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The Wing Gundam is one of the most famous Mobile Suits around and there has been so many versions in so many scales and grades that adding another one to the pile might seem like overkill and yet the hype about this MS and the upcoming model kit was as high as any recently. Now that it has been released and I’ve had a chance to put it together after a bit of a delay due to travel, I’m ready to give my thoughts on Bandai’s newest MG.

Overall Look: 8/10

Each new MS based on the wing has something about it to differentiate it from its predecessors. With the Fenice Rinascita those differences are quite noticeable in the head

which features sharp lines that catch the eye and make it look quite fierce. As well as in the legs.

These feature a gimmick that opens revealing a thruster as well as feature in the transformation (which I’ll talk about later).

This guy also has claws!

These don’t really serve a purpose when in robot form but do when transformed.

And the best ass of the wings?

From what I can tell this kit is based on the Wing TV version MG which I am rather fond of. Even so, I have to confess that maybe there is a little too much going on with this kit for my liking. Where the TV Wing was simple the Fenice Rinascita isn’t. But if you like thrusters, there are several on the newest Wing.

Colors: 10/10

So refreshing! Prominent green. No blue? This kit definitely stands out and I have no complaints. It does look really good. We need more green Gundams!

Weapons: 10/10

Again, no complaints here. You’re getting the giant Beam Rifle, a couple smaller weapons, beam sabers and that giant shield. That is one big shield.

Sections underneath can move.

The two smaller weapons can even combine into a larger one.

And after that they can even combine with the larger Beam Rifle.

One of the beam blades can fit on the end as well.

Articulation: 4/10

I had a feeling, even before typing this, that this section is where I will draw a lot of ire for my evaluation. It’s not that the Fenice Rinascita is stiff and can’t move. It can move quite well. However, that ability to move doesn’t mean much when the kit has a hard time standing up. Trying to test its range of motion and get pictures for this review was a trial. The best I could do was something like this.

Oh, but wait.

It is supported by that long wing.

Perhaps the problems spring from the fact that its difficult to get the feet to sit flat. I’m assuming it should stand like this.

But this way is very unstable. Usually I find it is standing like this.

Sometimes you can do half and half.

Because of those large, but sexy, shoulders the arms don’t move much either.

The neck does move quite a bit.

The wings can splay out but don’t bend the knees when doing so.

The MG Fenice Rinascita seems to be a victim of itself. It’s a new MG meaning the joints move well, it is meant to transform so some of the movement can make it weak, and it’s molded out of the newer plastic Bandai uses which is lighter and gives more. If this kit were molded out of the old plastic would it stand better? It’s an interesting theory. If I part swapped with my TV wing I could test that theory.

This is one kit that desperately needs a stand to reach its full potential. Luckily for fans and others who end up getting this kit, Bandai gives you one!

Build Design: 8/10

Despite my grumblings about how it moves the Fenice serves its purpose and Bandai’s design and engineering are huge part of that.

Of course, a lot of this kit comes from older kits.

The new runners are easy to spot.

You can mount those included transparent pink parts underneath both the shoulders.

The consist of three long parts attached to a base so they can spread out as well.

The snap into place and stay there so you needn’t worry about them suddenly falling off.

And yes, as I’ve mentioned already, it transforms.

The transformation is the same as the Wing TV but they’ve designed those large side skirts to clip into the side of the legs.

And by moving the large armor plates on the back of the forearms you can give it those cool claws.

One other aspect of the design I like on the Fenice, is the wrists don’t use a poly-cap. This definitely serves to offer a stronger connection for the hands when it holds its large rifle.

A great design change that Bandai incorporated comes on those yellow circles on the shoulders. Whereas on the TV Wing they were on solid piece that required a lot of panel lining, on the Fenice the center is hollow and the frame sticks through.

No panel lining necessary.

The best part, for me, about the MG Fenice Rinascita kit? That new stand!

Sure it’s just an action base but where the old base had one locking mechanism this one has three. One on the extendable arm.

A second one on the support arm that holds this thing up.

And a third on the part, which pivots, that takes the adaptor.

This gives the stand a huge amount of strength for the many positions it is usually put in. Is this the new Action Base? Can I start getting excited now?

Fun Factor: 7/10

I’m sure most people who pick up this kit will enjoy it, a lot, but for a guy like me who is not a huge fan of the MS and has experienced much of this kit already I wasn’t able to get too excited about it. The stand, on the other hand!

Extras: 10/10

Plenty of markings.

Extra hands.

You’ve got the extra parts from the older kits if you choose to use them, and those really nicely designed pink transparent shrouds, but the thing that takes this kit up and over is that stand. I love that stand!

It’s worth buying this kit just for the stand1

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  1. Michael says:

    This kit’s on my wish list, for when I’m less cash strapped. It’s in even in the colors of my favorite team – all I need is to paint beige and yellow parts white.

  2. timothy ong says:

    I have an off-topic question. Does the older kits that are produced now (say MG wing gundam tv ver. ) still use ABS or have they subsequently shifted to PS frames for reruns as well?

    • Nick says:

      If it was designed using ABS then they will continue to produce it that way, meaning that most MGs pre-2012 will still be made using ABS.
      I assume that a model will be designed with the plastic used in mind, so using PS wouldn’t be interchangeable with ABS every time.

  3. David says:

    Is this kit under gated by any chance?

    • syd says:

      No, it isn’t.

      • David says:

        Damn,hopefully the Alba version is.

      • syd says:

        Why would it be? It’s the exact same kit just with blue in place of green.

      • David says:

        You have a point there lol,why are some kits undergated and some not? Even parts of the 1/144 Mega Shiki are undergated,I hope they start doing it on every kit soon as it really cuts down on cleanup time,anyway thanks for your replies Syd,love the store and YouTube channel 🙂

    • Agent Adam says:

      Undergating adds a little more to the cost of production so unless the original use of the kit is chrome plated or has a special coating, there’s no reason for Bandai to do that. The Mega-Shiki you mentioned in a reply was undergated because it most likely reuses parts from a previous chromed Hyakushiki HG.

  4. zankde says:

    Excellent review, syd

    I didn’t expect the articulation would be fall that bad…

    well, not like I’m going to play around with it anyway

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