk about the backpack which even has movement in those little thrusters.

The wings feature two fins that move, that’s nothing new.

But it’s the connection between the wing and backpack that gets interesting. It’s a ball joint which allows a lot of movement. I’m not sure you’d need all that movement for the wings but it’s there if you want it.

The wings are just as awesome as the rest of the suit! Except for…

Build Design 9/10

There is one thing that got to me when it comes to the 2.0 but I will get to that. With a kit as well designed as this there is lots to write about.

Let’s talk about the cool head design specifically when it comes to the eyes. You’ll notice that in all the pictures so far my kit has no eyes. Well, it does have eyes I’ve just chosen to hide them behind a black mask.

If I pop off the top of the head and take away that mask the eyes are right there.

If I want to go with those two red eyes I’ll just pop in a clear part before putting the top of the head back on.

But perhaps I want to go with option #3 which looks like this.

You’re given three choices and you can freely switch between them at any time. That’s pretty cool.

I’ve mentioned the hands already but I want to point them out again. They’re not the same hands we saw on the MG RX-78-2 3.0, Nu Gundam Ver Ka, or MG Sazabi Ver Ka. They are more like the ones we have seen on 2.0 kits with the addition of the little tab however there is more to it than that. The hands we have experience with so far feature that flat palm piece which we plug the fingers and thumb into before closing it up with an armour part. This design has the thumb in line with the fingers so when you place a weapon in the hand the thumb doesn’t wrap around the grip but instead kind of points outwards a bit. The Hyakushiki 2.0 hand is shaped so that the thumb is not in line with the fingers but instead offset enough that it can grip the weapon handle and look natural.

It’s only a little design change and Bandai could have gotten away with not doing it but I can appreciate that they did and appear to always look to better things.

The torso has a gimmick where you can spread the gold doors apart and open the hatch.

To be honest this was a bit of a pain as they only move slightly and it’s hard to grip them in order to move them. I don’t think I’ll ever bother opening the hatch anyway.

Flaps on the back of the legs can move. Not much but it’s a nice touch.

The best thing about the design of the 2.0, which also just so happens to be, for me, the biggest disappointment? The undergates.

With only a couple of exceptions every gold part on this kit is undergated which allows you to build OOB and not worry about damaging that fantastic finish. There are a few parts that have the gates in questionable positions such as the upper thigh armour for the front.

Unless you’re posing your 2.0 in extreme poses likely this gate will be hidden behind the front skirt so I’m not too worried about it.

And I’m not concerned much at all about the large gates found on the red parts for the foot as I can paint the red easily enough.

Something I can’t do with the gold.

So where is the problem? The upper wings. In many kits that feature two of the same section on opposite sides Bandai will give you two runners that mirror each other. Not so with the Hyakushiki 2.0’s wings. The upper wings consist of three parts and they are found on the G runner. The only difference in the wings comes with assembly and where you will place a smaller gold part which fills in a hole.

What am I trying to say here with my long-winded explanation? It is this. Undergates are meant to be on the underside of a part that will not be seen. When it comes the wings on this kit, one wing will have that gate on the inside and not easily visible, but that other wing? That undergate becomes on overgate.

So keep this in mind when you’re building the wings. Don’t think that you’re safe because the kit is undergated and just snip away without due care. On the wings at least, you’re going to need to be very careful.

Bandai could have avoided this issue by either placing the gates as normal ones on the thin edge of the parts or molded just two parts mirroring the parts on the G runner and called it G2.
It was very frustrating to get to the end of the kit and seeing that large gate mark.

Fun Factor: 9/10

The fantastic frame design followed by the beautiful gold armour is just a pleasure to watch come together in your hands. There might be some frustration with a couple of areas on the kit but for me that likely came because I was working quite quickly in order to be done by a certain date (which also may have contributed to my ugly gatemarks on the wings). When you’re finished the Hyakushiki 2.0 it feels like you have earned a nice shiny prize.

Extras: 8/10

Bandai gives you the parts you’ll need to add the Ballute System that comes on their Premium shop, which in a way is just marketing on their part and many people will never get to use it but Bandai still took the time and resources to get them included.

You’re given extra pilots and some ammo, though these too might not see any use.

And you’re given plenty of markings and dry transfers.

It feels like it’s been something a long time coming and while the timing of a new 2.0 might seem strange after seeing a 3.0 of a Master Grade kit a couple of years ago I’m glad to see Bandai did eventually give us an updated version. This kit feels much more than a 2.0 in that way. Fans of the Hyakushiki owe it to themselves to try it and any Gunplar who is intrigued by the gold should give it a go as well. Enjoy the end result once you’re finished. It’s beautiful.

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  1. Imateria says:

    The finished kit looks great.

    You’re pretty close with the time line for the Gundams, it goes Delta, Hyaku Shiki, Delta Plus and Delta Kai. The Zeta, Zeta II and RGZ do go between the Shiki and Delta Plus but the Zeta line is meant to be completely different.

    After seeing the articulation on the hip joints there I’m even more convinced that we’ll get an MG Delta Gundam at some point in the (hopefully near) future. The fluff for the Shiki was that the weak transformation system for the Delta was removed making it a usable suit, but from Bandai’s perspective it makes more sense just to give the two the same frame to save on development and mold produciton costs, especially since the existing Delta Plus has a reputation for being a very unstable model and so wouldn’t be a particularly suitable starting point.

    • Jacob says:

      if there will be a MG Delta Gundam in the “near” future, IMHO it will be a P-Bandai…

      • Imateria says:

        Saddly I think you might be right, most of the really interesting releases recently have been P-Bandai.

  2. scid says:

    Personally I like the Hyaku Shiki 2.0 but atleast they should start giving us all kits with those spider hands. Maybe they cant have a perfect fist but hell a lot better looking. 2.0 hands is better too and easy to handle so still 50-50 with those hands. But damn those horrible gate mark. Bandai should have done smaller gates on those critical area. sometimes they have big gate at the most obvious place.

  3. Paul Robinson says:

    I’m about a third of the way through on the shiki and so far I’m really liking it. I’ve found that the plain old gold gundam marker is pretty great for covering the gate marks. There’s varying levels on gold on the kit (due to being sprayed slightly differently) but on the whole the marker has done the trick so far.

    • maestro says:

      are we able to sand off the nub marks? or will sandpaper scratch the paint?

      • Nick says:

        No sorry, this is like any other extra finish model where sanding will leave horrible marks on the paint.

  4. vin says:

    i got mine too, the paint they probably used on hyaku shiki is acrylic.. i tried rubbing some alcohol on the gates and it easily stripped off the paint.. it’s a clear plastic coated with silver then clear yellow.

  5. Jacob says:

    Beautiful gold. . .
    by the way, is there an action base included in this kit?

    • syd says:

      The action base isn’t included, unfortunately.

      • Jacob says:

        aw,,should’ve been, like those in the NU ver Ka or strike RM…
        great review any way syd 😀
        I’ve been considering to purchase this kit, but honestly syd, do you think the price tag worth it for this kit?

      • syd says:

        It is pretty pricey and the inclusion of a stand would have made it more so. I do think it’s worth the price tag. You’ve got that gold finish mostly all undergated. A lot of development was put into this kit.

      • Jacob says:

        yeah I thought so too..
        thank you syd 🙂

  6. Francesco says:

    Great review as always syd! This set looks fantastic, however I’m more of an RG collector. What do you think the chances are of an RG Hyaku Shiki coming out anytime soon?

    • syd says:

      I doubt we would see one anytime soon but I think Bandai likes surprising us with their RG announcements so who knows.

      • Imateria says:

        I’d say the only surprise in RG so far has been the Z’gok, everything else has been a really popular lead suit. Hyaku Shiki is definitely a contender for the RG treatment but I’m not sure it would be soon.

  7. Oswell says:

    I’m liking the model so far but I’m still quite skeptical regarding the $60 price point. Aside from the beautiful gold, it doesn’t offer much part-wise.

  8. Brian ver. Kanada says:

    Regarding those nub marks on the cylinders. Is there no way to rotate them or switch them right to left so they face down? Seems odd Bandai would overlook something like that. Otherwise its looks fantastic.

  9. Garry Valent says:

    i have an critic and advice for you guys at gaijin gunpla.

    i like how gaijin gunpla review gunpla product, but one thing that really bugs me and my other friends are the way you pose your kit in your review. i think the review team need to learn how to pose the gunpla so the kit looks so outstanding or at least, the proportion is looking good.

    i love to keep looking for review here, but the pose is most of the times are really annoying IMHO. you should take some time to pose before you take a picture.

    im sorry for my bad english, keep up the good work : )

    • syd says:

      Due to my busy schedule I usually only have about 10 minutes to take the pictures I need for a review. I would love to take the time to pose the kits in a way people like (if the kit is capable of it!) but I just don’t have the time I need to do so. In a review, I feel, the text is more important than the pictures. There are plenty of pictures of kits on the internets.

  10. Jeff says:

    I’ve been using the Hyakushiki a lot recently on Gundam Musou 2 and saw that it used a reverse grip on the beam sabers. Can this model do that with the hands it has?

  11. Kain says:

    Extra must be 11/10 if this kit including Mega Bazooka and Ballute Pack. Unfortunately, P-Bandai … haizzzzzz

  12. Milky kou says:

    Does this kit have the same issue as other meki colored parts where its black underneath and that shene on top where its hard to hide the nub marks and not easy to get the same paint color?

    Been looking to get this one but that scares me the most for a MG if i have to pretty much stripe the paint and do it again so that the nubs arent visable.

    • Beige says:

      The Hyaku-shikki’s not exactly mekkai plated – it’s gold injected, which gives it a much mre subtle, matt finish, if you can call anything 90% gold subtle

      It does have the same issue with black underneath, but the kit is undergated for the most part, so they shouldn’t show too strongly – though watch out for one of the wings if you get the kit as it needs to be cut carefully to avoid a black nub

      • Milky kou says:

        Ah thanks, that will clear things up for me if i get it. IF you had to guess a tamiya color close to this gold do you have any in mind?

  13. Zach says:

    Any feedbback on decal placement? Using Waterslides vs. dry transfers? Which works better? Which is safer with the gold finish.

    • ReSe2k says:

      I’d like to know that too. also what kind of coat would you guys recommend for protecting the gold? gloss, semi-gloss? I like to do some panel lines (Tamiya Enamel) too

      • DraconicDak says:

        Best results will probably be Future floor polish/Pledge FloorCare, sprayed straight through an airbrush. It’ll keep the gold bright, and you can panel line on top no problem.

    • DraconicDak says:

      My gut tells me that waterslides will be less likely to harm the finish, which is probably not water soluable. Just make sure to give it a good gloss coating first to prevent silvering around the edges.

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