Gaijin Gunpla

Well, it’s done.

By done I mean it’s had all its stickers applied. I am not done playing with it though. It will be some time before I tire of it. I mean. Just look at all those nice details.

The red sticker doesn’t look so great and if I do go back to this kit in the future to add details (something I’m seriously considering) I’m thinking I’ll need paint or gundam marker on that gadget. Speaking of gadgets, all those levers on the front panel do look complicated. Three of the five are not meant to move but the remaining two are designed to flip forwards and back.

The seat could probably use a spray of Tamiya Rubber to make it look more like a real seat and I guess I should put that small black part back in place though I’ll likely glue it in to avoid having to search for it amongst the greenery on Endor’s moon my carpet.

Stickers are used or the clasps on the satchel.

Some markings are hard to see, particularly the stickers on the black areas.

Again each of these hoses is a separate part so adding detail to each one is no problem at all.

The pedals are usually down but can flip up for when the bike is not in use.

Another marking that is hard to see, and hard to place.

These are difficult to line up though they do fit over raised areas on the surface.

The small levers on the sides of the hand grips also move.

Looks so fast!

The back of the base. I guess if you wanted to you could putty that hollow area to fill it in.

And add greenery to the base as it already has a good, textured look.

It’s a sweet ride.

‘Why, thank you.’

There are quite a few stickers on the Scout Trooper as well. More than I initially expected.

The pistol fits in the holster very well and shouldn’t come out when he’s doing his high-speed ewok chases.

He does have a good amount of articulation as well.

He needs it to get crouched on that bike.

The kit comes with hands that assemble around the hand grips much like gundam hands assemble around beam rifle handles. I’ve not used those yet as it’s easy enough to plop the open hands onto the bars.



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    Nice review syd. Good job for bandai on giving your childhood back!

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