Gaijin Gunpla

My backlog is growing. It’s growing for a variety of reasons. I’m slowing down on my building of recent kits because I’m doing some painting and slight mods on my Delta Plus (it’s pretty much done). I’m slowing down because I’m building the the X-Wing Moving Edition and I am weathering it (again, almost done). It’s slowing down due to work and family and training obligations. And it’s slowing down because I continue to pick up the Limited Edition stuff. Right now the stack of Limited kits in my room is about the same size as my stack of regular releases. I really need to get off my ass (or in the case of Gunpla, need to get back on my ass). One of the Limited Edition kits I picked up some time ago is the Unicorn Phenex type RC (Destroy Mode) Ver. GFT Silver. What a mouthful.

Yes, there is a good chance I’ve built a version of this kit before, but this one is silver!
You’re getting the same kit but in what Bandai calls silver, though to be truthful, this silver looks more like the frame colour we see on most kits out there, however I’m sure Bandai thought Ver. GFT Silver sounds much better than Ver. GFT Frame Color.

This kit does come with a good set of markings.

Assembly may take longer than on previous version of the kit because, other than the two psycho frame runners, all other runners look the same due to them all being that frame colour, err, I mean ‘silver’.

I like the look of this version more than the Clear Color Version that came before it but I am tiring a little of Unicorns. Still the huge backpack the Phenex carries does look great in this colour.

For weapons you’ve got the standard Beam Rifle and Shield. No complaints from me.

When you’re doing you’ll have a few extra parts you can use if you choose to.

And a pretty cool looking, and limited!, HG Unicorn Phenex!

Now to find the time to finish the limited MG Destiny Impulse R (only the waterslides left), start on one of the two limited MG Zetas (someone is requesting I build the Gray one first), slap the limited waterslides on my PG Unicorn (panel lines are all done so only decals left), assemble the limited RG 00 Raiser Trans Am version (I’m prepping to paint the regular release kit right now), and snap together the limited RG RX-78-3 (it was a birthday present). I’m not overworking myself at all, am I?

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  1. Imateria says:

    Nice, I think I much prefer this in silver to gold.

  2. Glen says:

    is this p-bandai syd?

  3. Frankon says:

    “…slight mods on my Delta Plus (it’s pretty much done)… “. You meant Hyaku?
    On the kit itself. This baby needs chrome finish….

  4. Kyle454 says:

    Does anyone here want an MG Akatsuki and is also wondering why Bandai hasn’t made one yet?

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