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As a Star Wars loving child I eagerly awaited September. Why September? Because that’s when the Sears Christmas Catalogue arrived in the mail. As soon as it arrived I would wrest it from my sister (my brother was too young at the time to put up much of a fight) and I would open it up at the back to to the pages showing all the Hasbro 3 3/4 inch Star Wars stuff. Sears would sell them in sets. Usually there were three sets and at first they were comprised of five different figures each. Then the next year for some reason there were four figures per set. Then it changed to two figures. Yes, it was a little disappointing. What wasn’t disappointing one year was the release of the Star Wars Speeder Bike. You could mount the Scout Trooper (sold separately, of course) and pretend to fly along through the giant trees on the moon of Endor, or at least between the chair legs around the table. When you pushed on the pack on the back of the bike the thing would fly apart thanks to some nicely placed springs.

I loved that thing!

Of course, parts went missing. It didn’t look how it did at the start. And I grew up.

Still, I loved the Scout Trooper and when I decided to move to Japan and sold all my Star Wars figures the one figure I kept for myself was the Scout Trooper. It has traveled to Japan with me and currently is tucked away in one of the many boxes in my small closet. Alas, I don’t have the Speeder Bike. Or even parts of it.

When Bandai revealed they would be releasing a 1/12 Star Wars Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike my mind went blank for a short time. Maybe I haven’t recovered yet. Maybe, according to whom you ask, my mind has always been somewhat blank. Whatever the case with my brain may be, I have the Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike again! This time in plastic model form!

The Scout Trooper, it goes without saying, is very much like the Stormtrooper and so here is a lot of white (and some light brown).

There’s that helmet I remember.
There is more black on the Scout Trooper though.

The C runner is quite unique in that it features a lot of hoses. These are molded out of very flexible plastic.

The end of that runner, however, is hard plastic and includes a clear part which is used for the stand.

I guess I should use the word base instead of stand.


The Scout Trooper gets a base, too, if you feel you need it.


And the rest of the runners that make up the Speeder Bike.

As we’ve come to expect from the Star Wars kits we’ve got your choice of stickers or water-slide decals.

I dove right in (upon my return home from America…)

The torso has a neat little section which involves having the little pouches the Trooper sports being able to move slightly up and down.

This is going to accommodate the movement of the legs when he sits atop the Speeder Bike, I’m guessing.

The Scout Trooper assembly goes by quickly.

More pouches (or things that resemble pouches)!

Note; these require stickers. I suggest you do it now so you don’t have to take these off to do it later.

You get an extra right hand which can hold the pistol.

Or you can place it in the holster on his leg.

Trooper arms!

That feelings inside me…

What is it?

It must be nostalgia.

I set aside the Scout Trooper to watch me as I assembled his ride. You start with that long front end. Do I call them forks like a motorcycle?

Already you’re grabbing parts from the soft plastic runner.

Add those distinct fins. Endor aerodynamics.

More small parts that make bigger parts that make up part of the Speeder Bike.

More fins. Even more downforce.

Now for the chassis. I like that word. Chassis.

Here you are laying in some hose pieces.

Bandai’s really done a good designing this to be made up of many small different parts. Those who will be painting this will be able to bring out a lot of detail quite easily. Hmm…

Another sub-assembly.

Now with more hoses.

Here are the main body parts.

Taking the three main sections I’ve assembled…

Sweet! Now for some small parts.

And more small parts.

These move.

I wonder what he packs in here? A cover in case of rain?

That little black triangle you see is one part that just sits in there which means if you turn this baby upside down, and you need to do that to continue the assembly, it will pop out.

One of these on each side.

First handlebar.

It’s cool how the hose is a different part. Again, for those who want to add detail, Bandai makes it pretty easy.

Add some small parts next.

Slap that on making sure the angle is correct.


Now for the pedals.

More hoses?

Those line up quite well.

When working on the undercarriage you’ll likely have to rest the kit on its handlebars. I turned the small handle parts around so they wouldn’t get bent.

For the rear flaps you have your choice of two that sit vertical for when this thing isn’t moving, or two that sit horizontal for when it’s on the go.

Gotta add the gun.

Be sure to cut off that extra plastic at the bottom.

This thing won’t stand up by itself so you need the base assembled. I would suggest doing it first before starting on the Speeder Bike so it’s there when you need it.

Pop off one part and you can connect.


Just a quick little test.

Now for the stickers! I’ll do those and get some good pictures of this guy. Then I’ll likely play with him for a few years.

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  1. Darth Mingus says:

    Awesome! I loved the speeder bikes from RotJ. I build the old Ertl kit decades (god I’m old) and I was never satisfied with it. This looks much better. Can’t wait to build this, paint it, weather it, play with it, break it, build another, rinse, lather, repeat…

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